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Purpose. Obedience. Prayer. Are you a Christian teen/woman seeking to grow in God and know more about Him? Listen in to study the Bible and be encouraged to walk in your Purpose, remain in Obedience, and fervently Pray. Christian Girls P.O.P.!

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Endurance: My 'Why' Keeps Me Going

October 26th, 2021


Knowing your 'why' gives you fuel to keep going! What does the Scripture is our 'why'? Why should we run this race with endurance? Tune in to this …

Endurance: It's Hard Out Here!

October 19th, 2021


Life catches us off guard with trying times. What do we do when things get hard? Tune in to get tips and techniques on how to persevere through …

Endurance: It's Time to Lose Weight!

October 12th, 2021


Is this is a workout episode? Is it an episode about our relationship with God? Is it both? You won't know until you take a listen!



Endurance: What does that mean?

October 5th, 2021


What does it mean to have spiritual endurance? What does it mean to "stick with it?" Tune in to get the full scoop!

Joy: Let the World See It

September 28th, 2021


This joy that I have, the world needs to see it! It's too good to keep to myself! What about you? Do you have the joy of the Lord? Can others see that? Listen to this episode to hear some real life experiences, and hear …

Do It Anyway: A Collaboration

September 24th, 2021


We have a special BONUS episode for you! Listen as you hear the voices of Torrie Slaughter of Our Given Purpose, Casey Alexis of Being Eve, Lisa C. …

Joy: Joy In Sorrow

September 21st, 2021


How do we have joy in sorrow? Is that even impossible? Tune in to hear more!


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Joy: Joy vs Happiness

September 14th, 2021


Joy versus happiness. What's the difference? Which one will last no matter the circumstance? Tune in to find out!


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Joy: What It Looks Like

September 7th, 2021


Starting a brand new topic! It's all about JOY! What is joy? What does it look like? Listen in to learn more!





August 31st, 2021


We switched it up for this week's episode! This episode was based on questions that were sent in on our social media! Hope you enjoy it!


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IG: @christiangirlspop

FB: …

Access: Put it into ACTION!

August 24th, 2021


Now that we know of the access that we have to God, and how transformed our lives can become through His presence, it's time to take action. Listen in to hear tips and ways to take action in your relationship with God!

Access: Appreciating Access

August 17th, 2021


When we realize that access to God is a gift, we have to learn how to appreciate it! God is closer to us than He's ever been. Draw near  to Him, and He'll draw near to you.


Make sure to check us out!

Access: That was Then-This is Now

August 10th, 2021


This week's episode focuses on comparing Old Testament vs New Testament, and how access to God's presence has changed. God will never change, but how we are able to encounter Him has changed, thanks to what Jesus did on …

Access: What is Access?

August 3rd, 2021


As we start a brand new topic for the month of August, listen in this week to hear how access to God allows intimacy with God!


Be sure to check out our website at

Peace: Living Our Best Life ft. Erin Elise Kiu

July 27th, 2021


Tune into this episode as we keep it REAL! Our guest speaker, Erin Elise Kiu, creator of Fun and Holy, shares many stories from her own experience …

Peace: Or Lack Thereof

July 20th, 2021


What happens when you lack peace? What do you feel? What does it mean? Tune in to learn more and hear some of Stephanie's personal experiences in this area.

Peace: Is This Really Important?

July 13th, 2021


What's the big deal with peace, anyway? Why do we need peace? Tune in to find out!

Peace: What is Peace?

July 7th, 2021


The new topic for the month of July is PEACE. What is peace? Do we have peace in our lives? Tune in to hear more!

Grace: For Us For Others ft. Glory Castleberry

June 29th, 2021


What a fun episode with Glory, our guest speaker! She brought the fire, the laughs, the transparency, the wisdom, and the experience! Tune into to be blessed!

Grace: Was There Always Grace?

June 22nd, 2021


Did everyone always have access to grace? Tune in to hear the answer!

Grace: Why Do We Need It?

June 15th, 2021


Grace is why we are saved. Grace allows us to be in relationship with God, which should be our priority! Listen in to hear more about the WHY.

Grace: What a GIFT!

