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Beauty and the Surgeon is an educational and empowering podcast that delves into all aspects of cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, beauty, fitness and personal health. Dr. Jason Martin is a renowned board certified plastic surgeon in Denver, Colorado specializing in cosmetic surg… read more

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Breast Augmentation Myths

January 15th, 2023


It’s time for another round of busting myths. This time Dr. Martin and Amy discuss the common misperceptions around breast augmentation surgery. Gummy bear implants, implant expiration dates, saline implants, implants …

Lip Lifts and Augmentation

January 1st, 2023


For the brand new year we have a brand new topic we’ve never talked about–lips! A lip lift is a procedure where the skin between the nose and upper lip is shortened to reduce wrinkles and make the upper lip look more …

Top 5 Moments of 2022

December 15th, 2022


It's the last episode of the year and you know what that means! Dr. Martin and Amy have picked out their top 5 moments from this years episodes. Join us in celebrating another fantastic year at the Beauty and the …

Everything You Need to Know About Brachioplasty

December 1st, 2022


Loose skin and fat underneath the arms is a common problem for many people, especially after significant weight loss. In many cases a Brachioplasty (or Arm Lift) is the only way to effectively remove loose skin from …

Research We're Into 5.0

November 15th, 2022


The two research nerds are at it again! Dr. Martin and Amy have some new research to break down for you. What did scientists find when they looked at whether strength training and exercise caused people to live longer? …

Everything you need to know about Face and Neck Lifts

November 1st, 2022


Last episode we busted myths about facelifts. Now it’s time to make you an expert on the subject. From incisions and scaring to downtime and recovery, this is everything you need to know about facelifts and neck lifts.

Facelift Myths

October 15th, 2022


Halloween is right around the corner and Dr. Martin and Amy have heard a lot of spooky stories about facelifts. Facelifts make you look weird! …

Listener Questions

October 1st, 2022


It's time for another round of listener questions! This time we have questions about whether 72 is too old for a thigh lift, stem cells and fat …

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

September 15th, 2022


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) affects about 10% of men per decade of life. Men older than 40 are three times as likely to experience complete ED than …

Breast Augmentation 2.0

September 1st, 2022


We're back to talk more about one of the most common plastic surgery procedures–Breast Augmentation! A person’s first (or primary) breast augmentation is an important life decision so it’s a good idea to be well …

3 Things We Wish We Knew About Aging & Longevity - Part 2

August 15th, 2022


Do you have a good habit that you found out later was beneficial to your health and aging? Dr. Martin and Amy did, and on part 2 of this episode they talk about a few things they got right.

Comments, questions, …

3 Things We Wish We Knew About Aging & Longevity - Part 1

August 1st, 2022


What do you wish you would have known when you were younger to take better care of yourself? Eat better? Exercise more? In this two part episode Dr. …

Scar Revisions

July 15th, 2022


Scars can be unsightly and some can even be painful. Can a scar be fixed? Scar revision is a procedure to improve the cosmetic appearance of the scar …

Listener Questions - Part 2

July 1st, 2022


It's time for round two of our listener questions! This time we got questions about surgery recommendations after losing over 100 pounds, upper back and bra line lifts, elevated neutrophils after surgery, endoscopic …

Listener Questions - Part 1

June 15th, 2022


Our listeners have more questions and we love it! This time we had to break them into two episodes. We have questions about representing people of …

Breast Reduction 2.0

June 1st, 2022


There’s so much to know about breast reduction surgery that we had to do another whole episode about it! Dr. Martin and Amy describe the four types …

Facelifts for Men

May 15th, 2022


Do men get facelifts? Of course they do! Men experience many of the same signs of aging as women and there are lots of options to look better. Why don’t you hear about men’s facelifts? Because they don’t talk about it! …

Stuff We’re Into 4.0

May 1st, 2022


It's time to reach into the bag again! What’s the latest stuff Dr. Martin and Amy are into? They've got great suggestions for beauty and hygiene products that they have been trying out.

