Among the Stars and Bones

5 EpisodesProduced by Ungodly Hour Productions

A team of xenoarchaeologists travel to distant worlds searching for traces of a now-vanished alien race. Each season brings a new site, new secrets and new dangers.

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Among the Stars and Bones Trailer

February 9th, 2019


A first taste of what's coming in Season 1...

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In order of appearance you heard:

Julia Eve @juliaeve_voice

S1E1 - "The Key to Humanity's Future"

April 3rd, 2019



The crew of the Herodotus Mission broadcast their first report from the Alpha and Beta sites on the planet Tefen. As they begin to search the sites, they uncover a city, a terraformer, over 200 skeletons...and …

S1E2 - "Seh-Par-Ay-Shun"

April 17th, 2019



Adrienne, Ben and Gordon have various bones to pick over their orders. Laura speculates on the benefits of Proximan technology. Kathy and …

S1E3 - "The Arecibo Message"

May 1st, 2019



Adrienne and Gordon are concerned about glitches with Herodotus tech. Ben and Harry try to unlock and translate alien recordings. And Kathy and Celia investigate the story behind the lone Proximan skeleton …

S1E4 - "Cro-Magnons with a Cannon"

May 15th, 2019



A member of the crew is missing...


Distressing/Nightmarish noises - Distorted audio with twisted speech and sound plays …

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