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San Diego's number one rated sex, intimacy and love coach takes you on a passionate journey through all the forbidden questions you've always wanted answers to. Get clear, sensual, guidance to help you learn about your body, experience more passion and uncover hotter chemistry. Learn how to do all … read more

69 Episodes | 2017 - 2023

Closeness Interview: A glimpse into a millennial military spouse’s marriage. Could this also be your relationship?

February 13th, 2023


In this unprecedented interview read by the podcast host, a Closeness Client shares her struggles with intimacy and grapples with her desires for dominance and assertiveness in relationship. A two part interview with a …

How to move things forward and have sex when you feel like roommates, best friends or are simply not progressing

February 5th, 2023


Without a doubt, one of the number one reasons people struggle in long term, committed relationships, is because they feel like best friends or roommates at home. There's no passion or excitement! Nothing is moving …

Why your female partner or wife isn’t having sex with you, and what you can do about it

November 1st, 2022


Often the things we aren't doing in bed can be as detrimental as the ones we are. Here are ten reasons why your wife or girlfriend doesn't want to have sex with you.

Interview: Intimate insights from the mind and heart of a 20 year old college student

October 3rd, 2022


An unusually intelligent and intellectual college student explores her boundaries of sexuality, and intimate desires. How men and women at the …

10 ways women can feel more sexually desirable and connected in and out of the bedroom

September 4th, 2022



0:00 Intro

4:45 Speak up for yourself

12:00 Speaking unconsciously for obnoxious lengths of time

20:26 Making her come well and relax often triggers women to talk

22:24 …

Staying hard, getting it up, finishing too early, ED, PE, and other fascinating subjects for men and women

May 21st, 2022


The most difficult subject for any man to think about much less discuss is likely to be: keeping it up, getting it up and finishing too quickly. This …

How to properly be dominant and assertive with a woman in the bedroom

January 30th, 2022



0:00 Introductions

3:29 How exactly does a man learn to be dominant

8:06 What does healthy dominance mean?

14:30 When a woman …

Can you have it all in relationships? Plus, female mating strategies

November 24th, 2021



0:00 Introduction and can you have it all? Recitals and disclaimers

2:44 In a nutshell

4:20 What does it mean to have it all?

30 things to never say to your partner again

October 4th, 2021



Avoid these thirty expressions to have a better life

To come or not to come. Whether men should finish and how women feel about it

June 29th, 2021


One of the biggest questions of our time as it pertains to intimacy is whether or not a man should always "finish" when having sex. This episodes …

Empathy, understanding and answers for sexually inexperienced men

April 11th, 2021


Please listen to this episode with your partner. Sexually inexperienced men do not get a lot of attention. Because this subject is so sensitive, there isn't much real world instruction around it either. In fact most men …

What to do and what it means when a woman says she needs space

March 15th, 2021


One of the most difficult things someone can hear, is that their partner needs space. Nothing is clear, the terms are undefined, and once uttered it …

Part 3: How to properly handle and move on from a breakup

February 16th, 2021


1:45 Actions speak louder than words

5:55 What do you actually owe the other person?

8:24 Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Part 2: How to properly handle, cope and deal with a breakup

January 26th, 2021


One of the biggest challenges of being alive today, is handling, processing, surviving and getting through a breakup. In this 90 minute episode I am going to help you get through it.


Intro 2:45

How to properly handle a breakup…before it happens Part 1

October 11th, 2020


Breakups are extremely painful and can often take months and years to heal from. But there are always warning signs and things we often ignore. In …

Ghosting and Blocking and Curving Oh My!

June 29th, 2020


It's one of the most detrimental behavior patterns of our generation. Here's everything you need to know to recognize it, avoid it and if you are afflicted with this disease, how to cure it. CHAPTERS: 0:00 What is …

How to Create Hot Sexual Chemistry from Nothing

May 25th, 2020


What’s your definition of hot passionate chemistry? Do you believe that it’s just “there or it isn’t?” In this episode we will put that myth to an end. 

We’ll explore over twenty concepts including: 

- How to have …

Is she asking for it and is she asking for it sexually?

April 13th, 2020



0:00 Intro

1:16 Is she asking for it? 

8:04 Men don't really like to be teased the way women do

8:43 You should always be able to say no 

An Intimate Sensual Meditation About Kauai

March 24th, 2020


In this unprecedented time of worry and concern regarding COVID-19 (or coronavirus), this is our corona-free offering to soothe you and help you relax: a sensual meditation to listen to again and again, anytime you need …

How to Properly Have Sex with a Man and How to Turn a Man On

March 15th, 2020


Countless Closeness episodes focus on how to pleasure a woman, but what can you do to take care of your man? Put down your magazine and let's get deep. Sure, we can talk about how to go down and how to arch your back, …

How to kiss properly. 10 big juicy steps.

