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What Happens In Vegas Gets Shared With The Crafties

November 26th, 2021


CGB and Arjuna are back from Vegas! Find out what we spent our time up to, including wild commander games and karaoke!

We are happy to announce our new partnership with! This deck / stats tracker is what CBG …

Crimson Vow Standard Week 1 Reflections

November 17th, 2021


It's another week 1 metagame reflection from CGB and Arjuna! To nobody's surprise, the format is dominated by monowhite, Izzet, and monogreen (especially the first 2). We discuss some alternate approaches for a look at …

Crimson Vow Constructed Set Review

November 9th, 2021


The full spoiler is here! The set drops in a couple days. Get the hot knowledge before the ladder is overrun with... more monogreen, monowhite and …

Crimson Vow First Spoilers

November 2nd, 2021


Innistrad: Crimson Vow spoilers are here! Get the hot takes from Arjuna and Covertgoblue about what looks gas, what looks ass, and why you should …

MTGNerdgirl on MID Standard and Limited

October 26th, 2021


Friend of the podcast and Degen Gaming founder MTGNerdgirl joins us this week! We discuss what makes a good format, both in limited and Standard, and …

The Post-Worlds Meta

October 20th, 2021


Worlds came and went, so where do we go from here? Covertgoblue and Arjuna discuss the world's decks and the current options. We also cover the B&R announcement for Historic - will the Memory Lapse ban change …

World Championship Decklists & Meta

October 12th, 2021


The world championship... is already over! But before it was, Covertgoblue and Arjuna got together to discuss the decklists and the metagame for the tournament. A lot of these decklists will be templates for the meta …

Michael J Flores Weighs In On Standard SCG Results

October 5th, 2021


This week, we have an absolute legend of a content creator on the show – Michael J Flores! He is known for his prolific articles, including perhaps …

MID Standard Metagame Week 2

September 28th, 2021


We have more games under our belts! Join Arjuna and Covertgoblue as we explore week 2 of Midnight Hunt Standard. Is Storm the Festival good after …

Midnight Hunt Standard Week 1 Metagame Review

September 21st, 2021


Midnight Hunt is here! It's time to talk new Standard. We've had a few days to get into this format, and it is sweet! Did werewolves get there? Are …

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Complete Set Review

September 15th, 2021


It's here - Arjuna and Covertgoblue's complete set review for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt! This set looks powerful and tribal. Find out which tribes, …

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Spoilers Return

September 7th, 2021


Midnight Hunt spoilers return, and this set is looking powerful! Werewolves, vampires, zombies... and a new implementation of the day / night cycle. …

The MTG Showcase, and CGB Gets Roasted

August 31st, 2021


This week CGB takes us through the MTG Showcase for next year! Upcoming sets include Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, Streets of New Capenna, Dominaria United, and The Brothers' War. We're also looking at thematic crossovers …

Rotation - The Eldraine Sunset Show

August 24th, 2021


The set that terrorized Standard... and basically every format, at some point... will be rotating in September! Covertgoblue and Arjuna wind up storytime and review all the disgusting stuff we had to deal with through …

Standard 2022 Metagame Deep Dive

August 17th, 2021


This week Crafties, we're doing deep on Standard 2022. We come up with a tier list for the format, and go into detail about builds and matchups you need to be thinking about. Arjuna goes into detail about his Simic …

Historic Horizons Set Review (Plus!)

August 11th, 2021


This week we do a (somewhat comprehensive) review of Jumpstart: Historic Horizons. These are the cards that we think are going to matter in new or existing archetypes. Unfortunately, the release has been DELAYED UNTIL …

Historic Horizons AND 100 Card Brawl Queue!

August 3rd, 2021


Huge news this past week – Historic Horizons is on the, er, horizon, and we'll, be reviewing the best of what we've seen so far. Also, 100 Card Historic Brawl is coming to the Arena! Fun times to be playing things other …

S2022 Week 2, Historic Masters

July 26th, 2021


There's some exciting news announced this week – there will be a Historic Masters Jumpstart set coming to Arena August 12! That means a massive …

Standard 2022 Week 1 Metagame Review

July 19th, 2021


It's here – the much anticipated update from Arjuna and Covertgoblue on the Standard 2022 Week 1 Metagame and how the new AFR cards are holding up! …

The AFR Complete Set Review!

