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296 Perfume Bottles

September 20th, 2023


Bottles? For perfume? It's more likely than you think.

295 J - The Sailor’s Word Book (1867)

September 13th, 2023


Jack Nasty-Face. Jibber the Kibber. Jolly Jumpers. All these nautical terms and more defined in this chapter of the Sailor’s Word Book!

294 Ch. 14 - Varney the Vampire, or, The Feast of Blood (1845)

September 6th, 2023


While Dee recovers from a back injury, please enjoy this episode from our Varney vault—wherein Sir Francis Varney makes an offer Henry Bannerworth …

293 Antiques Fraud! Bogus Belt Buckles

August 30th, 2023


In the 1960s, the antique belt buckle market was rocked by the sudden appearance of Gilded Age Tiffany belt buckles commemorating such diverse moments as the American Civil War and the construction of the Titanic. Where …

292 Tussy Mussy

August 23rd, 2023


Tussy-mussy. Poesy. Bouquet. Flower arrangement. You won’t believe where the Victorians want you to stick a miniature vase.

291 IKEA and West Elm on Facebook Marketplace

August 16th, 2023


Does IKEA and West Elm furniture hold up? (No.) Does used IKEA retain value? (No.) Is West Elm worth the price, even second-hand? (No.) Join the …

290 Ch. 13 - Varney the Vampire, or, The Feast of Blood (1845)

August 9th, 2023


Our heroes meet Sir Francis Varney face-to-face at last! But is he a vampyre? (Yes.)

We are joined this week by our dear friend Olivia! Check out her …

289 Furby with Paris from Terrible Book Club

August 2nd, 2023


Behold, the Furby. Animatronic nostalgia or uncanny valley horror? What sort of aftermarket exists for these retro and vintage toys? And why do folks …

288 Antiques Fraud! Wendy Halstead Beard

July 26th, 2023


When consignment goes just about as wrong as it can go, you get Wendy Halstead Beard and her high art photography gallery of fraud.

287 Old Books at the Westport Friends Book Fair

July 19th, 2023


The Antiques Freaks went to a book fair! Tune in to hear about our haul, plus tips and tricks for finding cool vintage and antique books in the wild …

286 Ch. 12 - Varney the Vampire, or, The Feast of Blood (1845)

July 12th, 2023


"Charles Holland, will you have a vampyre for your bride?"

While Ken's voice recovers from respiratory illness, please enjoy this episode from our …

285 Q and A with Antiques Freaks

July 5th, 2023


You asked, we answered! Dee and Ken sit down for a Q&A session with questions provided by listeners like you.

284 Hoosier Cabinets

June 28th, 2023


Edwardian, Gilded Age, and Jazz Age furniture designers, against all odds, have produced something practical. The Hoosier cabinet - a charming vintage look perfect for kitchens of yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

283 Antiques Cryptid! Monteith

June 21st, 2023


What are monteiths? It’s a silver punch bowl from the late 17th and early 18th centuries. But WHO is Monteith? We just don’t know. Or do we???

282 Magic Books with Abracadaniel

June 14th, 2023


Daniel (as heard in our Magic: the Gathering episode) returns to teach the Antiques Freaks about a different kind of magic - the kind stored in ancient tomes that can only be found through secret covenants with ancient …

281 Danger! Taylor Swift Anti-Hero Plates

June 7th, 2023


Once upon a time Corelle debuted a simple design of golden flowers and butterflies. For years they languished in the kitchen cabinets of unsuspecting …

280 Ch. 11 - Varney the Vampire, or, The Feast of Blood (1845)

May 31st, 2023


Please enjoy this episode from our Varney vaults, wherein Charles Holland turns us all into Hollandaise.

To instantly unlock a hundred more chapters …

279 Faircroft’s Antiques - The Forbidden Crypt

May 24th, 2023


Antiques in books? Sure. Antiques in movies? Why not. Antiques in video games? Now you have our attention! Join internationally-renowned antiques conservator Mia Faircroft in the Faircroft's Antiques series and learn …

278 Tape Measures

May 17th, 2023


How do you measure a tape? Once upon a time we had to drag a chain across a field uphill both ways. But now with the modern convenience of a vintage or antique tape measure, we know precisely how long all our tapes are.

