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SoulCycle, Entrepreneurship, and Inspirational Things w/ Charlee Atkins


Episode description

We covered a significant amount of ground. The genesis of SoulCycle and how it use to be, her personal and professional development on and off the bike, the potentially pernicious impact of social media, a pinch of savage lol, and, most importantly, EMPOWERMENT.

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This episode marks the close of season one of the podcast! Words cant express the amount of gratitude I have for those who have participated and contributed up until this point.  Season 2 is going to be phenomenal and will coalesce, to an even greater extent, around the importance of empowerment and its many facets, as well as ways to implement real change/action in one's life and mindset. Mark my words. Keep ascending.

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Premise of Season 2: Self-Actualization

February 19th, 2019


Self Actualization. Shine through.

Season 2 begins February 25th with new episodes releasing every Monday.

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