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EP: 27 Rev. Janet Decker

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The Rev. Dr. Janet I Decker, C.Ht. is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a certified Hypnoanesthesia therapist and a qualified forensic hypnotist. She is a hypnotherapy instructor and author. Janet also holds a doctorate in Metaphysical Studies from the International Metaphysical University. Ms. Decker received her training from the Institute of Ethical and Clinical Hypnosis in Washington DC. She received her specialty certification in hypnotic anesthesia from the National Board of Hypnotherapy and Hypnotic Anesthesiology in Arizona. Ms. Decker is qualified in 2 Energy Therapy techniques, EFT and BSFF and is a level II Reiki practicioner. She has lectured extensively on the topic of “Hypnosis, Myth or Magic” and she has been published in “The Journal of Hypnotism”. She is an ordained Minister with the International Metaphysical Churches, and is ordained as an Independent Spiritualist Minister. Janet was ordained into the Melchizedek Priesthood: Circle of the White Dove, June 2008Ms Decker is a past member of the Board for the Development of the Mind/Body and Women’s Programs at Hagerstown Community College in Hagerstown, MD., a past member of the Development committee for the “Certificate of Energy Healing” program at Hagerstown Community College, and was previously a faculty member at the Maryland Seminary for Holistic Studies with the position of instructor and mentor .Ms. Decker has been an Instructor of Hypnosis/hypnotherapy, meditation and other spiritual practices, spiritual development, psychic and intuitive development within various mind/body/spirit programs in educational systems at both the high school and college/university levels in MD, PA, VA, WV, Washington D.C., and Maine for over 30 years.She is a Co-creator of the “Angel Guidance Board” (The Angel Guidance Board is no longer in production however it may be viewed on the “Museum of Talking Boards” Website:

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EP46 : Adam Rose Musician and Visionary

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EP 54: Talk Sunday: Exterior Illusions

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Rev. Candace Nadine Breen, Ph.D. talks about the illusion of the exterior self.

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Adam Rose is a musician and visionary. He is also the creator of "Dissolving the Dream"

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EP 38: Ataana Badilli "Energy Works"

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EP 37: Seven Sisters Mystery School, Part 2

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Marguerite Rigoglioso [pronounced REGAL-yo-zo] is the founding directorof Seven Sisters Mystery School, a scholar/practitioner of the …

EP 36: Seven Sisters Mystery School Part 1

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Marguerite Rigoglioso [pronounced REGAL-yo-zo] is the founding directorof Seven Sisters Mystery School, a scholar/practitioner of the …

EP: 35 Spiritual Changes

October 15th, 2018


Change is inevitable. The question is are we prepared for changes and how do we look at changes? Join Rev. Breen as she tells us about change preparedness in Season 2, EP 35

EP 34: Season 2: Introduction

October 3rd, 2018


We made it to season 2! Thank you for your support! Here we discuss important updates and information for the new season.

EP 33: Rev. Candace Nadine Breen ""Planting Seeds of Change" at The National Spiritual Alliance

July 29th, 2018


Rev. Candace Nadine Breen's speech titled "Planting Seeds of Change" at The National Spiritual Alliance on July 29, 2018.

EP 32: Cathy Burke, "Angels of Light"

July 12th, 2018


Cathy Burke is a spiritual teacher, Angel Minister and owner of Angels of Light in Norwell, Massachusetts.

Ep: 31: Maura O'Leary "When Angels Play Poker"

June 12th, 2018


Maura O’Leary Is a successful business executive and an a lie-long intuitive. She is also a Reiki practitioner, a medium and a certified Angel …

EP 30: Rev. Breen at The National Spiritual Alliance: Energy and Manifestation Lecture

May 15th, 2018


Spiritualist Minister and Healing Minister Rev. Candace Nadine Breen gives a talk at The National Spiritual Alliance at Lake Pleasant, MA on May 6, 2018. The lecture is titled "Energy and Manifestation". 