July 13th, 2021


It's finally here – Covertgoblue and Arjuna's complete set review for DND: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms! This time we're trying something different, going into archetypes and splitting the cards into categories we …

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms - Set Review Pt. 1

July 5th, 2021


Alright, Crafties – the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set is half previewed so far, and today Arjuna and Covertgoblue dive in to see what's standing out so far. We cover the new Class enchantment type, then go over …

100 Card Historic Brawl Recap

June 28th, 2021


This past week, Arjuna and Covertgoblue set out to determine the parameters of – and the best decks in – 100 Card Historic Brawl. This took us on a …

Jeskai Mutate Standard Deep Dive

June 21st, 2021


This week, we look at one of the hardest-to-play decks to hit Standard in a long time: Jeskai Mutate. This deck has so many combo pieces and requires so many game actions to get anywhere that it will test your time …

BANNED: Time Warp's Time Has Come

June 14th, 2021


We all suspected it might happen, so many of us aren't that surprised to see Time Warp banned in Historic. Is it really the fall guy for Mizzix's Mastery though, or perhaps Brainstorm? Looks like the format still has a …

Strixhaven Graduation Ceremony

June 7th, 2021


This week we host a Strixhaven Graduation Ceremony, where we review the set and see which cards got there, which cards didn't, and how it has …

SCAMS aka Plays That Aren't As Good As They Seem

May 31st, 2021


Today, we talk about a number of common pitfalls that players make when evaluating cards and plays. These are all things that gain you an advantage, but not as much of an advantage as you might think. Learning when to …

Historic BAN & MOAR New Crads

May 24th, 2021


As if there weren't enough cards being spoiled already... HERE'S MOAR! Today we finish out Historic Anthology 5 (yes, Elesh Norn made it in), and …

Our Patreon, Organized Play, Historic Anthology 5

May 17th, 2021


Crafties - it's here!!! We finally have a Patreon!

Head right over to to view the tiers and register your support. You …

First D&D Spoilers and many more announcements

May 10th, 2021


Covertgoblue returns to discuss the latest product announcement from Wizards, including our first previews for the next Standard-playable set, Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. New cards! It's …

Strixhaven Meta Update with DanyTLaw

May 3rd, 2021


CGB takes a vacation this week as Arjuna welcomes DanyTLaw back to the show! We talk both Standard and Historic metagames and how the new cards have been impacting the formats. Titan's Nest in Standard, Tainted Pact in …

Grow Your Collection Playing Limited With MTG Nerdgirl

April 26th, 2021


This week, we are fortunate to have special guest MTG Nerdgirl on the show! She helps us dive into why limited is the best format to play if you want …

Strixhaven Week 1 - Standard & Historic

April 19th, 2021


It's here – after all those spoilers, we (and probably you) have had a chance to get our hands on the new cards! Covertgoblue has been going hard in Standard BO1 to see what's happening there. Arjuna has been …

Strixhaven Spoilers 9 – Standard – We got there!

April 17th, 2021


We made it... all the cards are read, and and all the bile expended. We're not optimistic about the set's impact on Standard, but Historic is forever shaken by the introduction of this set. Thanks for sticking with us …

Strixhaven Spoilers 8 – Standard – Vanishing Verse is a Top 5 Card

April 15th, 2021


Home stretch for Strixhaven spoilers – this podcast and one more to go! This episode's banger is another instant-speed, 2-mana interaction spell: Vanishing Verse. This card makes a strong argument for Silverquill and …

Strixhaven Spoilers 7 – Standard – Decisive Denial Is Sweet

April 12th, 2021


Strixhaven returns for more spoilers, and lo and behold, we have some playable-ish Simic cards! (Who's surprised?) Decisive Denial is one of the …

Strixhaven Spoilers 6 – We're Struggling to Like This Set

April 9th, 2021


Covertgoblue is struggling to stay awake during class as he and Arjuna continue to read through the cards. Does this set just... suck? Let's see if anything catches our interest this go round.