June 8th, 2021


Grace is a gift that we don't deserve, could never earn, but we get to experience. Listen in to hear more about this gift!

Grace: Seek His Face

June 1st, 2021


As we discuss the gift of grace, and what it means for us, seeking God's presence is key to experiencing God's grace. 

The Word: It's Time to Apply!

May 25th, 2021


Reading and understanding the Word of God is good, but enough. We MUST apply Scripture to our life!

The Word: Why Should I Read It?

May 18th, 2021


Why is it important to spend time in God's Word? Tune in to find out!

The Word: How Do I Read It?

May 11th, 2021


Have you ever wondered how to read Scripture? Tune into this week's episode to get both practical and spiritual ways to study the Word of God!

The Word: What's The Word?

May 4th, 2021


We start a brand new topic with this week's episode! It's all about studying and learning more about the Word of God!

The Gospel: What Does it Mean?

April 27th, 2021


Tune in to hear of how the gospel applies to our everyday life!

The Gospel: How Do I Share It?

April 20th, 2021


Want to learn some tips and tricks on how to share the Gospel? Tune In!

The Gospel: What's the Big Deal?

April 13th, 2021


Tune in to hear how the gospel can change your entire life!

The Gospel: What is It?

April 6th, 2021


We're starting a brand new topic for the month! It's all about the Gospel. Tune in to get the full story!

Prayer: The Choice is Yours ft. Leanne Rozell

March 31st, 2021


Tune into this episode to hear some AMAZING prayer tips, along with personal stories of how to best incorporate prayer into your everyday routine! It's time for a stronger prayer life!

Prayer: Remember Who You Pray To

March 23rd, 2021


Knowing and remembering who we pray to is VITAL as we live this life for Jesus!

Prayer: Why Do We Do It?

March 16th, 2021


Why do we pray? Why should we take time to pray each day? Tune in to learn more!

Prayer: What do I say?

March 9th, 2021


Struggling with prayer? Not sure of what to say? This podcast was created just for you! Tune in to hear what Scripture has to say about prayer!

Prayer: What is it?

March 2nd, 2021


For the month of March, it's all about prayer around here! To lay the foundation, let's first talk about what prayer really is!

Obedience: One Step At a Time ft. Shirley Bright

February 23rd, 2021


Listen to hear some practical tips on obedience from my mom! What great wisdom was imparted upon us!

Obedience: The Dysfunction of Disobedience

February 16th, 2021


Our decisions affect our lives as well as the lives of others. Listen in to hear of how costly disobedience can be.

Obedience: What's The Big Deal?

February 9th, 2021


Why is obedience important? Why should we walk in it daily?

Obedience: What is That?

February 2nd, 2021


For the new topic this month, let's hang out and start studying OBEDIENCE!

Purpose: The Bottomline ft Lisa Gant

January 26th, 2021


Join us for a super enlightening conversation about purpose! What's the bottomline? When it's all said and done, what is purpose all about? Tune in for laughs, wisdom, and great conversation.

Purpose: How do I know?

January 19th, 2021


Discovering how to walk in your God-given purpose requires action and a process. Listen in for practical ways to find your purpose!

Purpose: Why are we here?

January 12th, 2021


What was God's original intent for humanity? Have we strayed from that?

Purpose: The What and The Why

January 5th, 2021


We're going Back to the Basics! What is our purpose and why does it matter?

Prep Yo Self: A Podcast Collab

December 29th, 2020


Listen in to hear a podcast collaboration as we discuss key components of preparation! Everyone needs that for 2021!

Birth: Celebration Time!

December 22nd, 2020


Process can be hard, but the outcome is always worth celebrating!

Birth: Labor Pains

December 15th, 2020


Giving birth to your spiritual purpose can come with hard times. What do we do when they come? How do we manage them?

Birth: Knowing What You're Carrying ft. Kristen Clark

December 8th, 2020


When you know what you're carrying, you value it. God has placed something within each of us--it's our responsibility to tend to it well. Listen in to hear Kristen Clark, from GirlDefined, share her heart on identity …

Birth: Go Through the Process

December 1st, 2020


We've started a new topic for the month of December! Tune in to be encouraged to stick it out and go through your process!

