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What really happens when a hacker snatches all your data? Breach digs into the who, why and how of history’s most notorious data breaches. Hosted by journalist Bob Sullivan and producer Alia Tavakolian.Season 2 - Equifax: the worst breach ever. How hackers stole the most valuable data of 145 million… read more

13 Episodes | 2018 - 2019

3 | 76 Days

March 18th, 2019


How did hackers steal the *best* info on 145 million Americans? How did Equifax let them?

Get into the details with the guys who (literally) wrote the report on the worst breach ever.

2 | Introducing Equifax

March 11th, 2019


A polite company introduces themselves...

The Equifax breach was the first time many of us even met Equifax. WHO are these guys, WHAT is a Credit …

1 | Why Equifax?

March 4th, 2019


Equifax: the worst breach ever. This time you’re not the consumer - you’re the product.

Bob and Alia weren’t sure about doing Equifax for Season 2… but everything changed when they learned exactly how Equifax lost the …

Season 2 - Coming March 4

February 19th, 2019


Equifax: the worst breach ever.

You asked for it, and Alia and Bob are (finally!!) on board. Unpatched patches. Passwords stored in plain-text. 145 million people in danger. The Equifax breach is a perfect storm of bad …

Midterm Election Special

October 29th, 2018


Your vote counts. But will your vote be counted?

Alia and Bob team up again for a very special election episode to get to the bottom of Alia’s democratic anxiety: Are voting machines even the easiest way to hack an …

Midterm Election Special - Coming Oct. 29

October 22nd, 2018


Coming October 29th (we *couldn’t wait* till Nov. 5th), a very special episode before the midterm election: Breach goes to D.C.! Tell your friends!

Special Announcement!

October 9th, 2018


We're back!!

Your favorite veteran tech journalist and podcast civilian are BACK with NEWS: we'll be dropping a special Election Episode on NOVEMBER 5TH! Just in time for the midterm elections, Bob and Alia will spend a …

5 | Which Russia Hack?: Part 2

March 26th, 2018


The aftermath. Now what?

4 | Which Russia Hack?: Part 1

March 26th, 2018


The red yarn comes out.

3 | Good Morning, Dark Web

March 26th, 2018


Double agents. Erectile dysfunction drugs. SpongeBob.

Welcome to Center 18.

2 | Goodbye From Yahoo!

March 26th, 2018


The final dramatic act of the once and future Yahoo!

1 | Caution: Falling Rocks

March 26th, 2018


How much does your personal email matter? Turns out, a lot. Because Russia.

Breach - Coming March 26

March 15th, 2018


Your 10-year-old email address might be the most dangerous thing in your digital profile. In season 1 of Breach, journalist Bob Sullivan and producer …

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