Stay tuned, as we'll be …

Strixhaven Spoilers 5 – Standard – Elite Spellbinder is GAS

April 7th, 2021


We return to Standard for the remainder of our Strixhaven constructed set review. Today we review Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa's World Championship card, …

Strixhaven Spoilers 4 – Completing the Mystical Archive

April 5th, 2021


More STX spoilers! This time we finish off the Mystical Archive spoilers. Keep an eye out for later this week, when we'll be continuing the …

Strixhaven Spoilers 3 – (Most Of) The Mystical Archive!

April 4th, 2021


Wizards is easing the blow on Memehaven by including a Mystical Archive of cards (mostly) legal in Historic. One of these is included in each pack of STX. A lot of them are bangers and cards that will be format-defining …

Strixhaven Spoilers 2 – Standard Legal Cards Cont'd

March 31st, 2021


Strixhaven spoilers continued! This concludes the 'Standard' portion for this week. Next episode will be Mystical Archive cards.

ALSO, you can now WATCH US TALKING and see the card images in our new video incarnation of …

Strixhaven Spoilers 1 – Is Learn Busted?

March 29th, 2021


It's that time of year again somehow – Strixhaven spoilers are upon us! Today Covertgoblue and Arjuna discuss the first big batch of cards, including the new Kasmina and Liliana planeswalkers. We also discuss the Learn …

The Kaldheim Championship & The Year Ahead

March 22nd, 2021


We take a small departure from the show's usual format this week with a surprise person in the main host's seat! We also cover a grab bag of topics, starting with The Kaldheim Championship starting March 26! It's a …

How To Attack A Metagame

March 15th, 2021


This week we do a deep dive on attacking metagames – how to approach a meta, find what's lining up well and what's not. How to assess the speed of a format. How to identify the topend, and what lines up well against it. …

BONUS: Jank to Mythic with The Goat, John Darnielle

March 14th, 2021


Today we're privileged for the opportunity to interview John Darnielle, founder of the Mountain Goats, acclaimed author and avid geek. We discuss his …

Covertgoblue Hits Mythic #1 & Historic Anthology 4

March 8th, 2021


Two exciting things happened this week!

Firstly, resident BO1 expert Covertgoblue finally reached his dream of hitting #1 Mythic on the ladder. No small feat, no matter what part of the season and which deck you play. He …

Temur Turns & More New Standard Decks with DanyTLaw

March 1st, 2021


Arena Craft continues another proud tradition by welcoming DanyTLaw back to the show! Dany's always plugged in to the Standard meta, especially at the beginning of a format, so we thought it was high time to get him …

STRIXHAVEN Spoilers (Somehow) and Standard Gas or Ass

February 22nd, 2021


Strixhaven swooped in and surprised us this past week – literally nobody was expecting to see material for the next set yet. Oh well, go where the …

BREAKING: Uro Banned In Historic (and everywhere else)

February 16th, 2021


The Everlasting Titan has finally gotten the axe in Historic (and many other places as well). Arjuna and Covertgoblue go into the details, and …

Sultai Ultimatum aka The Arjuna Special Dominates Standard

February 15th, 2021


Sometimes the Arjunaman is pretty damn deece at MTG, and this week is such a week! His pet deck of the new format, Sultai Ultimatum, is currently …

Kaldheiiim Week Oooone Metagame!