277 Ch. 10 - Varney the Vampire, or, The Feast of Blood (1845)

May 10th, 2023


Due to a family emergency we are unable to post a regular episode this week. Instead, please enjoy this chapter from our Varney vaults, wherein an …

276 Cup Plates

May 3rd, 2023


From practical tea-time necessity to collectible glassware plague upon the local antiques industry, cup plates have gone on an incredible journey …

275 Bridal Baskets

April 26th, 2023


Dee has all the deets you could possibly want about bridal baskets just in time for wedding season. Ken has an actual real-life fever. Who will win? …

274 Lot No. 249 - Mummy Horror with Terrible Book Club

April 19th, 2023


Once upon a time, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote something besides Sherlock Holmes. (Shocking, we know.) What if you went to medical school in the …

273 Lisa Frank

April 12th, 2023


Frankly, she’s Lisa. Iconic rainbow graphic design from the 80s, 90s, 00s, and beyond! It’s vintage Trapper Keepers, stickers, pens, pencils, cookie jars, backpacks, and so much more—featuring beloved characters like …

272 Antique Frames

April 5th, 2023


When is the frame worth more than the picture within? Tune in for everything you’ve ever wanted to know about antique picture frames but were too afraid to ask!

271 Ch. 9 - Varney the Vampire, or, The Feast of Blood (1845)

March 29th, 2023


A family emergency precluded this week’s regularly scheduled antiques. Instead, please enjoy this chapter from our Varney vaults, wherein leaving …

270 I, Sailor - The Sailor’s Word Book (1867)

March 22nd, 2023


Ice-bound. In the wind. Iron-sick. All these nautical terms and more defined in this chapter of the Sailor’s Word Book!

269 Rain Lamps

March 15th, 2023


20th-century kitsch turned 21st-century trend! Just watch that mineral oil drip down that fishing line and boggle at the price tag.

268 Garbageware and Texasware

March 8th, 2023


Wherein Rachel Ray betrays the 20th-century plastics collecting community.

267 Ch. 8 - Varney the Vampire, or, The Feast of Blood (1845)

March 1st, 2023


Please enjoy this chapter from our Varney vaults! Wherein Mr Chillingworth proves himself an ensemble dark horse as we get a crash course in …

266 Circa Vintage with Chris

February 22nd, 2023


The Antiques Freaks venture out of the studio to record on location at Circa Vintage in New Bedford with owner and proprietor Chris! We chat about Brown’s Beach jackets, East-West Musical Instruments leathers, Bobby …

265 Sherlock Holmes and the Sussex Vampire - with Terrible Book Club!

February 15th, 2023


Have you ever wanted to know what would happen if Sherlock Holmes encountered a vampire? Fortunately, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has written that story. …

264 Pianos (And Why No One Wants Yours)

February 8th, 2023


As a wise man once said, “Hand me that piano!” Tune in to find out how much an antique piano is worth (not much), what factors affect its value (very little), and what you can expect when you try to sell yours …

263 H - The Sailor’s Word Book (1867)

February 1st, 2023


Hind-castle. Horn-fisted. Hurleblast. Haven-screamer. All these 19th century nautical terms and more defined in this chapter of The Sailor’s Word Book!

262 Our Flag Means Death - Historical Costuming with Hannah

January 25th, 2023


Theatrical costume designer and age-of-sail enthusiast Hannah Haverkamp returns to Antiques Freaks to discuss the delightful and deliberate …

261 The Creeping Man - Sherlock Holmes with Terrible Book Club

January 18th, 2023


2023 - the year when all of Sherlock Holmes finally enters the public domain. To celebrate, Chris and Paris of the Terrible Book Club podcast have …

260 Antiques Fraud! Sailor Valentines

January 11th, 2023


Ken doesn’t believe in ancient aliens, but he does believe in sailor valentines. Dee is here to dispel him of that notion. Get the real scoop on 19th c. nautical crafts!

259 G - The Sailor’s Word Book (1867)

January 4th, 2023


Galley-growlers. Galligaskins. Geo-graffy. Grog-blossom. All these nautical terms and more defined at last in this chapter of The Sailor’s Word Book!

257 F - The Sailor’s Word Book (1867)

December 21st, 2022


Fecket. Fire-Ship. Flogging the Glass. Fothering. All these nautical terms and more defined at last in this chapter of The Sailor’s Word Book!

