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Echoes from the Camelot era of American politics.

August 9th, 2022


Lessons we learned from the Kennedys, and what they can teach us about today’s political climate.

Richard Kahlenberg

Robert Kennedy ran an …

The New Left and the progressive movement

August 1st, 2022


The past, present and future of progressives in the Senate. Senator Sherrod Brown on his book Desk 88: Eight Progressive Senators Who Changed America.

Sherrod Brown

Senator Sherrod Brown’s most recent book offers a …

Raise the minimum wage.

July 26th, 2022


Raise the minimum wage.


Revisiting some of the conversations we have had about raising the minimum wage.

David Cooper

Progressive Democrats have made raising the minimum wage a priority for the new administration. And …

The religious right’s rise to political power

July 19th, 2022


The religious right’s rise to political power


We take a look back at how the religious right and the white nationalist movement took over the …

The one thing Trump manufactured successfully… “Former Republicans”

July 12th, 2022


The one thing Trump manufactured successfully… “Former Republicans”


Revisiting our interview with Author Rick WIlson on his book “Everything Trump …

The legacy of Woody Guthrie

July 5th, 2022


The legacy of Woody Guthrie


Ten years later, we revisit a show celebrating the Centennial of the birth of Woody Guthrie with interviews from Pete Seeger and former Senator Fred Harris.

Pete Seeger

Our first guest …

Confronting Climate and Economic disaster head-on.

June 28th, 2022


Environmental initiatives are often smeared as being anti-labor, while unions are often painted as anti-clean energy. Neither is necessarily true—in fact, the fights for climate and economic justice are deeply …

Protecting America’s Future.

June 20th, 2022


Protecting America’s Future.


Children are not allowed to vote, but they have the most vested interest in America’s future. Today we hear from …

The trap of poverty wages.

June 13th, 2022


The trap of poverty wages.

According to researchers, the number of Americans living at or near the poverty line has risen sharply since the beginning of the pandemic. This week, we hear from experts about the plight of …

Rebuilding our nation’s manufacturing muscle.

June 6th, 2022


Rebuilding our nation’s manufacturing muscle.


The supply chain is in the news lately, with most stories about it focusing on the end results for …

A minimum and maximum wage.

May 31st, 2022


A minimum and maximum wage.


The minimum wage often stands in for a variety of different workers-rights issues in political debates. This week we …

Teachers at the front line of progressive politics.

May 23rd, 2022


Teachers at the front line of progressive politics.


How a wave of teachers strikes in red state America is changing the political landscape. …

Homegrown extremism in America.

May 16th, 2022


Homegrown extremism in America.


This week marks the ten-year anniversary of the Facebook corporation going public on Wall Street. We examine that story from two different angles: The growing income inequality in …

What workers are losing in the new gig economy

May 9th, 2022


From rideshare apps to food-delivery services—to ballot measures like California’s proposition 22, which allows companies to treat their employees interchangeable and dispensable—the new economy of the gig and temporary …

We must go further with voting rights.

May 2nd, 2022


We must go further with voting rights.


With primary races soon to be in full swing, we take a closer look at some of the structural hurdles …

There are two tax systems, one for the rich, and one for the rest of us.

April 25th, 2022


There are two tax systems, one for the rich, and one for the rest of us.


Donald Trump is certainly a figure of unique notoriety, but his …

Fighting right-wing smears of progressive healthcare proposals.

April 18th, 2022

Fighting right-wing smears of progressive healthcare proposals.


Republicans have been so effective at smearing so-called “government-run” …

Cultivating the next Labor movement.

April 11th, 2022

Cultivating the next Labor movement.


Many of the policy decisions that affect workers’ lives seem arcane and abstract, and are not the hot-button …

The rich have organized themselves into a powerful lobby.

April 5th, 2022


The rich have organized themselves into a powerful lobby.


The wealthiest Americans like to imagine the current economic system as a meritocracy, …

The myths—and dangers—of austerity politics

March 28th, 2022

The myths—and dangers—of austerity politics


Republicans often tout simple spending cuts as markers of economic responsibility. But that sort of …

Building state-level progressivism.

March 21st, 2022


Building state-level progressivism.


In continuing our effort to examine power at the state and local level, we look at two case studies: The state …

Fighting back against the Plutocrats.

March 14th, 2022


Fighting back against the Plutocrats.


With Russia in the news lately, a lot has been said about the power wielded by that country’s plutocrats. This week, we look back at the overwhelming influence a few wealthy …

A look back at Republican tactics.

March 7th, 2022


A look back at Republican tactics.


