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A weekly show centered around discussing faith and it's intersection with life. Weekly interviews with Theologians, Pastors, Artists, and more. Let's find out...Can I Say This At Church?

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It's Time to Talk about Hell - part 2

August 19th, 2019


Last we we only just started. This week we begin to wrap this thought up. Though, as with any large topic, there really isn't ever a proper ending.

Transcripts for this can be found at Brandon’s website:


It's Time to Talk about Hell - part 1

August 12th, 2019


It's time we talk about Hell... I'm honored Brandon would trust me with his words with these next two posts.

Transcripts for this can be found at …

Finding God's LIfe for My Will with Mike Donehey

August 5th, 2019


What in the world does it even mean to wonder what God's will, God's purpose or even our purpose is in our life. Let's discuss

Guest Bio:

Mike Donehey is an author and the lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist for the …

89 - Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram with Clare Loughrige

July 29th, 2019



The Enneagram is a monster topic but I don't think it has to be. Ultimately, it boils down to better knowing yourself and then taking that further to how to better love one another. Clare Loughrige and I discuss how …

88 - Political Theology with Brad Jersak

July 22nd, 2019


Politics and religion are inescapable in the circles we all run in but how do we discuss it? How do we make space for it? I welcome Brad back on the …

87 - Brandon Carleton on Making Church Meaningful Again

July 15th, 2019


Brandon and I sit down to discuss what it looks like to be honest with our doubts. If we can come to terms what does that mean for changing the way that we do church?

Guest Bio:

Brandon Carleton is a community organizer …

86 - Truth and Certainty with Jared Byas

July 8th, 2019


Jared and I discuss truth, the Eagles, Old Testament and how we often make an idol of so many things that fall short of anything worthy of worship.

85 - Bibliotheca and Biblical Narrative with Adam Lewis Greene

July 1st, 2019


Adam and I discuss the Bible through a lens of overarching narrative. How does stripping away the "format" we so often think of Scripture change the way we read it?

Guest Bio:

Adam Lewis Greene is a book designer who …

84 - Inclusivity and the Gospel with Brandan Robertson

June 24th, 2019


Clean and Unclean. Worthy and unworthy. Accepted and unaccepted. Our churches have had a habit of all to quickly throwing everyone and anyone into one binary or the next. But this is not the gospel of Jesus.

Guest Bio:

83 - Reclaiming Hope and Love with Darren Calhoun

June 17th, 2019


This world, if we let it, will strip us of grace. It will distort things that are holy and this is wrong. Join Darren and I as we discuss reclaiming …

82 - Apparent Faith with Karl Forehand

June 10th, 2019


Karl and I sit down to discuss how fatherhood changes the way we view and think about God.

Guest Bio:

Karl was a bi-vocational pastor for 20 years until he suddenly realized that some things in his journey of faith …

81 - Christianity and Buddha with Paul F. Knitter

June 3rd, 2019



Few faiths and practices call to me more than that of Buddhism. I think you'll find this conversation between myself and Paul entirely engaging.

80 - What is the Bible with Dr. Tim Mackie

May 27th, 2019


The Bible, what is it? Why is it? How is it? The canon of our Bible is a huge topic and no way in hades could we hope to go to get in depth in one …

79 - The God Who Sees with Karen Gonzalez

May 20th, 2019


I sit down and chat about immigration in our country and how possibly our "Biblical" view of "other" may need to shift; with Karen Gonzalez.

Guest Bio:

Karen Gonzalez is a native of Guatemala and immigrated to the U.S. …

78 - Finding the Space for Growth with Jim Bono (Patreon Convos part 2)

May 13th, 2019


I sit down for Part 2 of our Patron conversations. Jim and I discuss so much here. Cultural bias, the future of the church and faith. How can we make …

77 - Call It Grace with Rev. Dr. Serene Jones

May 6th, 2019


Race. Inclusion. Fear. Grace. Why do we struggle to talk about any and/or all of these? Could it be that we just don't know how? This week I sit down …

76 - Salvation and The Inescapable Love of God with Thomas Talbott

April 29th, 2019


It's been too long, but it is time to talk about what happens when we die, again. It's time to wonder what are all the options for the afterlife, heaven and hell.