Comments, questions, …

Research We’re Into 4.0

April 15th, 2022


Most people like to entertain themselves with blockbuster movies or epic TV shows but Dr. Martin and Amy love research papers! Amy takes us through a study on how Sirtuin 6 is linked to longevity and Dr. Martin explains …


April 1st, 2022


Why would anyone want to inject Botulinum Toxin in their face? Because it works! And, surprisingly, it’s very safe! Knowing the history and science …

Listener Questions

March 15th, 2022


We love your questions! This episode our listeners ask: Does fat come back after liposuction? How many times does a surgeon have to perform a procedure before they’re an expert? Are there less invasive options than a …

The Golden Rules of Plastic Surgery

March 1st, 2022


The PSN (Plastic Surgery News) from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently printed an article called “The Golden Rules of Plastic …

Breast Implant Exchange

February 16th, 2022


Do breast implants need to be replaced after 10 years? Women replace or remove their breast implants for many different reasons. It's common to exchange implants to increase or decrease breast size, but sometimes it’s …

I Wasn’t Expecting That!

February 1st, 2022


Sometimes recovering from surgery isn’t what you’d expect. And sometimes things can happen after surgery that no one expects, not even your surgeon. Healing and recovery is different for everybody but there are common …

Let's Talk About Fasting

January 15th, 2022


Fasting isn’t just a new fad, it’s been around for thousands of years, but what are the health benefits of fasting? What is the best type of fasting? …

Top 5 moments of 2021

January 1st, 2022


It's been a big year for the Beauty and the Surgeon podcast thanks to all our viewers and listeners! Once again Dr. Martin and Amy pick their top five moments from the previous year. Happy New Year!

Comments, …

Perplexing Plastic Surgery

December 16th, 2021


Did you take my ear off? What do you do with the liposuction fat? Why aren’t their Daddy Makeovers? Plastic surgery is perplexing and some of the same questions come up again and again. Dr. Martin and Amy dive into some …

New FDA Labeling for Breast Implants

December 1st, 2021


The FDA is now requiring “black box” labeling on breast implants. What does this mean? Should you be concerned? Not when Dr. Martin and Amy are here …

Ask Dr. Google

November 15th, 2021


Can plastic surgery… remove scars? Remove scratch marks? Be reversed? Will plastic surgery… become more affordable? Go out of style? Last forever? We let Google autofill some common plastic surgery questions to see what …

Thighplasty 2.0 AKA Thigh Lift or Leg Lift

November 1st, 2021


Having a Thighplasty (also called a Thigh Lift or Leg Lift) is a big decision that has a lot of considerations. It’s important to have as much information as possible about the procedure and the recovery time. Dr. …

Preoperative Appointments

October 15th, 2021


Preoperative appointments are super important! If you are having surgery of any kind, this episode will guide you through everything you need to know …

Listener Questions

October 1st, 2021


We have more questions from listeners! Can accessory breast tissue in the armpit be removed? Does Dr. Martin perform Direct Excision Platysmaplasty? Do patients complain of a choking sensation after a neck lift? Is …

Can Your Fat Predict Your Age? AKA Let's Talk About Facial Fat

September 15th, 2021


Most people think that their skin is the reason their face looks older but did you know changes in your facial fat can be the biggest factor in …

Why Board Certification Matters

September 1st, 2021


Choosing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon may be the single most important decision you make when having plastic surgery. What is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon? The ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) …

Emerging Longevity Research

August 15th, 2021


In most cases, plastic surgery is used to combat the effects of aging. So what could be more relevant than an episode on the latest longevity …

Your Perfect Facelift

August 1st, 2021


At what age should you consider a facelift? Some people fix problem areas in their 30s and others wait until their 70s. Every facelift is unique and …

Listener Questions

July 15th, 2021


More questions from listeners! We got questions about how radiation treatments affect plastic surgery, brow lift options, and is plastic surgery addictive? Dr. Martin and Amy discuss what a Transblepharoplasty Endotine …


July 1st, 2021


Let’s get down to the fat of it! Let’s talk about liposuction! Fat removal with liposuction is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. In most cases it can be done in the office while the patient is awake. …

How to Age Like a Hollywood Superstar

June 15th, 2021


You can always tell when a Hollywood celebrity has had plastic surgery, right? Wrong! More often than not the natural beauty of an aging celebrity is …

Episode 100!