March 10th, 2020


Learning to kiss our partner in a way that really turns them on is not innate. Like most things we do for the first time, we're sloppy and we don't take the time to learn good technique. Yes even kissing has a technique …

How to properly have sex with a woman

January 10th, 2020


Welcome to 2020 and welcome to Season Two of the Closeness Podcast! To start the New Year off with a bang we're diving in with a sexually-explicit episode that covers fifteen steps to giving a woman a phenomenal …

How to Have the Big Talk: STD’s, STI’s and Proper Etiquette

December 14th, 2019


Exposing your sexual health and history to someone new is very vulnerable. Getting tested, asking a partner about their past and sharing your …

The Female Sexual Response Cycle: 10 Passionate Phases

November 15th, 2019


Growing up you may have heard of the sexual response cycle: excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution.  We'd like to introduce you to something a …

How to say no, Part 2: Changing your mind and maybe

October 30th, 2019


How many times have you changed your mind? Perhaps you didn't desire someone at first and you later found yourself wanting them. You said you were attracted to them, you acted like you were attracted and then suddenly …

How to say no Part 1: Rejecting and approaching

October 15th, 2019


Rejection leaves most people feeling unworthy and hurt. Both men and women are generally terrible at receiving it and even worse at giving it. But rejection is a necessary step towards establishing or maintaining …

Sunday morning for her: Another sensual meditation

September 30th, 2019


One of the best parts of listening to Closeness is learning how to have great sex! After so much great feedback from previous sensual meditations, we'd like to offer you another. When men listen to this episode, they …

Part 3: Who should pay for first dates and beyond?

September 15th, 2019


This much-anticipated, 90-minute conclusion to our 3 part series holds nothing back. We'll share articles, statistics, personal references and even …

Part 2: Who should pay for the first date and beyond?

August 31st, 2019


In this three part series, we explore over 25 more points regarding who should pay, including:

- What happens when the woman makes significantly more …

Who should pay for the first date and beyond?

August 15th, 2019


In this incredible three part series, host Tari shares his thought-provoking stance on who should pay and why. He draws on countless personal …

How to know if a girl really wants you using 5 signs

August 1st, 2019


When we learn how to share closeness with someone else, it often deals with the things we should avoid doing. We'll give some examples of this before …

5 easy steps to figure out what turns you and your partner on

July 14th, 2019


Open any self-help book to discover the phrase, “communication is the key.” But do we in fact know how to communicate? Are we shy? Do we say what we …

Should you engage in long distance relationships?

June 30th, 2019


We all have the capacity to make things work, but are long distance relationships really worth it? If you’ve been in one yourself or are in one now, …

Interview: The intimate adventures of a 48 year old mother

June 15th, 2019


Hot sex and great intimacy is not just for young people. In this episode we cover a lot of territory such as:


- Stigmas and judgements about homosexuality and whether it's easier for a woman to be openly bisexual in …

Interview: How to excite a demi sexual with Sarah

June 1st, 2019


What does it mean to be demisexual and how does this affect online dating? What does it take for someone like Sarah to get aroused? This is a very …

Interview: The intimate adventures of a 21 year old traveling girl with Marisa

May 30th, 2019


For many, traveling is one of our favorite ways to experience life, culture and romance. In this episode, we interview freshly-turned twenty-one, …

Can men and women actually be friends?

May 15th, 2019


By default you are probably thinking, yes of course! However, is that what’s really going on when sexual attraction is involved? This podcast takes a …

The final 13 deadly sins of online dating (Part 3)

April 16th, 2019


In this riveting climax to the 3-part series of Deadly Sins of Online Dating, we'll give you the final thirteen sins and teach you how to avoid them at all costs. In this episode:


- Using general or filler words to make …

The next 12 deadly sins of online dating (Part 2)

March 15th, 2019


Our next installment of deadly sins of online dating include:


- Looking approximately 40% worse in person than your worst profile photo 

- Speaking only of what you “don’t do and won’t do” and being utterly disagreeable 

The first 15 deadly sins of online dating

February 15th, 2019


Online dating is a bit like the wild, wild, West. For some, it’s like a dirty little secret we don’t discuss with anyone but our closest of …

Closeness and self-love: 5 pillars of self care

January 11th, 2019


Being close with another starts with caring for yourself and knowing how to stay in alignment. In this episode we discover the power of your own presence. This alone can dramatically improve your life. Then we'll look …

Rome: A sensual meditation and rampage of appreciation

December 31st, 2018


Introducing two incredible offerings packed into one little episode. First, learn how to go on a rampage of appreciation to immediately feel more positive emotions.

Next, get your first taste of our signature Sensual …

12 Wicked little female faux pas to avoid

December 29th, 2018


In this action-packed episode, we’ll discuss more than twelve mistakes you want to avoid when communicating with others. Here's just a taste of what we'll cover:

- Hyper-exaggeration

- Erroneously flinging around heavy …

Proper Manners: 5 of the biggest faux pas for women to avoid

December 8th, 2018


This episode is part of an interesting new series on recognizing bad manners and poor behavior, as well as learning what to do about it. Regardless of your gender, it's worth listening to! Most of us know when someone …

Interview: A sex coach in your pocket using the Juicebox app with Brianna Radar

November 1st, 2018


Have you thought about where you can go to get help for intimacy and relationship issues? Hopefully after listening to the Closeness podcast you know …

Interview with a Brazilian Dancer: A better sex life through dance and learning to be submissive

October 28th, 2018


As many people have discovered for ages, leading and following in dance can directly translate to how you healthily navigate your relationships. In …

Interview: Dirty dancing explained with Briana Gibson

October 18th, 2018

Briana Gibson is a talented social dancer. In this candid interview with @breezydanceswcs, she breaks down the art of communicating through dance. A universe can be discovered about someone by moving closely with them …

Part 2: Who should initiate sex and intimacy in relationships?