Blessings: Always Content ft. Hevan Cathey

November 24th, 2020


Listen in to hear a story of hardships and finding contentment in the midst!

Blessings: Blessings in Disguise ft. Christina Stanton

November 17th, 2020


Listen in to hear the jaw-dropping first-hand experiences of 9/11 and COVID, and how Christina was able to find the blessing in the midst of tragedy. 

Blessings: Give What You Have!

November 10th, 2020


You can be a blessing to someone else this week. No matter what you have or don't have, take time this week to bless someone else--anything helps!

What's Your Eternal Decision: 2020 & Beyond!

November 3rd, 2020


Join in to hear a bonus collaborative episode with 3 amazing women of God as we discuss Election Day, choices, our testimonies, and the importance of …

Blessings: Ten Things

November 3rd, 2020


What are you grateful for? What have you been blessed with! Take time today to stop about count your blessings.

Fear: Fighting Back ft. Torrie Slaughter

October 27th, 2020


Listen to hear some good laughs, and even better personal stories, as we discuss how to FIGHT BACK against fear! Fear will no longer reign in our lives. 

Fear: A Treatment plan

October 20th, 2020


How will you treat this diagnosis of fear? Tune in to hear about the CURE!

Fear: These Are My Symptoms

October 13th, 2020


Fear manifests itself in various ways in our life. What symptoms, related to fear, have you been experiencing?

Spoken Word: What's Your Eternal Decision?

October 10th, 2020


Listen in to this bonus episode of a spoken word collaboration about hope, eternal choices, and focusing on Christ!

Fear: What is F.E.A.R?

October 6th, 2020


Forget, Embrace, Answer, and Remember. This is the only FEAR that we will live in! God has called us to more. God has called us to HIGHER!

Change: It's a Good Thing ft. Julie Ubadinobi

September 29th, 2020


Tune in to hear from a special guest as she encourages you to accept and enable change through surrender to Christ!

Change: Here it Comes!

September 22nd, 2020


What will your attitude be towards change? Embrace, accept, and prepare for change!

Change: Why is Change so HARD?

September 15th, 2020


Change can be hard and scary, but that's when it's time for our faith to come in! Let's have more faith than fear!

Change: When Should I Change?

September 8th, 2020


Timing is everything. God's timing is perfect. The timing of our obedience to change is crucial! What will our actions be?

Change: What is change all about?

September 1st, 2020


Listen to our introductory podcast for the brand new monthly topic! What is change all about?

The Transformation of CGPOP!

August 28th, 2020


Prepare to laugh and learn as you listen in to the process that Christian Girls POP went through! 

Transformation Talk ft. Tessa Hall

August 25th, 2020


Listen in to hear tips, stories, and analogies on what true transformation looks like and how we can demonstrate it in our lives!

Transformation: Environmental Inspection

August 18th, 2020


This is your inspection--Will your environment sustain your transformation?

Transformation: Conform vs Transform

August 11th, 2020


Will you choose to conform to this world, or surrender your heart and let God transform you?

Transformation: What Is It?

August 4th, 2020


We're starting a new topic about transformation!  Let's make sure that our hearts are ready to surrender to the God who make ALL things new!

Freedom: Living in Freedom ft. Casey Alexis

July 29th, 2020


This week we had the honor to speak with Casey Alexis, Founder of Being Eve! Listen in to hear her share her heart and testimony, as well as tips on how to live out our freedom and lead others on our journey!

Freedom: A Journey To Freedom

July 21st, 2020


Walking with God is a journey. Let's remember to enjoy each moment, stop and admire the views, and stay committed to the process!

Freedom: How Much Will It Cost?

July 14th, 2020


Freedom requires sacrifice. It requires SURRENDER. Are you willing to pay the cost?

Freedom: Invisible Shackles

July 7th, 2020


What chains are you holding you down? What is hindering growth in your life? Today is your day to be FREE!

When Women Speak

July 4th, 2020


Listen in for a poetic collaboration amongst women who speak out for God and against injustice, racism, and all other evils that have made themselves …

Freedom: What is Freedom

June 30th, 2020


As we start a new topic for the month, we take time to discuss the foundation of what FREEDOM really is. Once you know what it is, you're one step closer to attaining it!

