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Memorial Day Show


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Special Memorial Day show to celebrate the lives and video parts of a handful of some of the greatest skateboarders to live. 

  1. Tim Brauch - Dedication/Think  Wolfgang pop 2, New Classical Arrangements
  2. Dylan Reider Elliot Smith Alien Workshop/Mindfield, song: Coast to coast
  3. Van Wastell Krooked Kronicles Earache My Eye, Cheech and Chong
  4. Shane Cross - Lets Live/Volcom - The Easy Beats, Friday on my mind
  5. Ben Reamers - Overt, Wax Idols, When it happens  
  6. Lewis Marnell nothing but the truth jungle lion the upsetters
  7. Pepe Martinez - Fine Artists vol  Funky Technician, Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth
  8. Harold Hunter - Rookies 411 Mobb Deep, Cradle To The Grave
  9. Keenan Milton Mr Sandman Method Man 20 Shot Sequence

Rest in Power to all our brethren who are no longer here on earth but live forever in our hearts. 

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