EP 29: "The Haunted Realm"

May 3rd, 2018


Cat is the admin of Cafemom's " The Haunted Realm". Cat has been a stay-at-home mom for the past five years. She has always been involved with the …

EP 28: Dr. Marcus Hart: " Spirituality Without Religion"

April 5th, 2018


From Corporal To Higher Consciousness; He's a military veteran who proudly served 5 years inthe Army National Guard, and 18 months deployed in support of the Iraq war. The U.S. militarytaught him invaluable life …

EP: 26 Brighid Murphy, Spiritworks Healing Arts

March 16th, 2018


Brighid Murphy, M. Msc. Spiritworks Healing Arts

Brighid Murphyguides you in connecting with spirit to access your wellness and heal from …

EPISODE 25:Jennifer Watson- Soul Unfolding RI

March 1st, 2018


Jennifer Watson is owner of Soul Unfolding and is a SoulCollage workshop leader. She lives in Rhode Island with her loving husband and adorable …

EP 24: Glenn Stewart Coles- "Lightworkers of The World"

February 15th, 2018


"Spiritual creator, reiki master, author of 'Soulwork 101'. Finds joy in dancing through chaos. Manages Shifting Vibration, Soulwork 101 and …

EP: 23 Naglaa Gaafar-Davina Holistic Center

February 8th, 2018


Naglaa Gaafar is a gifted Reiki Master and Intuitive life strategist and healer. She is trained in both Usui and Karuna Holy Fire Reiki systems,Tong …


December 20th, 2017


Join Rev. Candace Nadine Breen and her husband guitarist and vocalist Pete Breen of  The Gnomes Band of Rhode Island as they treat you to the singing …

Episode 21: Wachain Welch, Shamanic Practitioner "Rollin' w/Spirit"

December 7th, 2017


" Wachian Welch offers clients several years’ experience as a trained Shamanic and Reiki II Practitioner, Psychic Medium, Spiritual teacher and Native American Flutist. Readings may include Messages From the Flutes, an …

Episode 20: Rev. Kathy Medeiros, Psychic Medium

November 2nd, 2017


Reverend Kathy performs weddings, funerals, baptisms, baby blessings, and wiccanings.She is a Certified Herbalist and can help you with all your health needs, and she can bless your house because of a new move, …

Episiode 19: "June Edwards, "The Massachusetts Medium"

October 23rd, 2017


"June has been a Life Long established Professional in the Business Community.She has owned and operated multiple large corporations, non-profit as …

Episode 18: Carolyn Jaymes, "A Life By Request"

October 19th, 2017


"Carolyn is a spiritual pathway guide, award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author, but mostly a life-long seeker of truth.​​Originally a …

Rev. John Midura, President The National Spiritual Alliance

October 12th, 2017


"Rev. John is the current President of TNSA. He is a certified healer and medium. Rev. John has completed the Morris Pratt Institute course in Spiritualism and has certificates in Spiritualism, Healing, Mediumship, and …

"Igniting the Sixth Sense" Book Discussion Week 2

September 14th, 2017


Discussion of "Igniting the Sixth Sense" by Eric Pepin. Previous book discussions can be found at and click the "forum" tab.

Episode 11: Death, the Gateway to Life

July 24th, 2017


Today's reading discusses the concept of death not being the end of life but the beginning of a new life.

Episode 10: The Universal Connection

July 22nd, 2017


We discuss how to know when the Universe is trying to communicate with us and how we can be more receptive to messages.

Episode 9: Weeds of Life

June 20th, 2017


In gardening, we are always weeding no matter how much mulch we have put down. Every year, weeds comes and threaten to choke the life out of the …

Episode 8: Guided Meditation: Elder Message

June 16th, 2017


Go on a meditative journey to receive a message from an elder spirit.

Episode 7: Discovering Your Own Creation Powers

May 26th, 2017


You have the power to create your own reality. 

The Natural Connection

March 31st, 2017


     “Everything that has life speaks; everything that speaks tells the story of Spirit. This is the language of our ancestors, the language that teaches us how to live in harmony with our surroundings and with one …

Attitude of Gratitude

March 8th, 2017


"The attitude is gratitude which is the theme of our reading todya is both sentimental and practical; it appeals to our hearts as well as to our bounty; it calls for words as well as deeds. it is the kind of grtitude …

The Art of Letting Go

March 3rd, 2017


“If any of us truly want guidance and help, we must trust and let go of all things that hurt or stagnate us and cause drama in our lives.” – …

Awakened Path Community: Elder-Ancestor Relationships

February 27th, 2017


     We often devalue people once they become old, senile, feeble, and, due to sometimes unavoidable circumstances, become a burden to family and …

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