February 8th, 2021


We're baaaaack, and this time to discussed the Kaldheim Week One Standard Metagame! Goldspan Dragons and Showdown of the Skalds are flying around …

Kaldheim 8 - DOOMSKAR is a bomb

February 3rd, 2021


Sorry for the late final episode y'all -- release week is always busy and these shows take time and effort! CovertGoBlue and Arjuna wrap up our epic constructed set review for Kaldheim. All the cards worth talking …

Kaldheim Standard Initial Impressions

February 1st, 2021


It heeeere! Kaldheim is upon us in Standard, and Covertgoblue and Arjuna sit down to discuss all the new cards and how they're feeling in the format. Early Access stories, fresh brews, and some haymakers about. We. Are. …

Kaldheim 7 - Cosima Makes YOU Her Vehicle

January 29th, 2021


Part 7 of the Arena Craft Kaldheim Constructed Set Review with Arjuna and  @CovertGoBlue ! This week we go deep on Cosima, God of the Voyage among other cards. We both have a huge boner for this card in Standard, so …

Kaldheim 6 - Reidane WINS!

January 24th, 2021


Part 6 of the ACP Kaldheim Constructed Set Review! This time around Arjuna and CovertGoBlue discuss such gems as Firja's Retribution; Cyclone Summoner; and Reidane, God of the Worthy.

Also, a HUGE Arena Craft shoutout …

Kaldheim 5 - BAN HARALD'S ABS

January 22nd, 2021


Part 5 of Kaldheim Constructed Set Review with Arjuna and CovertGoBlue. This time around we're discussing such broken cards as Jorn, God of Winter; Egon, God of Death; and the overpowered nonsense that is Harald's Abs. …

Kaldheim 4 - Esika's Chariot Looks Strong

January 20th, 2021


Our Kaldheim Constructed Set Review Part 4 is here! Some of the cards we discuss this episode are Waking the Trolls, Esika's Chariot, Rally the …

Kaldheim pt 3 - Is That World Tree Busted?!

January 18th, 2021


Kaldheim spoilers return with such doozies as That World Tree, Tyvar Kell, and Saw it Coming. Enjoy the discussions!

Also, a HUGE Arena Craft shoutout to Bottlebrush Games for editing the video version of this show. WE …

Kaldheim Constructed Set Review pt 2

January 14th, 2021


Arjuna and Covertgoblue return to continue the exhaustive set review for Kaldheim in constructed! This week we're looking at such powerful options as …

Kaldheim Constructed Set Review pt 1

January 11th, 2021


It's about that time, then – the time where Arjuna and Covertgoblue come together to give an exhaustive set review for Kaldheim in constructed. This week we're looking at doozies such as Niko Aris; Valki, God of Lies // …

The Arjuna Awards for 2020

January 4th, 2021


We are officially out of 2020... which means it's time for a retrospective on the year! What was the most degenerate deck of 2020? What was the best banning of the year? Find out these and more as we go down the list of …

What MTG Arena Needs In 2021

December 28th, 2020


Happy (almost) New Year! This episode is focused on the changes we would like to see in the Arena client this year. After an initial launch, …

First Kaldheim Previews Are Here

December 21st, 2020


We didn't expect it, we weren't ready, some question whether we were worthy – but regardless, it happened: we got some Kaldheim previews to look at! While most of them look like theme deck cards that likely won't show …

Arena Craft Celebrates Our 1 Year Anniversary

December 14th, 2020


It's been a year!!! Thanks to our devoted following for listening to every last episode of the show. We wouldn't be where we are today without you. …

LEVEL UP: Answering Plans, Not Cards

December 7th, 2020



This week, we bring a first to the Arena Craft Podcast: we do a level up episode on the topic of answering what an opponent is trying to DO, not trying to …

Zendikar Rising Championship Metagame Predictions

November 30th, 2020


This is it - on Friday, December 4, we will begin watching the last big tournament of the year, the Zendikar Rising Championship. A mix of Historic …

Updates on Standard and Historic

November 23rd, 2020


Covertgoblue is back, and this week we go over the updated metas for both Standard and Historic. Historic is settling in to a new meta as Kaladesh …

Kaladesh Remastered Draft Overview with Cory

November 16th, 2020


CGB takes a vacation this week as Arjuna welcomes Draft and Draft's Cory to the show! This week we're talking Kaladesh Remastered draft, and there's a lot to talk about. In this show we cover some of the most relevant …