While Donald Trump dominated the news for much of the last half-decade, Republicans have been tinkering with messaging that obscures just how hostile they are to most Americans’ …

The threat of Republican gerrymandering on the 2022 Midterms.

February 28th, 2022


The threat of Republican gerrymandering on the 2022 Midterms.


David Daley

With Texas starting their vote process for the 2022 Midterms this week, with one of the most devastatingly gerrymandered maps in the country, …

The legacy of Jimmy Carter

February 21st, 2022


The legacy of Jimmy Carter


James Fallows

Jimmy Carter was an “outsider” who won the Democratic presidential nomination 40 years ago. His former speechwriter, James Fallows, says that an outsider can win the White …

A powerful history of workers’ strikes in America.

February 14th, 2022

A powerful history of workers’ strikes in America. How unions will shape the future of democracy.  Eric Loomis

Historian Eric Loomis says if we truly …

Congress took a step forward on healthcare costs, but there is much more left to do.

February 7th, 2022

Congress took a step forward on healthcare costs, but there is much more left to do.


Steve Knievel on his 3 pillars to improve our healthcare system.

Steve Knievel 

Steve Knievel is an advocate for Public Citizen’s …

Congress must fix or nix the filibuster.

January 31st, 2022


Congress must fix or nix the filibuster.


Charly Carter takes us through the racist origins of the filibuster, and how we must deal with it going forward.

Charly Carter

Charly Carter is Executive Director of The …

How labor and climate activism must work together.

January 24th, 2022

How labor and climate activism must work together.  

Joe Uehlein is the Founding President of the Labor Network for Sustainability. He tells us about why we need a “Just Transition” for labor and the climate crisis.

Joe …

Why do we need a billionaire’s tax?

January 17th, 2022


Why do we need a billionaire’s tax?


Frank Clemente is Executive Director at Americans For Tax Fairness.

Frank Clemente

A Billionaire’s Tax could …

A nation in a deep economic and moral crisis.

January 10th, 2022


A nation in a deep economic and moral crisis. 


Celine-Marie Pascale is a professor of sociology at American University in Washington, D.C., and …

The best interviews of 2021 - Part 2

January 3rd, 2022


A historic fight against privatized public services. Moving toward a racial justice agenda. How the rich rig the tax code and the millionaires who want it to stop. 

Dennis Kucinich

In his new memoir, Dennis Kucinich …

The best interviews of 2021 - Part 1

December 27th, 2021


The best interviews of 2021 - Part 1


This week we discuss Voting rights with Amel Ahmed and David Daley. And Greg Sargent discusses how President …

Rethinking the role of immigrants in the U.S. labor market.

December 20th, 2021


Rethinking the role of immigrants in the U.S. labor market.


Why the old narratives about immigration need to be changed.

Ruth Milkman

Ruth Milkman …

A call to rebuild union power.

December 13th, 2021


A call to rebuild union power.  


Hamilton Nolan on why the recent strive wave demands stronger unions. 

Hamilton Nolan

Labor reporter Hamilton …

Why now is the time to expand the Supreme Court.

December 7th, 2021


Why now is the time to expand the Supreme Court. And Bill Press with a report card on the nation’s economy.


Sarah Lipton-Lubet on how to break the …

The private takeover of public resources, and how to fight back.

November 29th, 2021


The private takeover of public resources, and how to fight back.  Plus Bill Press on the censuring of  Paul Gosar.


Donald Cohen on his new book  …

Building infrastructure that is just and sustainable.

November 22nd, 2021


Building infrastructure that is just and sustainable. Bill Press on flight attendants facing airline violence.


Kevin DeGood on the impact …

Why workers rights’ is an issue for all of us.

November 15th, 2021


Why workers rights’ is an issue for all of us. And Bill Press on what it took to finally pass an infrastructure bill

Terri Gerstein on how better conditions for workers can make life better for all of us. Plus Bill …

Protecting Remote Workers.

November 8th, 2021


Protecting Remote Workers.  Rethinking the Alamo.  And Bill Press on the crisis at the NRA.


Stephen Hill on labor standards in the remote working world. Jason Stanford on the myths and realities of the Texas origin …

How Republicans undermine government to help themselves.

November 2nd, 2021


How Republicans undermine government to help themselves.  Fighting for progressive power at the state level.  And Bill Press with California …

How redistricting reform is being co-opted.

October 25th, 2021


How redistricting reform is being co-opted.  Why Democrats need to rethink their campaign ground game. And Bill Press on Republican support for Democratic candidates.


David Daley on how independent redistricting …

Why we should rethink voting rights.