Guest Bio:

Thomas Talbott is the Emeritus Professor of …

75 - Finding Faith in Honesty with Danielle Kingstrom (Patreon Convos part 1)

April 22nd, 2019


Guest Bio:

Danielle Kingstrom is an author, podcaster, and home-school teacher. She cohosts the podcast: BookIsh - The Canon Continues. Danielle is …

74 - Unmuzzled Christianity with Rafael Polendo

April 15th, 2019


This week I sit down with Rafael Polendo to discuss what it looks like to live and do things in life differently as a Christian; and what happens …

73 - RERELEASE: Easter and the Resurrection with Dr. Alexander John Shaia

April 12th, 2019


My faith has grown leaps and bounds And with it so has my understanding of just how little I know about Easter.    There is no greater moment in our faith and arguably in the world than the resurrection of Jesus. In a …

72 - Holy Envy with Barbara Brown Taylor

April 8th, 2019


I sit down with the gracious Barbara Brown Taylor to char about her latest book, Holy Envy. This convo centers around faith, honesty, and a …

71 - Experiments in Honesty with Steve Daugherty

April 1st, 2019


I sit down with Steve, via the internet, to discuss what honesty in faith looks like. How do we make room for doubts and fears? How do we see this mirrored in Scripture and in the life of Jesus?

Guest Bio:

For nearly …

70 - Upending the Patriarchy with Carolyn Custis James

March 25th, 2019


I get it, I do, we live in a world that is geared for some to start halfway down the track in the race to finish this mile. I'm a guy, happily born down the track, but this doesn't mean it is the correct view does it? …

69 - Beating Guns with Shane Claiborne and Michael Martin

March 18th, 2019


We have a gun problem here in America; but more importantly we have a heart problem. What could it look like for us if we possibly dealt with the …

68 - Touched by God with Luigi Gioia

March 11th, 2019


We all are longing and, if we are honest, looking for true touch. Not a sexual one, not a "compassionate one", but one that holds us at the core of …

67 - Truth, Prayer, Identity and the Spiritual Journey with James P. Danaher

March 4th, 2019


James and I sat down to discuss what happens when truth is used as a weapon and how we can possibly better deal with truth. Is it absolute? Is it …

66 - How The Bible Actually Works with Pete Enns

February 25th, 2019


Do you ever find yourself reading the Bible and coming away going..."wait! what does this mean?"? Me too; which is why I'm so happy to release this weeks conversation with Pete Enns on How The Bible Actually Works*...

65 - Radiance and the Cosmic Christ with Alexander John Shaia

February 18th, 2019


Alexander joins the show to discuss the radiance and beauty of Christ. How does our language impact our thoughts on Christ? 

Guest Bio:

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Alexander grew up as part of a large …

64 - The Beautiful Gospel with Chuck McKnight

February 11th, 2019


What is God like? What is salvation like? What, then, is humanity like? Perhaps we are all depraved, born this way, perhaps we are simply wounded and know not any better. Is it possible though that what we are is more? …

63 - Prayer with Scott Erickson and Justin McRoberts

February 4th, 2019


Prayer is, at all times, more than we expect and less that we expect. Through self-reflection and communing with the Divine we see God in new ways and see ourselves through a lens of the eyes of the Divine as well. I …

62 - Prophetic Voices with Mark Van Steenwyk

January 28th, 2019


A conversation on what it could look like to speak prophetically for today's culture, as a follower of Christ. More importantly-some honesty on how …

61 - God Can't with Thomas Jay Oord

January 21st, 2019


Evil and all the problems it brings is the crucial point for all people. We turn away entirely angry at whatever God couldn't prevent it. But what if …

60 - Postcards from Babylon with Brian Zahnd

January 14th, 2019


We like to think of ourselves, Americans, as the audience of the stories of the Bible. Tending to relate to the main characters of the Bible and often glossing over the fact that the Bible is written to a people that …

59 - Surviving the Bible with Christian Piatt

January 7th, 2019


If we stop using the Bible as a weapon, if we literally stop throwing it at peoples heads trying to knock some Jesus into them...what would that look …

2018 in Review

December 31st, 2018


Hey you all! Happy New Years Eve!  I am blown away by this first year; what I thought would be a short lived thing has turned into something that I …

58 - 12 Lies That Hold America Captive with Jonathan Walton

December 31st, 2018


America is the greatest country on the planet! We are a bastion of hope and freedom! We are a Christian nation! Or are we? 