Kaladesh Remastered Constructed Set Review

November 9th, 2020


Kaladesh Remastered hits Historic this week, and it brings some serious jank and a few haymakers to the format. Going down the card list, there are actually a lot of cards that are set to become format staples, most …

CGB (Almost) Wins a Tournament, and MPL Meta Recap

November 2nd, 2020


Covertgoblue stood up for the podcast's honor this last week by winning his pod in the LFM Streamer Showdown, getting knocked out only by Standard master Brad Nelson who won the other pod. We share his reflections on …

Standard Metagame Update and MPL Decklists

October 26th, 2020


Standard is wide open, and with the MPL firing up over the past weekend, we have data to start to work with. Yorion looks to be a strong option, as does Rogues, although nobody can seem to agree on the best build of …

ZNR Draft Masterclass with Deathsie

October 19th, 2020


Today, Arjuna is thrilled to welcome draft master Deathsie to the podcast... and Covertgoblue finds ways to stay awake while we discuss something other than his beloved Standard format. We go into how being on the play …

MOAR BANS - Omnath, Clover, Escape get the boot

October 12th, 2020


We thought it'd never happen... ok, that's not true. We thought it'd take a while... ok, actually, a lot of us were expecting Omnath to get banned today... AND IT DID! Cheetofingers has been unceremoniously ejected from …

ZNR Standard Week 2 – Guess Who?

October 5th, 2020


And then they banned Uro. And then everybody kept playing Omnath. The end. Also, the beginning. Of more discussion about Omnath. So if you were looking for a port in the storm of Omnath, we offer no safe harbor here. …

BREAKING: Uro Banned In Standard

September 28th, 2020


To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath, and NO OTHER CARDS, banned in Standard. Covertgoblue and Arjuna dive into what …

DanyTLaw Weighs In On The Elemental In the Room

September 28th, 2020


So. Much. To. Talk. About. This. Week! We have a week of Zendikar Rising Standard under our belts, and it has been very revealing... of how busted …

Omnath Rules ZNR Standard Week 1

September 21st, 2020


Zendikar Rising Standard week 1 is here, and SURPRISE surprise... the Uro ramp deck is insane. Specifically the Omnath one. Covertgoblue predicted …

Zendikar Rising Spoilers 7 - Soaring Thought-Thief Enables Rogues

September 20th, 2020


This episode, Rogues get their lord in Soaring Thought-Thief, the card that gels the archetype. We anticipate this to be a real deck in Standard, and may be the central flash archetype moving forward. Expect this to be …

Zendikar Rising Spoilers 6 - Shadow's Verdict Is A Trap

September 18th, 2020


Yet another preview episode, and this time we're tackling such spicy meatballs as Forsaken Monument and the next sweeper Covertgoblue thinks is a trap, Shadow's Verdict. Stick with us as this is NOT actually the …

Zendikar Rising Spoilers 5 - Luminarch Aspirant Enables White Aggro

September 17th, 2020


This is part #5 of our Zendikar Rising epicsode! More funtimes from ZNR for your listening enjoyment. This week we talk about how Luminarch Aspirant is a key card in White Aggro decks, and other spicy meatballs.

Find …

Zendikar Rising Spoilers 4 - Roiling Regrowth May Get Banned

September 15th, 2020


Zendikar Rising spoilers continue! We have the whole set now, and Covertgoblue and Arjuna continue their trek into the set and the possibilities it …

Zendikar Rising Spoilers 3 - Nighthawk Scavenger Rules / Sucks

September 13th, 2020


This is part #3 of our Zendikar Rising epicsode! More spoiler discussion, more land flip cards. Bala Ged Recovery looks like it's going to be looping …

Zendikar Rising Spoilers 2 - Watch out for Zareth San

September 11th, 2020


This is part #2 of our Zendikar Rising epicsode! We continue discussing spoilers to date. In this episode we talk about some juicy rogues and rogue payoffs, and some other very weird cards... Zareth San, the Trickster …

Zendikar Rising Spoilers 1 - Omnath Rules the Format

September 7th, 2020


It's that time of year, the time that brings us cheer, the time we welcome our dear, dear rotation of old cards out, and new cards in! This week …

All About Rotation!!!