256 Vintage Furs

December 14th, 2022


Everything you could possibly want to know about the acquisition, selling, care, and collecting of antique and vintage furs.

Content warning for …

255 Ch. 7 - Varney the Vampire, or, The Feast of Blood (1845)

December 7th, 2022


While Dee recovers from Covid, please enjoy this chapter from our Varney vaults. And consider this a friendly reminder to get vaccinated, wear a …

254 E - The Sailor’s Word Book (1867)

November 30th, 2022


Ear-wigging. Eskippamentum. Eating the wind out of a vessel. All these terms and more defined by the Sailor’s Word Book - for all your antique …

253 Moon Dreamers with Monica

November 23rd, 2022


Monica joins the Antiques Freaks to chat about Hasbro’s short-lived, wildly creative, utterly baffling 1980s doll line, Moon Dreamers. (With special …

252 Ch. 6 - Varney the Vampire, or, The Feast of Blood (1845)

November 16th, 2022


While Ken works mandatory overtime at the day job, please enjoy this chapter from our Varney vaults! It’s wacky Victorian penny dreadful vampire …

251 Worthpoint with Founder and CEO Will Seippel

November 9th, 2022


Will Seippel, Founder and CEO of the online antiques valuation resource Worthpoint, chats with the Antiques Freaks about all things antiques, …

250 Antiques and Prop Styling with Robin Zachary

November 2nd, 2022


Prop stylist Robin Zachary joins the Antiques Freaks to chat antiques, photography, and how a touch of artistry and design can elevate vintage reselling.

Check out Robin’s book Styling Beyond Instagram for a wealth of …

249 Jekyll & Hyde with Terrible Book Club

October 26th, 2022


In 1888, playwrights raced (literally) to stage the first theatrical production of Robert Louis Stevenson’s instant classic horror novel. The results …

248 Pink Ouija for Girls by Hasbro

October 19th, 2022


Toy company mistake or lucrative yard-sale find? Only the GIRLS can decide! Talking boards. Witch boards. Spirit boards. Ouija. And now, thanks to the magic of modern marketing, available just for GIRLS!

247 Button Collecting with Jessie

October 12th, 2022


Jessie of CherryColoredTwist joins the Antiques Freaks to talk all things antique and vintage buttons!

246 Varney the Vampire, Ch. 5

October 5th, 2022


While Dee recovers at home from an unexpected ER trip, please enjoy this episode from our Varney vaults! The Antiques Freaks are joined by Chris and …

245 Antique Apple Peeler Pricing - Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke

September 28th, 2022


Eric LaRocca’s novella Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke is a darling of the indie horror scene. Unfortunately we will be judging it on the merits of its antiques.

Content warning for discussions of fictional …

244 Craigslist

September 21st, 2022


How to buy and sell antiques on Craigslist - without getting murdered!

(You can BARELY tell that Ken is crawling his way through a cold.)

243 Big Thrift Energy with Virginia Chamlee

September 14th, 2022


Vintage thrifter Virginia Chamlee (@vchamlee) joins the Antiques Freaks to talk about the joys of maximalist interior design, great thrift finds, and developing your own unique sense of style. Check out Virginia’s new …

242 Stanhopes

September 7th, 2022


Take a tiny object. Put an even tinier lens inside that tiny object. And then, behind that tiny lens, put an even tinier picture. What have you got? A Stanhope!

241 The Sanitation Craze with Dr. Elizabeth Yuko

August 31st, 2022


Dr. Elizabeth Yuko (The New York Times, The Atlantic, Architectural Digest) joins the Antiques Freaks to talk about the domestic science movement and …

240 Ch. 4 - Varney the Vampire, or, The Feast of Blood (1845)

August 24th, 2022


Our dear friend Paris of the Terrible Book Club podcast joins us as we delve into the fourth chapter of Varney the Vampire, or, the Feast of Blood. Wherein Mr Marchdale becomes Daddy Marchdale yet remains a stranger, …

239 Love Immortal - Antique Photography with Dr. Anthony Cavo

August 17th, 2022


Dr. Anthony Cavo (Antique Trader) joins the Antiques Freaks to discuss his new book collecting antique photographs of dogs and their humans, Love …

238 Antiques Fraud! The Cursed Chair with Terrible Book Club

August 10th, 2022


Chris and Paris of the Terrible Book Club podcast join Dee to learn about Death Chair: The Chair That Kills People. From Unsolved Mysteries to Beyond …

237 Flip This Dollhouse with Nathaniel Ellis

August 3rd, 2022


Recorded on location in the biggest dollhouse shop in the world! Owner and proprietor Nathaniel Ellis joins the Antiques Freaks to talk all things …

236 Critical Role Collectibles (The Legend of Vox Machina)

July 27th, 2022


Collectibles are not investments. Critical Role is not a publicly-traded company. Do not invest in Critical Role.