Guest Bio:

Jonathan P. Walton is an area ministry director for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

57 - The Parable of Christmas with John Dominic Crossan

December 23rd, 2018


This week I chat with John Dominic Crossan about Christmas and the birth of Christ. His views though are ones that in part resonate easily but at the …

56 - Mysticism and Contemplation with Mike Morrell

December 17th, 2018


As you listen and watch people discuss faith and God it always turns to "this says this!" or "you're taking that wrong". But what if we embraced the mystery? What if we reconnect to the mystical aspects of our faith? 

55 - God and Worship with John Mark McMillan

December 10th, 2018


This week I chat with John Mark McMillan about what it looks like to be honest in music and how that impacts the way we think about and talk about God. 

Guest Bio:

JOHN MARK MCMILLAN is something of an anomaly. A …

54 - A New Moral Ethic with David Gushee

December 3rd, 2018


So much of what we argue about is entirely, usually, worth it. But how do we do so while actually coming from a foundation of moral ethics. What does the term moral ethics even mean? 

Guest Bio: 

Dr. David P Gushee is …

53 - God Over Good with Luke Norsworthy

November 26th, 2018


We all want good things don't we? I know I do but here is the thing...that's not life. Life is messy, sometimes hateful, and often overwhelming. So …

52 - Conspiring Prayer with Mark Karris

November 19th, 2018


Prayer. We are all called to do it and regardless of our religion we all do some form of it. Meditation, Contemplative, Centering, there are many methods. But when it comes to most "western church" all we do is …

51 - Beauty in the Wreckage with Brandon Andress

November 12th, 2018


So many of us suffer from stress and anxiety and the world that we live in continues to press us down. How do we truly find peace and how do we see …

RERELEASE - Grateful with Dr. Diana Butler Bass

November 8th, 2018


Thanksgiving is a beautiful month for Gratitude and what better way to talk about it than with intention and purpose. I hope you'll enjoy this …

50 - Prophetic Narratives in Scripture with Walter Brueggeman

November 5th, 2018


What is the narrative of scripture? How does liberation and oppression impact us today and tomorrow? How do we live out a call to be a prophetic voice in todays world? 

Guest Bio: 

Walter Brueggemann is surely one of …

49 - Catching Your Breath with Steve Austin

October 29th, 2018


Too many people are overwhelmed and holding onto deep suffering, unable to catch their breath in a world that tells them to fake it till they make …

BONUS EPISODE: Saint Óscar Romero (Part 1)

October 24th, 2018


So much could be said about Óscar Romero as he was so many things to so many people. But some stories are best laid out with purpose and intention. 

48 - The Butterflies in God's Stomach with Paul Thomas

October 22nd, 2018


It’s time to take it back by reclaiming the poetry of the ancient tradition of Scripture. And that’s what The Butterflies in God’s Stomach is all about. The Bible is so much more than piles of text of which we get …

47 - True Inclusion with Brandan Robertson

October 15th, 2018


Does your church practice inclusion in a way that is truly self evident? What does that even mean? If I'm inclusive what do I need to change and …

46 - The Good News of the Gospel is Love with Danny Prada

October 8th, 2018


What does it look like to actually focus on what it means to truly follow Christ. To look past just the text of the Bible and look for the heart of …

45 - "Faith in the Shadows" with Austin Fischer

October 1st, 2018


Too often, our honest questions about faith are met with cold confidence and easy answers. But false certitude doesn't result in strong faith—it …

44 - The Great Spiritual Migration and Evangelical Future with Brian McLaren

September 24th, 2018


What does the future of Christianity look like? If you're like me you see seismic shifts in our religious groups and wonder where they lead too. Brian McLaren and I discuss...

Guest Bio:

Brian D. McLaren is an author, …

43 - "Fat and Faithful" with Nicole Morgan

September 17th, 2018


Turn on the TV at any moment in time and you'll see we have an obsession with the image of our bodies, but why? Are we not just the way we should be? …

42 - Genesis, Creation, and the Lost World of Scripture with Dr. John Walton

September 10th, 2018


The story of creation and how this universe that we swirl around in is ordered is something that has always bubbled in my head. Each time I think I have it figured out I learn something new that entirely shifts my …

41 - Falling Towards our Soul Child with Barrett Owen

September 3rd, 2018


Question: Pain, heartache, fear...where do these leave us? Answer: Falling; continuously away from our core being and what we were created to be. So how do we stop? Well, we fall, the opposite way. 

Guest Bio: Rev. …

40 - "The Forgotten Books of the Bible" with Robert Williamson Jr.

