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When Asian Americana launched in 2016, I had one driving vision:

I want to tell audio stories that center the diverse experiences, histories, and cultures of Asian Americans.

Now I need your support to make more. We've launched a Patreon for the show, and we're asking you to contribute monthly at whatever amount you're able to. Even just a single dollar a month makes a difference.

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It takes a lot of time, effort, and resources to make rich, inclusive audio reporting and storytelling that centers Asian American voices and experiences. I want to present stories that are ethnically, geographically, and historically diverse. Most importantly, I want to amplify stories from Asian Americans, not just about them.

In the past year, I've done stories on the indie zine-turned-art institution Giant Robot, the Roots CSA program that connects Hmong American farmers and Asian American communities in California, the Chinese Americans who developed the Sacramento Delta and built their own town to call home, and the culture surrounding the ever-favorite boba/bubble tea.

But I want to make more than four episodes a year. I'm bringing on a new team of producers, and I want to provide them equipment, training, software, and resources needed to grow our work. You can make that happen.

If you believe in sharing and amplifying Asian American stories, please consider supporting us. We're offering stickers and shirts as incentives, but we hope you'll think of the podcast itself as the gift you're making possible.

Become a Patron!

Whatever amount you can contribute will make a difference. With your help, we can keep learning, keep reporting, and ultimately, keep telling more stories of Asian Americana.

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