That said, here is how much some …

235 Curious Objects with Benjamin Miller

July 20th, 2022


Benjamin Miller of the Curious Objects podcast (The Magazine Antiques) joins the Antiques Freaks to discuss silversmithing, the unique challenges at the crossroads of antiques and podcasting, and the true value of …

234 D - The Sailor’s Word Book (1867)

July 13th, 2022


Dagger-knee. Delfyn. Double Dutch coiled against the sun. All this and more as we set sail once again on the Sailor’s Word Book to bring you the D!

233 Architectural Salvage with Joe Stren of Olde Good Things

July 6th, 2022


Joe Stren from Olde Good Things joins the Antiques Freaks for a delightful chat about architectural salvage, upcycling, interior design, and how to …

232 Salt Cellars

June 29th, 2022


Before the Shakers, there were the Cellars. Or Salt Pigs if you’re fancy.

231 Glass Shoes

June 22nd, 2022


What if Cinderella’s slippers were not only made of glass but also impractically sized? Introducing the little world of miniature glass shoes. Available now in hordes at literally any antique shop.

230 Antiques Fraud! Watermelon Sword Scandal (with Paris and Chris from Terrible Book Club)

June 15th, 2022


Our friends Paris and Chris from the Terrible Book Club podcast join Dee to discuss the scoundrels who fooled Antiques Roadshow with a phony American …

229 Flying Solo by Linda Holmes

June 8th, 2022


Linda Holmes joins the Antiques Freaks for a chat about her new book, Flying Solo - a cozy antiques mystery that is mysterious, cozy, and filled with …

228 C - The Sailor’s Word Book (1867)

June 1st, 2022


Cabobbled. Caper-corner-way. Carpet-knight. Caulking-butt. All this and more as we set sail once again on the C of the Sailor's Word Book!

227 Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls

May 25th, 2022


From beneath the cabbage leaves crawls a vintage toy unlike anything before or since. It's Cabbage Patch Kids, including Death Doll: The Doll That …

226 Black Velvet Paintings

May 18th, 2022


From indigenous folk art to mid-century kitsch and on through contemporary art revival, it's everyone's favorite medium for wolves howling at moons …

224 The Mummy’s Foot by Théophile Gautier (1840)

May 4th, 2022


Paris and Chris of the Terrible Book Club podcast join the Antiques Freaks as we dip our toes into early 19th century Egyptology fantasy!

223 Crackle Glass

April 27th, 2022


From 16th century Venetian glassblowers to mid-century modern monstrosities, come with us on a journey through affordable decorative antique and vintage glassware with a special sparkling look! Don't tell anyone else …

222 - Haunted History with Andrew Hill of Seaside Shadows!

April 20th, 2022


Andrew Hill of Seaside Shadows Haunted History Tours joins the Antiques Freaks to chat about ghosts, historic New England cemeteries, haunted antiques shops, and all things spooky!

You may notice some strange knocking …

221 Varney the Vampire, Ch. 3 (1845)

April 13th, 2022


Dee's computer crashed with all their notes on it, so while we sort that out, please enjoy the third chapter of the Victorian penny dreadful Varney …

220 Amberina

April 6th, 2022


It's Dee's favorite glassware! Come learn about the beautiful golden sunset shades, with bonus diversions into the Mount Washington Glass Company of …

219 - The Hog (Carnacki the Ghost Finder with Terrible Book Club)

March 30th, 2022


We've done it, we have! Chris and Paris from the Terrible Book Club podcast have rejoined us, and the Edwardian supernatural Sherlock Holmes …

218 TV Lamps

March 23rd, 2022


A lamp? For your television? You mean the appliance that's already emitting light? Yes.