August 27th, 2018


How do the books of Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes, Ruth, Lamentations, and Esther impact the daily rhythms of your life? I'll be honest to say they usually don't because I forget they are there and because our churches …

39 - "Learning to Speak God from Scratch" with Jonathan Merritt

August 21st, 2018


How do we learn to speak about God and the Divine in our world today when all words seem to have precious little meaning? Without using "church-speak" are you able to have an open conversation about the faith you …

38 - "Raise Your Voice" with Kathy Khang

August 14th, 2018


You have a voice. And you have God's permission to use it. But how do we do so in a wise way? How do we find our purpose and the message that we are called to preach and then once we do, how do we speak and engage in a …

37 - "The Eternal Current" with Aaron Niequist

August 7th, 2018


What is it like to actually practice our faith? How often do we sit in contemplation and meet God where He already is in true searching and in a …

36 - "The Happiness Prayer" with Rabbi Evan Moffic

August 2nd, 2018


Raise your hand if you think that you are nailing prayer? keep it raised if you feel like you are praying from a position of happiness, contentment, and joy? This is the goal, or one of the goals, of prayer. …

35 - I Air My Griefs with Derek Webb

July 27th, 2018


In a world full of "positive and encouraging for the whole family" what do we do with our faith and life when it's anything but? When labels fail to …

34 - Faith, Doubt, and Calvinism with Austin Fischer

July 20th, 2018


What is it like to live in a world where you never really know if you can trust and believe what you are being told. What happens when the train …

33 - "The Path Between Us" with Suzanne Stabile

July 13th, 2018


Guest: Suzanne Stabile

How does knowing our Enneagram number help us better navigate life? How could it help us all in really understanding each …

32 - "Jesus Unbound" with Keith Giles

July 6th, 2018


Guest: Keith Giles

For many Christians, the Bible is the only way to know anything about God. But according to that same Bible, everyone can know God directly through an actual relationship with Jesus. What happens when …

31 - Heart and Soul of Honest Music with Sean C. Johnson

July 3rd, 2018


Guest: Sean C Johnson

I had the great joy of sitting down with Sean to discuss a little of his story and how that's impacted his life and music. How do our life experiences impact our music and the true heart of our …

30 - "Paul - A Biography" with Professor N.T. Wright

June 29th, 2018


Who was the Apostle Paul? We've all heard talk about him and around him but the man himself, rarely. Much of our New Testament is here today because …

29 - "Christian Hospitality in An Age of Fear" Rev. Dr., Matthew Kaemingk

June 22nd, 2018


Guest: Matthew Kaemingk

Millions of Muslims have migrated into the West over the past 50 years. Their arrival has ignited a series of fierce public …

28 - "White Awake" with Pastor Daniel Hill

June 15th, 2018


Guest: Daniel Hill

How pervasive is white supremacy? How offended were you when you just read that last sentence? It's so pervasive that it's considered the baseline and that is part of our problem. How we does the …

27 - "A Flexible Faith" with Bonnie Kristian

June 8th, 2018


Guest: Bonnie Kristian

Every denomination has a tentpole issue that matters more than others, and so do most Christians. Do we really know all our …

26 - We are not Commodities with David Zach

June 1st, 2018


Guest: David Zach

Some topics are supposed to be off limits. Race, gender, sex, slavery. But they are all more connected than we know. Except for a few weeks out of the year we in American tend to forget that today …

25 - Lament and the Future of the Church with Soong-Chan Rah

May 25th, 2018


Guest: Professor Soong-Chan Rah

What would it mean for our church to actually think and embrace a new way to Evangelize others. The future of our …

24 - Holy Anarchy with Mark Van Steenwyk

May 19th, 2018


Guest: Mark Van Steenwyk

What does it look like for a church, and it's people, to truly be subversive. Not just subversive or activist-like for the …

23 - "I'm Still Here" with Austin Channing Brown

May 12th, 2018


Guest: Austin Channing Brown

In a time when nearly all institutions (schools, churches, universities, businesses) claim to value "diversity" in their …

22 - "Rethinking Incarceration" with Dominique DuBois Gilliard

May 5th, 2018


Guest: Dominique DuBois Gilliard

The United States has more people locked up in jails, prisons, and detention centers than any other country in the history of the world. Mass incarceration has become a lucrative …

21 - Atonement with Brad Jersak

April 28th, 2018


Guest: Brad Jersak

For Christians atonement is somewhat of a lynchpin. It's our attempt to put to words what the death of Jesus stands for and further what that then means as we work our faith out daily. You are going …