June 1st, 2021


It’s our 100th episode! Thank you to all our listeners who made this possible! Dr Martin, Amy and producer Nils reminisce about the origins of the podcast and how they all met. They also play a fun game called “Name …

Stuff We’re Into 3.0

May 15th, 2021


The bag of stuff we’re into is back! What nutrition and beauty products have captured the interest of Dr. Martin and Amy recently? The past year has been challenging so let’s learn about a few things that brought Beauty …

Lets Talk About Lower Eyelids

May 1st, 2021


Lower eyelids are one of the first places that we start to show aging. Dark circles, wrinkles, loose skin, and puffy eyes are all problematic and get …

How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost?

April 15th, 2021


The cost of plastic surgery can be different for everyone. Where are you having surgery? What does the surgery involve? Who is your surgeon? There …

Answering Your Voicemails

April 1st, 2021


We got your voicemails! We got questions about “Swell Hell” i.e. “How much swelling is normal 4-6 months after surgery?” “How do I handle conflicting …

Research We’re Into 3.0

March 15th, 2021


What do “Too Much Exercise”, “Curing Depression with BOTOX”, “50,000 year old Poop”, and “Apples” have in common? It’s all research we’re into! Dr. …

Direct Excision Neck Lift

March 1st, 2021


Sometimes called a turkey neck, wrinkled sagging skin on the neck is something both men and women develop with age. There’s a minimally invasive office procedure called a Direct Excision Neck Lift that gets rid of …

Is Plastic Surgery the Key to Happiness?

February 15th, 2021


Does plastic surgery make you happy? What does the science say? The answer is… it depends. Plastic surgery has improved many people’s life by fixing an aesthetic problem that has been distracting to their lifestyles. …

Should you travel for surgery?

February 1st, 2021


Is it safe to have plastic surgery done in another country? What should you know before traveling for surgery? It’s quite common for people to travel …

Mommy Makeover 2.0

January 15th, 2021


A “Mommy Makeover” is a combination of surgeries that addresses problem areas that result from giving birth. These can include breast augmentation, …

Let’s Talk About Happiness

January 1st, 2021


Happy New Year! The challenges of 2020 have made us all think about what happiness really means. Does money make people happy? What about success? Can the constant pursuit of happiness have the opposite effect? Dr. …

Top 5 Moments of 2020

December 15th, 2020


It’s the last episode of 2020! We are excited to leave this year behind us but even more excited to share our top 5 moments of 2020 on the Beauty and the Surgeon podcast! We reminisce about cryotherapy, semen facials, …

Answering Your Questions

December 1st, 2020


You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers! Do ruptured breast implants increase your chance of getting breast cancer? How old is too old for a …

Upper Body Lift

November 15th, 2020


After significant weight loss many people deal with excess skin on their arms, back and chest. An upper body lift can be a combination of surgeries to remove skin and fat from the upper torso. These can include …

Skin Care 101

November 1st, 2020


What kind of skin care does a plastic surgeon recommend? Do treatments like stem cells and vampire facials really work? Taking care of your skin is …

Blepharoplasty AKA Eyelid Surgery

October 15th, 2020


Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is one of the most common plastic surgeries sought out by both women and men. What makes a person a candidate for this procedure? Well, pretty much anyone who has loose skin above and/or …

Plastic Surgeon vs Google

October 1st, 2020


Amy surprises Dr. Martin with a pop quiz using the web’s most searched questions about plastic surgery. Are plastic surgeons rich? Do plastic surgeons use plastic? You may be surprised what people ask google when they …

Breast Enhancement Without Implants

September 15th, 2020


Is it possible to enlarge breasts without implants? There are a number of techniques out there from fat transfer to unusual contraptions, but do they …

Plastic Surgery Statistics

September 1st, 2020


What are the most popular plastic surgery procedures? Do women get more plastic surgery than men? What parts of the United States do the most plastic …

Butt Lifts, BBLs and Squats

August 15th, 2020


This episode is all about how to build a beautiful butt! What's a Brazilian butt lift? How is it different than a standard butt lift? Can you build a …