217 Vintage Audio Equipment with Chris

March 16th, 2022


Our friend Chris of the Terrible Book Club podcast tells us all about the wild, wacky, and bizarrely superstitious world of vintage audio equipment. Tone woods. Toasted maple. Centaurs. It's all here.

216 Chamber Pots

March 9th, 2022


No, it's not a gravy boat. Nor a soup tureen. And definitely not a dough-box. It's time to tell all about chamber pots and commodes. Wash your hands.

215 Dark Academia

March 2nd, 2022


What is Dark Academia? And how can it be used to market vintage and antique goods?

214 Don’t Buy Human Remains

February 23rd, 2022


Skulls, spines, skeletons, teeth, bones, skin, squishy bits, etc. Author and archeologist O F Cieri joins the pod to answer the burning question: …

213 Antique Clock Identification

February 16th, 2022


We're certainly not time wizards, but we do know a lot about antique clocks! Join us for a who's-who of clock identification, including tall clocks, tavern clocks, carriage clocks, and Jeremy. Plus, all the lyrics to …

212 Cadogan Puzzle Teapots

February 9th, 2022


Get puzzled! An ancient oddity is transformed into Victorian whimsy in this, the Chinese wine vessel turned baffling teapot.

211 Wallybirds and Martinware

February 2nd, 2022


Or; how not to run a pottery business with your brothers. Beware the pelican.

210 Antique Rugs with Joanna Mahserdjian of Upstate Rug Supply

January 26th, 2022


The Antiques Freaks are joined by Joanna Mahserdjian of Upstate Rug Supply to learn all about the delights of collecting one-of-a-kind, hand-woven, …

209 Self-Pouring Teapot

January 19th, 2022


The Victorians and their sickening whimsy strike again! We have three words for you: Self. Pouring. Teapot.

208 B - The Sailor’s Word Book (1867)

January 12th, 2022


Beating the booby. Blowing the grampus. Broth of a boy. Bum-boat. All these terms and more defined in our dive into 19th-century nautical vocabulary.

207 Paper Dolls

January 5th, 2022


The precursor to Barbie, Polly Pocket, Jem and the Holograms, and American Girl dolls. From French aristocratic mockery to Depression-era penny toys …

206 A - The Sailor’s Word-Book (1867)

December 29th, 2021


Able-whackets. Anti-guggler. Awkward squad. All these nautical terms and more are defined at last in this 19th century navy dictionary.

205 Victorian Christmas Cards

December 22nd, 2021


Goats stealing fruit from a boy's basket. Frogs in little jackets skewering each other with teensy swords. A jolly party of Ice Age mammals skating …

204 Antiques Angels - Galen by Jaclyn Osborn

December 15th, 2021


Angels. Demons. Vampires. Werewolves. Fairies. Dragons. Seven (eight?) deadly sins. Wingfic. This antiques-themed gay romance novel has everything - …

203 The House Among the Laurels - Carnacki the Ghost-Finder (with Terrible Book Club!)

December 8th, 2021


Chris and Paris from the Terrible Book Club podcast join us to read yet another story from Carnacki the Ghost-Finder! A chilling tale of spooky …

202 Antiques Fraud! The Chair Daddy of Versailles

December 1st, 2021


It's a tale as old as time. Venerated antique furniture expert suspected of fraud. Scrappy young antiques-dealing upstart with a shop on the wrong …

201 Epergnes

November 24th, 2021


Exquisite. Precarious. Whimsical. Join us as we explore the history of epergnes, from Georgian and Regency dining to Victorian flower-arranging and mid-century modern Fenton mistakes.

200 Napco Pottery

November 17th, 2021


Mid-century modern kitsch returns! It's more horror than horror.

199 Budoir Dolls

November 10th, 2021


Add some four-foot-tall veracity to your next Jazz Age theme party with budoir dolls! These stylish composition-doll companions come in a wide …

198 Victorian Ectoplasm and Spirit Photography

November 3rd, 2021


Join us for a spooky exploration of 19th century spiritualists and magicians, wherein we REALLY earn that Explicit tag! Things get weird as we explain the antiques connection to A Haunting in Connecticut and how …

197 Haunted Doll Selling on Etsy

October 27th, 2021


Or; How (Not) to Sell a Haunted Doll on Etsy!

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