Responsibility: FULL Responsibility ft. Grace Diaz

June 24th, 2020


Listen it for a funny, wisdom-filled, relatable episode about Responsibility in LIFE, featuring Grace Diaz, Founder of SimplyComplicated!

Responsibility: Responsibility and Scripture

June 16th, 2020


The Word of God is our source of power, hope, and truth! Let's make sure that we stay connected so that we can keep living our life for Jesus! Listen in for tips and tricks to keep committed to reading scripture and to …

Responsibility: How to Handle your Faith

June 9th, 2020


How we handle our faith affects generations to come! Are you being responsible with your faith?

Responsibility: How to Handle What God Gives Us

June 2nd, 2020


How will we handle the things that God entrusted us with? 

How Community Helps ft. Tracy Harris

May 27th, 2020


This week we spoke with Mrs. Tracy Harris, founder of the L.O.V.E. Club! She shares her testimony as well as tips on how to have good community, how to let it impact you, and how to implement it into your everyday life!

Community: Whats Around You

May 19th, 2020


Your environment affects your growth. Is your community helping you or hindering you?

Community: Who's In My Circle?

May 13th, 2020


This week we dig deep into assessing our current communities. Let's make sure that our community pushes us to CHRIST.

Community: What Is It?

May 6th, 2020


This episode marks a new topic--Community! Listen to hear past experiences and a full breakdown on what true community is.

Image: When You Know, You Know!

April 28th, 2020


When you know who you are, Whose you are, and who God is...You begin to transform and become the woman that God always wanted you to be!

Now I Can See

April 21st, 2020


When we come to God, We finally can see who we truly are. Listen in to hear from an amazing guest who brings transparency, laughs, and encouragement …

Image: Seen By God

April 14th, 2020


God sees beyond the superficial level--He sees the heart. Be reminded that He sees it all, and He loves you!

Image: What Others See

April 7th, 2020


What are we displaying to others? Are we showing the world our true self?

Truth In Transparency: Fear and Faith

March 31st, 2020


Listen in to hear 4 women share their stories on fear, faith, and transformation!

Image: What I See

March 31st, 2020


What we see in ourselves affects our entire life. What do we see?

Identity: Identity in Action ft. Jakora Snow

March 25th, 2020


It's time to take our identity to the next level! Listen in to learn how!

Identity: Identity Theft

March 17th, 2020


Has someone tried to hack into your purpose? It's time to get it back!

Identity: Whose I Am

March 10th, 2020


In Christ, you get to discover the true "you".

Identity: Who I Am

March 3rd, 2020


Who are you at your core? It's time to dig deep and find our true identity.

Loving Others: An Interview with Emely Orellana

February 26th, 2020


An interview with a missionary who shares stories, advice, and scripture on how to love others well!

Jesus Already Loves You

February 18th, 2020


You are not too far gone to be loved by the Father. Receive this truth today!

HIs Love is True

February 11th, 2020


Experience true Godly love--once and for all.

For The Love of Money

February 5th, 2020


Is our hope and trust in our finances or in God?

What Goes in Must Come Out

February 5th, 2020


What are you feeding your soul? Let's get spiritually healthy!

“Truth in Transparency: A Collaboration”

January 29th, 2020


What is truth? How can we apply it to our spiritual growth?

CGPOP Monthly bible Study-Starting Fresh

January 24th, 2020


Let's Start Fresh this year. Do Something Different!

Do It Anyway

January 15th, 2020


What do you do when things get hard? Try running to Jesus.

All Habits Aren't Bad

January 8th, 2020


Make it a habit to make God a priority!

New Life, New Me

January 4th, 2020


You are not your past. You are a new creation in Christ.

I Will Show You A New Thing

January 4th, 2020


God wants to show you new things in 2020. Will you let Him?

Wanting VS Willing

December 28th, 2019


Obedience to God catapults us into blessings from God. We want to be used by God, but are we willing to be used by Him?

Hearing God's Voice

December 21st, 2019


God wants to speak to us. Are we ready to listen?

No Room For You

December 17th, 2019


Sin isn't welcome here today..or any day ever.