20 - "Unafraid" with Benjamin L. Corey

April 21st, 2018


Guest: Benjamin L. Corey

Thinking about my faith journey, up to date, I realized that I can't be in the minority wondering how many other Christians …

19 - Revisiting Conditional Immortality with Chris Date from ReThinking Hell

April 14th, 2018


Guest: Chris Date

Hell will be a topic that I don't think I will ever tire of wrestling with; and if we are truthful what happens for good or bad at …

18 - "Ask the Beasts": Darwin and the God of Love with Sister Elizabeth Johnson

April 7th, 2018


Welcome to the show! If you are here I am so grateful for you and want to invite you to become a part of the beloved community being developed here. …

17 - "Glory Happening" with Kaitlin Curtice

March 31st, 2018


Welcome to the show! If you are here I am so grateful for you and want to invite you to become a part of the beloved community being developed here. …

16 - Easter and the Resurrection with Alexander Shaia

March 24th, 2018


There is no greater moment in our faith and arguably in the world than the resurrection of Jesus. In a moment in time the world swapped its axis and …

15 - "Grateful" with Dr. Diana Butler Bass

March 17th, 2018


Four out of five Americans have said that they feel gratitude in their daily lives, but this seems to be at odds with the discontent that permeates modern society.

How do we navigate the chasm between our desire to be …

14 - Open Theism with Dr. Greg Boyd

March 10th, 2018

Welcome to the show! If you are here I am so grateful for you and want to invite you to become a part of the beloved community being developed here. …

13 - The Doctrine of Discovery and Exceptionalism with Mark Charles

March 3rd, 2018


Welcome to the show! If you are here I am so grateful for you and want to invite you to become a part of the beloved community being developed here. …

12 - The Quadratos View of the Gospel with Alexander Shaia

February 24th, 2018


Welcome to the show! If you are here I am so grateful for you and want to invite you to become a part of the beloved community being developed here. …

11 - Theology and Science Fiction with Dr. James McGrath

February 18th, 2018


Welcome to the show! If you are here I am so grateful for you and want to invite you to become a part of the beloved community being developed here. …

10 - The Black Madonna with Courtney Hall Lee

February 11th, 2018


Welcome to the show. If you are here I am so grateful for you and want to invite you to become a part of the beloved community being developed here. …

09 - Sinners in the Hand of a Loving God with Pastor Brian Zahnd

February 4th, 2018


Welcome to the show! If you are here I am so grateful for you...and my spouse would be even more grateful if you could make her sleep better at …

08 - Was Mary A Virgin and Does It Matter with Kyle Roberts

January 28th, 2018


Welcome to the show! If you are here I am so grateful for you...and my spouse would be even more grateful if you could make her sleep better at …

07 - Stranger God with Richard Beck

January 21st, 2018


Welcome to the show! If you are here I am so grateful for you...and my spouse would be even more grateful if you could make her sleep better at …

06 - Biblical Inerrancy with Jared Byas

January 14th, 2018

Is the Bible inerrant? This is a huge question and one that matters for our faith. If it's not what does this do for authority and how should we read …

05 - Jesus Untangled with Keith Giles

January 5th, 2018


Welcome to the show! If you are here I am so grateful for you...and my spouse would be even more grateful if you could make her sleep better at …

04 - Unarmed Empire w/ Sean Palmer

December 31st, 2017


Transcript   Our episode today features Sean Palmer in a discussion of how we can, as a church body, move forward in today's climate. How it's so important to lean towards each other and protect and serve the …

03 - Hell: Annihilationism with Dr. John Stackhouse

December 18th, 2017


In a follow up to the last episode and discussion on Hell in this episode we'll take another look at, another, possible theory on Hell, …

02 - Hell: Evangelical Universalism with Dr. Robin Parry (Gregory MacDonald)

December 4th, 2017


What exactly is Hell? Where do we all go? I sat down with Theologian, Author, Editor, Father, Book Enthusiast and honestly one of the nicest fellows …

A Quick Update

December 1st, 2017


A brief state of the union and the reason for the delay in Episode 2. 


Coming back so so soon! 

01 - Deconstructing Your Faith

November 15th, 2017


Church is in an odd place. It’s growing exponentially as an institution yet at the same time it continues to die off slowly. Is the Millennial generation to blame? 


Most seem to think so and the research seems to …

Introducing the Can I Say This In Church Podcast

November 9th, 2017


We really look forward to starting this journey with you. Soon we will be back with our first episode...our story of deconstruction. 


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