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A Man Named Marlowe Episode 5: The Release, The Ruse & The Meeting

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Previously on A Man Named Marlowe: After Marlowe’s meeting with nightclub owner and gangster Benny Chance, he drives to his friend Lou’s automat only to find that Lou has been murdered. Marlowe goes to his office building where he finds the elevator boy also dead. In Marlowe’s office is an older man with a gun. The two talk. Afterwards Marlowe drives to Spokane, Washington to try to solve the case. When he gets there, the woman who hired him knocks on his hotel room door. In Episode 5, Spokane begins to yield some answers as Marlowe makes a new friend, and pretends to be interested in buying land before getting ambushed. Heard in this episode: Nancy Pop as Janice Tomlinson Sam T. Wilson as William W. Powell Jr. Dr. David Linton as William T. Phillips James Scully as Philip Marlowe Featured Music: In a Sentimental Mood - Duke Ellington A Picture of Me Without You - Paul Whiteman & his Orchestra w/ Ken Darby Don’t Let It Happen Again - Isham Jones & his Orchestra w/ Joe Martin On The Good Ship Lollipop - Shirley Temple A Man Named Marlowe is available in the same feed as Breaking Walls. Subscribe on iTunes and everywhere else you get your podcasts by searching for Breaking Walls or at … and if you enjoy A Man Named Marlowe, tune in to Breaking Walls, a documentary series on the history of American Radio Broadcasting. The most recent episode—number 81—delivers an in-depth look at comedian Fred Allen’s career, complete with interviews, show clips. fights with executives, and a good feud or two. Both of these shows are available by searching for Breaking Walls wherever you get your podcasts or by going to To support these shows for as little as $1 per month, please go to

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