August 31st, 2020


Standard rotation is almost upon us, and holy heck are there a lot of cards being sent to the blind eternities! Today we go through the major cards, …

How we broke the Standard 2021 Format - The Showdown

August 24th, 2020


Covertgoblue and Arjuna spent the week working on the Standard 2021 format, a BO1 sneak peek around the corner to post-rotation Standard. It all …

What to play with Amonkhet Remastered in Historic #sponsored by WOTC

August 18th, 2020


Amonkhet Remastered is upon us, and it's a doozy. It brings 339 cards into Arena, including the durdliest buildarounds and the leanest format staples not originally printed in the set. We go through most of the …

Pillars of New Standard, Amonkhet Remastered in Historic

August 11th, 2020


The Standard format is fresh, and this week we're fresher with our takes on what decks are at the top of the metagame moving forward. Sultai vs. …

BONUS - PT Top 8, Crokeyz Showcase, Historic Rant!

August 10th, 2020


This is the show we had lined up before the surprise ban announcement. We covered last week's news, basically, including the PT top 8 and Crokeyz' Paper Boomer showdown. It's a bit outdated now, but we thought we'd …

Early Christmas AKA The Best Bans Ever!

August 3rd, 2020


We're speechless! They did it! They actually banned (most of) the cards everyone's been complaining about in newer-than-Modern formats, and this is 100% going to shake up every Arena format. Arjuna and Covertgoblue …

Mono White Ascends, PT Decklists, Reclamation Ban

July 27th, 2020


To the surprise of many, Standard finally has a new deck to speak of! Several, by the looks of it. We look at decklists and meta breakdown from the Players Tour finals, and go over Mono White's place in the metagame, …

DanyTLaw On Streaming and Historic Jumpstart

July 20th, 2020


This week, CGB and Arjuna are joined by niceguy and streamer extraordinaire, DanyTLaw! We discuss his fast track to streaming success and catch up on his history with MTG, then go into some of the new cards and …

BONUS - Monogreen's Many Builds with Rint - Part 2

July 17th, 2020


This is Part 2 of the Monogreen deep dive!

Arena's most prominent Monogreen mage Maxim 'Rint' Salmin returns to the show! With the recent rise of the archetype into the metagame, and top 8 performances at various …

BONUS - Monogreen's Many Builds with Rint - Part 1

July 17th, 2020


Arena's most prominent Monogreen mage Maxim 'Rint' Salmin returns to the show! With the recent rise of the archetype into the metagame, and top 8 performances at various tournaments, it's time to take a deeper dive into …

Growth Spiral Beats Krasis and Other Standard Updates

July 13th, 2020


This week, we have a grab bag of topics to discuss related to Standard. Not many new developments in the format, except that Mono Green's rise to Tier 1 has been confirmed (with much gloating from Arjuna). We take a …

M21 Standard: First Week Results From SCG & Ladder

July 6th, 2020


We're back with another week 1 roundup of a new Standard format, this time with M21! We've had an SCG event, a CFB Pro tournament, and various other smaller tourneys to help us start to get the shape of the metagame. …

M21 Standard: Initial Impressions (Ugin Bosses the Format)

June 29th, 2020


It's finally here: M21 is out of Early Access and onto the Arena ladder! Arjuna and Covertgoblue reflect on the decks we played at the #sponsored Early Access event (including the epic grudge match the two of us ended …

M21 Final Spoiler: Watch Out For Demonic Embrace

June 22nd, 2020


We finally have the entire M21 spoiler available to us! This set looks sweet. This week we go over the final list and pull out the remaining cards …

M21 Spoilers: Is Discontinuity the next banned card??

June 19th, 2020


It's part 3 of our big M21 spoiler review! This week we're focusing on such heavy hitters as Scavenging Ooze, Liliana's Standard Bearer and a new card with troubling implications – Discontinuity! Is this another …

M21 Spoilers: Is Garruk, Unleashed The Truth?