Research We’re Into 2.0

August 1st, 2020


When it comes to surgery, can you trust what you watch on YouTube? Dr. Martin and Amy are back to talk about some recent studies that caught their attention. One study is an assessment of the quality of information in …

Skin Tightening Technology

July 15th, 2020


CoolSculpt, Contoura, Morpheus8, VivaRF, AccuTite, SmartLipo, Vaser, and on and on! It’s hard to keep track of all the devices used for tightening …

Rhinoplasty 2.0

July 1st, 2020


It’s time to talk about Dr. Martin’s favorite surgery! Rhinoplasty or nose job is a highly complex procedure of millimeters and takes an expert surgeon to preform correctly. A Rhinoplasty can also be paired with a …

Let’s Talk About The Immune System

June 1st, 2020


There’s a lot of talk out there about “boosting” the immune system with supplements, but the secret to a strong immunity is homeostasis. Your body is constantly working to fight off illness and keep you healthy and it …

Let’s Talk About Sleep

May 15th, 2020


Did you know good quality sleep is as important to your health as diet and exercise? These days we tend not to make sleep a priority in our lives but being sleep deprived is damaging to many parts of the body and …

We Answer Listener Questions

May 1st, 2020


Shelter in place continues but Dr. Martin and Amy are still here to answer your questions. What is the best fat graphing technique? Can good …

Social Distancing During Coronavirus

April 15th, 2020


We’re sheltered in place! It’s hard to stay on top of nutrition, exercise, sleep and mental health in these strange and difficult times. Never fear! …

Where Nutrition and Medical Care Intersect

April 1st, 2020


Everyone knows that good nutrition is a very important part of being healthy, but it's not always a comprehensive part of a medical exam. Recently Amy hosted a roundtable on how nutrition experts can align with medical …

Nutritional Therapy Conference 2020

March 15th, 2020


Amy just returned from the 2020 Nutritional Therapy Conference and she’s going to tell you all about it! Amy and Dr. Martin talk about this year’s presenters and presentations reporting on the latest in nutrition and …

Body Lift

March 1st, 2020


A body lift is one of the most transformational surgeries a person can have done. Massive weight loss from a new lifestyle or bariatric surgery is life changing but it leaves behind loose skin on many parts of the body. …

Recovery 2.0

February 15th, 2020


Recovering from surgery can be a long and uncomfortable process but did you know there are things you can do to make your recovery easier? Dr. Martin and Amy have so much good advice about recovery that we had to do …

Let’s Talk About Fat!

February 1st, 2020


Diet, weight loss, liposuction–we’re in a constant battle trying to lose excess fat. But did you know fat is an organ and is more important than you might think? When you remove fat with liposuction, where does it go? …

Gynecomastia 2.0

January 15th, 2020


Male breast enlargement is more common than you might think. It can have many different causes and can happen at any time throughout a man’s life. It’s called Gynecomastia and it’s the most common problem men fix with …

Top 5 Moments of 2019

January 1st, 2020


Happy New Year! We covered a lot of topics on the podcast this past year. Everything from breast cancer and longevity to celebrity siblings and turmeric root. It’s time for Jason and Amy to pick their top 5 Beauty and …

Goal Setting

December 15th, 2019


It's almost the new year and you're probably thinking about your New Year's resolutions for 2020. Are the changes you want to make in your life …

Mastopexy or Breast Lift

December 1st, 2019


Did you know that breast lift procedures increased 70% since 2000, outpacing breast implants 2-1? Lifting sagging breasts can improve quality of life and increase comfort. Amy and Dr. Martin discuss this increasingly …

Steve Shaw Returns

November 16th, 2019


Friend of the show Steve Shaw returns to inspire us! What's he been up to? Running, running, and more running! He tells us about the documentary he's …

Breast Reduction

November 1st, 2019


Kyphosis, breast pain, back and neck pain can all be caused by disproportionately large breasts. One of the few cosmetic surgeries that is sometimes covered by insurance, a breast reduction can dramatically improve a …


October 15th, 2019


Every scar tells a story. Why do we scar? How do you minimize scarring? Every wound scars, it’s just how our bodies work, but some scars can be more …