October 5th, 2018


Have you ever wondered why women don't try again after initiating or approaching only once? We'll explain how severely women internalize rejection and what both partners can do about it. We'll then break down how to …

Who should initiate sex and intimacy in relationships?

September 13th, 2018


Do you have a sense of how much sex you want in a given day, week or month? Do you refuse to quanitfy it? What are your thoughts on who should …

Is it a deal breaker if your partner doesn’t share the same hobbies and passions?

September 3rd, 2018


We are as passionate about our hobbies and physical activities as we are about our intimate relationships. For some, this borders on obsession. For others, it is as important as religious beliefs and whether or not to …

How to properly go down on a woman part 2

August 21st, 2018


To get anywhere with our partner intimately, we must first accept that neither men nor women are mind readers. We can be intuitive and sensitive, but it's destined to fail when we expect someone to “just know” what …

How to properly prepare to go down on a woman, get your mind right and eat her out Part 1

August 17th, 2018


Deep listening means learning to read your partner so you don't have to ask so many questions. Tuning into her with your whole being so you can give …

Claiming her, giving too much and knowing what to do when she just want to see where this is going.

August 10th, 2018


There’s no greater gift than when a woman has chosen you and is all-in! You can see it in the way her eyes sparkle and in her actions. She wants you and only you, and it feels fantastic! But how do you make sure it …

How to recognize a breakup Part 2

July 27th, 2018


One of the most difficult and excruciating parts of relationships are breakups and the events leading up to them. Sometimes though, they can be …

How to recognize a breakup before it happens Part 1

July 21st, 2018


One of the most difficult and excruciating parts of relationships are breakups and the events leading up to them. Sometimes though, they can be …

Part 2: Intimate thoughts on eating and diet

July 14th, 2018


Experiencing sex, closeness or intimacy with another person starts with feeling great about yourself. Our eating habits, at least partially, dictate how we look and feel. In today's episode we'll explore:

- What an …

Intimate thoughts on eating and diet Part 1

July 7th, 2018


Oh the things we put into our mouths. Our culture insists that the only way to health is through what we eat. We might argue that our thoughts, self …

What actually happens in a sex coaching or sexual guidance session at Closeness?

July 4th, 2018


Everything you want to know about an in-person sex, intimacy and relationship coaching session. An in depth look at what makes Closeness famous for …

What a woman’s body is capable of Part 2: How to turn her on

June 17th, 2018


Self love and "touching yourself" is an interesting concept. Observe how you feel when you simply read the question: "Do you touch yourself?" or "Do …

What a woman’s body is capable of Part 1: Understanding female anatomy and orgasm

June 10th, 2018


Helping a woman spill over into orgasm is a very exciting experience.  We're big fans of the whole process. But getting her there is not always about …

How to turn a woman on with decisiveness

June 2nd, 2018


Fewer things are more exciting to a man than a fully aroused woman. But how to get her to this place? Hint: this is the episode that excites women …

Why you should talk to strangers

May 30th, 2018


Is it safe to talk to strangers? Have you ever been on a date and said, "You don't know me, you don't know anything about me!" or "You're a stranger!"
Language shapes our view of the world and it dramatically effects how …

Unrequited love: What to do when you like someone more than they like you

May 15th, 2018


The feeling of unrequited love is a difficult and painful subject for everyone. Somehow though, we rarely consider the impact of how the other person …

How to know when you’re being lead on

April 30th, 2018


When you're on a date, are you guilty of telling others you don't want them to waste your time? It's a nasty, demoralizing expression that implies anyone who isn't interesting to you, or who isn't going to give you …

How to properly tell someone you’re not interested

April 15th, 2018


Have you ever been accused of playing games or not being up front? Most of us struggle with three simple words: I'm not interested. This one sentence alone can save you so much time and heartache.

If we're being honest, …

Why being busy makes you undesirable and sexually unattractive

March 30th, 2018


Do you tell people how busy you are all the time? Is your response to people asking you out phrases such as, "can't," "busy,” "it's a really busy …

Part 2: How to properly have sex with someone new for the first time

March 15th, 2018


As soon as you have sex with someone new, a pattern begins and expectations from the other person set in.  But the moments leading up to having sex with someone new can be so special and memorable. Your thoughts and …

Part 1: Having sex with someone new for the first time

January 15th, 2018


You've shared some amazing time together and now you’re ready to take things to the bedroom. Yes, logistically we all technically know "how" to have sex insofar as where things go, but do you know how to navigate the …

What is the Closeness Podcast?

November 15th, 2017


The Closeness podcast teaches us how to be intimate, romantic and sexual in the healthiest way possible. Delivering sensual content with class, we unravel real questions about dating, sex, relationships and intimacy. …

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