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Ep 38 - Dr. Janet Crain

September 3rd, 2018

The show starts off with Vince and Dr. Crain recording an episode of Coffee Time With Janet. Dr. Crain is a renowned speaker and author of the book "If …

Ep 37 - Marc Bandola

August 22nd, 2018

Marc and Vince see each other driving down Rt. 33  after not seeing each other …

Ep 36 - CUWV X Wait, Where Were We? - Part III

August 17th, 2018

Would you believe Vince was in a frat? 
Neither would I, and I am Vince. 

This is …

Ep 35 - CUWV X Wait, Where Were We? - Part II

August 16th, 2018

I couldn't leave you hanging like that, Here is part II. 
The show starts out with …

Ep 34 - CUWV X Wait, Where Were We?

August 14th, 2018

​Remember back in Episodes 3-5 when Vince had Alex Zebede on and he told him he …

Ep 33 - CUWV Update

August 3rd, 2018

I decided to record and release a solo show to break the "Fourth Wall" in order to …

Ep 32- Ana Frias

July 26th, 2018

Ana and I used to work together in retail and I have not seen her since. She had a baby and is raising him vegan. As I started editing, I knew we hit a …

Ep 31 - Missy & Shelby

July 23rd, 2018

The more I listen, the more I shake my head and wonder how any of this is real. I think you may feel the same by the end of this one. Thank you for …

Ep 30 - Jim G▯▯▯▯▯ Pt. II

July 15th, 2018

Show 30 and I turn 30 this week 
​Here is part 2 with my old pal Jim

Ep 29 - Jim G▯▯▯▯▯ Pt. I

July 12th, 2018

I've been focusing a lot on Try Vegan lately and have not had a lot of time to work …
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