June 17th, 2020


We're back with part 2 of our in-depth set spoiler review for this week! M21 is kicking out the bangers. This time around, CGB is the one advocating, and Arjuna is the skeptic on whether Garruk, Unleashed is the …

M21 Spoilers: Is Basri Ket The Aggro Enabler We Need?

June 15th, 2020


Covertgoblue and Arjuna are feeling ambitious this week – we're going into detail on every card that might make an impact on Standard from M21. This is 1 out of 3 episodes we'll be releasing this week, so stay tuned for …

M21 Spoilers + Standard Metagame Post-bans

June 8th, 2020


It's the goodest time of the year again – spoilers for the next Standard-legal set! Today we go over most of the existing spoilers (leaving out a few draft cards and the Planeswalker deck inclusions) and discuss our …

RIP Agent, Companions – Our Hot Takes on the Ban Announcement!

June 1st, 2020


They done did it. They banned Agent. They banned Fires. They banned Winota in Histor... oh wait. And ya boi T3feri lives to slow down Standard another day. We talk about what this means for the Standard and Historic …

Our Ban Predictions for Monday

May 31st, 2020


The time has come for us to speculate on what will be banned in Monday's upcoming announcement! Will Agent of Treachery's double dealings finally be …

Ep. 24 - Top 64'ing Red Bull with Monogreen – Maxim 'Rint' Salmin

May 25th, 2020


This week we're joined by Arena's most prominent Monogreen mage, Maxim 'Rint' Salmin! We go into the current build he used to top 64 Redbull …

Ep. 23 - Testing What's Good In Historic

May 18th, 2020


Covertgoblue and Arjuna went head to head this past week to discover what's working in Historic and what's not. We discuss our thoughts from those matches. Then we go over the major cards and archetypes currently …

Ep. 22 - The Lukka Menace + Brewing Mono Green

May 11th, 2020


This week is a juicy one! We discuss:

  • The upcoming Historic reveal, including CGB's preview cards
  • Arjuna's forays into brewing Mono Green Mutate
  • Yorion …

Ep. 21 - More Standard + Arena Craft welcomes a cohost!

May 5th, 2020


Big news this week... I'm excited to announce that Covertgoblue has come on as the official cohost of the Arena Craft Podcast! I'm stoked to be working with him, and we have a lot planned content-wise. This marks a …

Ep. 20 - Ikoria Standard Week 1 with Covertgoblue

April 28th, 2020


Everyone's favorite wisecrackin' YouTuber returns this week to discuss the week 1 Standard metagame. There's a lot to dig into here: Companions at 60-70% of the meta. Many different builds of Yorion and Lurrus. People …

Ep. 19 - Ikoria Standard Archetypes with Danny West

April 23rd, 2020


Returning guest Danny West helps us to work through the monstrosity that is Ikoria! We kick off with a broad discussion of Ikoria and its …

Ep. 18 - Ikoria Complete Spoiler with Skybilz

April 14th, 2020


This week, we're joined by streamer, speedrunner extraordinaire and Genji teammate Skybilz! We're taking a look at the Ikoria complete spoiler and diving into our thoughts on how the set will impact Standard. We go …

BONUS EPISODE: THB Limited retrospective with Rich G

April 12th, 2020


I loved the Theros Beyond Death draft format so much that I wanted to do a little retrospective on it. So I invited my friend Rich G, co-host of the Mythic Legendaries podcast, to come on and chat THB limited with me. …

Ep. 17 - Why Standard sucks and what to do about it with Danny West

April 6th, 2020


If you're like many lately, you're pretty tired of Standard. The ladder has been a brutal grind, with the challenge of finding a deck that consistently goes above 50% feeling nigh impossible outside of the most …

Ep. 16 - From FNM to Tournament Results with Bryan Gottlieb

March 30th, 2020


This week, we are joined by Arena Decklists co-host and SCG writer / commentator Bryan Gottlieb to discuss broad strategies for leveling up in MTG. If you've ever wondered how to get from being a "good at FNM" player to …

Ep. 15 - Brawl Primer and Staying Sane with John Peterson

March 23rd, 2020


This week we're joined by personal friend John Peterson to help us get into the Brawl format. Brawl is free for the next month, so let's dive in and see what we can learn. John takes us through the basics of the format, …

Ep. 14 - The Top 10 Underrated Rares in THB Draft

March 16th, 2020


This week, we join with Jeff and Sean of the Magic Arena Drafting Club to discuss our picks for the the top 10 underrated rares in THB draft. Too …

Ep. 13 - Absurd Brews with Absurd Heroine!