When Experts Need Experts

October 1st, 2019


What happens when a surgeon needs surgery? It’s important to understand that being an expert on one subject doesn’t make a person an expert on other subjects, no matter how smart they are. It’s important to find an …

Trauma Call

September 16th, 2019


Dr. Jason Martin is a talented and successful plastic surgeon, but did you know he's also a trauma surgeon? When someone has a tragic accident and …

Inside the Operating Room

September 1st, 2019


What’s going on in the operating room while you’re under anesthesia for cosmetic or plastic surgery? Is it like the movies and TV? What kind of music does the surgical team like to listen to? Dr. Martin and Amy talk …

Breast Implant Recall

August 15th, 2019


In July 2019 the FDA asked Allergan to voluntarily recall BIOCELL textured breast implants and tissue expanders due to uncommon incidence of breast …

More Stuff We’re Into

August 1st, 2019


We’ve got a whole new bag of stuff we’re into! From books and hobbies to workouts and nutrition learn about a few of our favorite things at the …

Recovery Expectations

July 15th, 2019


How long does it take to recover from plastic surgery? Recovery is different for everyone and every procedure has different recovery times and challenges associated with it. Dr. Martin and Amy discuss recovering from …

What Makes a Face Beautiful?

July 1st, 2019


How is physical beauty measured? Where do our instincts for what’s beautiful come from? The Golden Rule is commonly referenced when measuring beauty …

Brow Lift

June 15th, 2019


Spending a lot on Botox? It might be time for a brow lift. Also known as a forehead lift or forehead rejuvenation, this quick in-office procedure …

Thighplasty or Leg Lift

June 1st, 2019


Loose skin on the inner thighs can be restrictive and uncomfortable. A leg lift or thighplasty can be a great option for removing leftover loose skin after significant weight loss. Dr. Martin and Amy talk about who’s a …

Face & Neck Lift

May 15th, 2019


Did you know a facelift and a necklift usually go hand in hand? Wrinkles and loose skin caused by aging happen on the face and neck simultaneously. …

Surgery for Men

May 1st, 2019


Men care about how they look too! Loose skin after weight loss? Love handles that won’t go away no matter how much you diet and exercise? There are …


April 15th, 2019


How can you live a longer, healthier life? Lifestyle, diet and genetics all play a part in how long we live but there’s a lot we still don’t know. Dr. Martin and Amy discuss the science of aging and some recent studies …

Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer Surgery

April 1st, 2019


Most patients who undergo a mastectomy have options to consider surrounding breast reconstruction. What new technologies and procedures are available …


March 15th, 2019


Small, but Mighty! Dr. Martin reviews AccuTite, a new technology that uses Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) to reduce fat and tighten skin …

Arm Lift or Brachioplasty

March 1st, 2019


Loose skin and fat on the arms can be both aesthetically and functionally problematic. Aging and weight loss can cause the upper arm skin to lose …

Breast Implant Selection

February 15th, 2019


How do you choose the right breast implant for your body and lifestyle? What size and shape? What brand? What should it be made out of? The answer is …

Breast Implant Controversies

February 1st, 2019


Breast Implant Associated ALCL, implant failure and capsular contracture are serious concerns when considering breast implants. How common are …

Research We’re Into

January 15th, 2019


Can coffee slow the aging process? Can mindfulness help you lose weight? The headlines say they do but often medical news stories can be misleading. …


January 1st, 2019


Happy New Year! We kick off 2019 by inspiring and motivating you to transform something about yourself. Improving your health and appearance can also improve your personal relationships by increasing your …

Top 5 Moments of 2018

December 15th, 2018


2018 was a great year for the Beauty and the Surgeon Podcast! We covered a variety of topics ranging from migraine surgery and tummy tucks to weight loss and staying motivated. We also had incredible guests who shared …

Supplementation Around Surgery

December 3rd, 2018


Taking nutritional supplements can be beneficial for some people before or recovering from surgery, however, it’s not as safe and straight forward as it might seem. What vitamins help with healing and scars? Is CBD …

Ear Pinning or Otoplasty

November 15th, 2018


Ear Pinning or Otoplasty is the process of surgically reducing the angle of the ears to the head. Protruding ears can be bothersome to people who have them but there are ways to reduce the amount they stick out. Dr. …

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