CGPOP Monthly Bible Study- Ready to Fight

November 22nd, 2019


Stay vigilant. Be ready to FIGHT. God is fighting for you and with you!

No Introductions Needed

November 21st, 2019


God knows you...and He loves you.

Shalayna Janelle: Off Stage Worship

November 7th, 2019


Worship is more than a song. Listen to hear what our special guest has to say about worship in our everyday life!

Transparency Leads To Transformation

October 19th, 2019


Share your story and watch lives be transformed through Jesus Christ!

Harvest Season

October 19th, 2019


What does it take to have a Harvest Season?

Stiff Necks and Hard Hearts

October 8th, 2019


How do we respond when God asks us to do something?

Set your heart on jesus

October 3rd, 2019


Ladies, let's be intentional about setting our hearts on Jesus and putting Him FIRST.

Psalm 23:2

September 9th, 2019


Our only true peace will be found by resting in God.

Psalm 23:1

August 28th, 2019


Let God be your Good Shepherd. He wants the best for you!

Tell Em Where you got it

August 17th, 2019


Tell people about how you got JESUS. They need to hear it!

CGPOP- Clay in God's Hands

July 29th, 2019


No matter how crazy life gets, you are STILL in God's hands. He is shaping you in to a beautiful finished product.

God will provide

July 29th, 2019


Struggling with trusting God to provide in your current situation? God sees you. Listen for some encouragement!

How bad do you want me? - God

June 30th, 2019


Is God your priority? Do your actions show it. Listen in to a piece of my testimony to be encouraged to put God FIRST.

Driving With Jesus: What is Your Tank On?

June 30th, 2019


Feeling worn out? Check your spiritual tank. When is the last time you let God refresh you?

Driving with Jesus--Re-Routing

May 8th, 2019


Even if you've made some mistakes, God still has a purpose for you. You haven't gone too far or done too much. There's still grace.

Driving With Jesus: Who's in your car?

May 8th, 2019


The people you hang around impact most of the decisions you make. Life is like a roadtrip--Who's in your car?

Driving With Jesus-- ROADTRIPPPPP

April 15th, 2019


Christianity is a long, fun roadtrip with JESUS! How fun! Listen in to learn fun travel tips!

Driving With Jesus: Off-Roading

April 3rd, 2019


When we try to do things our own way, they NEVER work out as well as God’s plans. Hold on, your answered prayers are coming!

Driving with Jesus: Stay in Your Lane

April 2nd, 2019


Our purpose requires effort but at times, it simply requires you to remain in position. God is working.

Speak to Your Goliath

March 6th, 2019


Going through a battle right now? God is fighting for you and with you.

You Already Have The Keys

February 12th, 2019


Why waste time and get stressed about things that God has given us victory over? We already have everything we need to be victorious!

Time to Make Time

February 12th, 2019


Struggling to find time with Jesus? Is life too busy? Listen in for a challenge on making time for Jesus.

I Got The Whole World In My Hands...

October 12th, 2018


God is Sovereign...yet we try to take our life into our hands. Let God be God.

How bad do you want God?

October 12th, 2018


We have easy access to God's presence. How bad do you want it?

Prodigal Daughter

August 30th, 2018


Jesus is waiting for you to come home. He loves you, Daughter. 

The Wait is Worth It!

July 29th, 2018


Tired of waiting on a promise that seems to never come? God wants you to remind you that waiting on Him is always worth it!

Make Jesus R.E.A.L. in Your Life!

July 15th, 2018


How real is Jesus to YOU? He can be everything we need if we let Him.

Jesus Loves YOU!!

June 3rd, 2018


You haven't done too much to come back to God. His grace is not dependent on YOU. His grace is there and He loves you so much!!!!

Besties With Jesus

June 3rd, 2018


How well do you know God? Do you KNOW God or do you just know OF Him?

Growing in Proper Ground!

May 12th, 2018


You are a seed that God wants to grow and flourish. Is your life conducive to spiritual growth?

Pregnant with Purpose!

April 24th, 2018


In the Bible, Mary was pregnant with a Purpose! Her Obedience played a part in reaching the entire world!

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