March 9th, 2020


This week, we have an interview with one of my favorite recent content creator discoveries – Absurd Heroine. She's been making fantastic Arena content on YouTube for the last year, and she's blowing up right now, so we …

Ep. 12 - Interview with Aaron Gertler, Dreamhack Champion!

March 2nd, 2020


This week we bring you another interview with friend of the podcast and returning guest, Aaron Gertler. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you'll probably recognize him and Temur Clover deck …

Ep. 11 - THB Standard Metagame Update with Covertgoblue

February 24th, 2020


Returning guest Covertgoblue joins us to discuss THB Standard in its post-Worlds, mid-Dreamhack glory. We go over some of the 3-color adjustments …

Ep. 10 - Worlds Metagame Analysis

February 18th, 2020


The largest Magic tournament of all time has just concluded, and so it's time to commence the analysis! In this episode I go over all the archetypes we saw in the tournament, discuss what worked and what didn't, compare …

Ep. 9 - Winning THB Draft with Card Clusters

February 11th, 2020


This week, we'll be exploring how to navigate Theros Beyond Death draft by looking out for "card clusters," key sets of cards that synergize well and …

Ep. 8 - Theros Draft: Hidden Gems and Lipsticked Pigs

February 4th, 2020


I've been fixated on one thing this past week, and that's Theros Beyond Death draft! This format is fantastic, an instant favorite of mine, and in this episode I bring you my thoughts on what's working and what's not. …

Ep. 7 - Theros Beyond Death (THB) Standard Week 1 with Covertgoblue

January 27th, 2020


We've had Theros Beyond Death in Standard now for just over a week, and the format has been cooking! Today, I'm joined by special guest YouTuber and streamer Covertgoblue as we examine what's been good so far, and what …

Ep. 6 - Safe buys in Pioneer with Jonathan Medina

January 14th, 2020


This week, we dive deep into the new world of Pioneer to discuss which cards are safe to buy into, and which cards are still on code yellow for …

Ep. 5 - The Quickest Set Completion F2P Method with Marcus Tomaino

December 30th, 2019


This week we cover a topic near and dear to many players' hearts – what is the quickest and most efficient way to grow your collection and maximize …

Ep. 4 - Live from the floor at Magicfest Portland

December 24th, 2019


This week's episode was so much fun to bring to you — I spent the weekend at Magicfest Portland! The show is my reflections on the experience of …

Ep. 3 - Jund Fires with ChannelFireball's Josh Silvestri

December 17th, 2019


Another fantastic interview with another fantastic guest this week— this time it's ChannelFireball writer and r/spikes mod Josh Silvestri / jsilv! Josh is a veteran of the game and a fantastic conversationalist who can …

Ep. 2 – #1 Mythic Playing Temur Clover Adventures with Aaron Gertler

December 5th, 2019


This week, we bring you an interview with a guy who's no stranger to Mythic #1 – Aaron Gertler. He jumped into the spotlight earlier this year by spending 4 days at #1 on the Arena ranked ladder playing an innovative …

Hot Take - Should Smuggler's Copter be banned in Pioneer?

December 2nd, 2019


Title says it all – today, I'm exploring assertions people have made around banning Smuggler's Copter in the Pioneer format. Join me as I examine how the card is currently seeing play, explore some of the most common …

Ep. 1 - Introduction

November 22nd, 2019


Welcome to Arena Craft, a podcast devoted to Magic: The Gathering on Arena and in paper. We'll be covering Magic Arena and all formats legal on the platform. In addition, we'll be covering Pioneer, and Historic when it …

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