October 18th, 2021


Why we should rethink voting rights. An alternative history of the Constitution. Plus Bill Press on what’s in store in the newest Supreme Court term.

Factory towns as political battlegrounds.

October 12th, 2021


Factory towns as political battlegrounds. Growing Black women’s political power. Plus Bill Press on the meaning of “patriotic philanthropy”.


John …

Farmers on the front lines of climate change.

October 4th, 2021


Farmers on the front lines of climate change.  A Wyoming view on 2022. Plus, Bill Press on the very real threat of election subversion.


Former …

Budget reconciliation and the future of health care.

September 27th, 2021


Budget reconciliation and the future of health care.  The Black women who fought to vote. Plus, Bill Press on why the Justice Department should begin …

The populist message progressive voters need to hear.

September 20th, 2021


The populist message progressive voters need to hear. And Bill Press on holding Donald Trump accountable for his role in the January 6 insurrection.

Who does our essential ‘dirty work’, and at what price?

September 13th, 2021


Who does our essential ‘dirty work’, and at what price?  Why prison gerrymandering has to end.  Plus, Bill Press on why California Governor Gavin Newsom is likely to survive the effort to recall him.


Eyal Press, …

How Biden’s plan for economic recovery could lead to more affordable health care for all Americans.

September 5th, 2021


How Biden’s plan for economic recovery could lead to more affordable health care for all Americans. Why humor matters in politics. Plus, Bill Press …

A powerful history of workers’ strikes in America.

August 30th, 2021


A powerful history of workers’ strikes in America. How unions will shape the future of democracy. Plus Bill Press on the staying power of Trump with …

How the rich rig the tax code and the millionaires who want it to stop.

August 23rd, 2021


How the rich rig the tax code and the millionaires who want it to stop. How the battle for marriage equality was won. Plus Bill Press on how to confront a "code red" for our planet.

Erica Payne on her new book Tax the …

The looming threat of Republican gerrymandering.

August 16th, 2021


The looming threat of Republican gerrymandering. Why America needs a Tech New Deal. Plus Bill Press with a harrowing look at Trump's final year.


David Daley on why time is running out to stop Republican …

The state of Black America in 2021.

August 9th, 2021


The state of Black America in 2021. A new chapter in progressive politics and how we got here. Plus Bill Press with Dana Milbank, op-ed columnist for …

A democracy test in Texas

August 2nd, 2021


A democracy test in Texas and the future of voting rights in America. Why it’s time for government to “go big” again. Plus Bill Press with Joe Trippi on what it will take to defeat Trumpism.


Texas State Representative …

What’s next for Amazon workers?

July 26th, 2021


What’s next for Amazon workers? What we can learn from a century of U.S. public health emergencies? Plus Bill Press looks ahead to 2022 with Larry Sabato, the founder of Sabato’s Crystal Ball.


Nelson Lichtenstein on …

Can America be united again?

July 19th, 2021


Can America be united again? Making the case for Medicaid expansion. Plus Bill Press on Biden’s most difficult foreign policy challenges. 

George …

The price we pay if we don’t trust elections.

July 11th, 2021


The price we pay if we don’t trust elections. Why we all should care about health disparities. Plus Bill Press on the defining theme of the Trump …

What the data says about how Democrats can win in 2022.

July 4th, 2021


What the data says about how Democrats can win in 2022. The progressive case for canceling student debt. Plus Bill Press on why one journalist chose to walk from DC to New York City. 


Data scientist David Shor and on …

The Pentagon Papers at 50.

June 28th, 2021



The Pentagon Papers at 50. The people who profit off of racism. Plus Bill Press with CNN’s Don Lemon. 


Author Geoffrey Stone on his new book National Security, Leaks and Freedom of the Press: The Pentagon Papers …

Carol Anderson offers a critical new look at the evolution of the right to bear arms in American History.

June 22nd, 2021


Race and the history of gun rights in America. Why it’s time to expand Social Security. Plus Bill Press on the continuing threat of right-wing media. 

Dennis Kucinich on his historic fight against privatized public services.

June 14th, 2021


A historic fight against privatized public services. The battle over how to talk about race in schools. Plus Bill Press on Donald Trump’s dangerous …

#535 : A plan to cut child poverty in half.

June 7th, 2021


A plan to cut child poverty in half. Artificial intelligence and the future of work. Plus Bill Press with an insider account of why Joe Biden won, and Hillary Clinton didn’t.


Anti-poverty advocate Arohi Pathak on why …

#534 : The limits of bipartisanship in today’s politics

June 1st, 2021


The limits of bipartisanship in today’s politics, and an opening for moral leadership. Plus Bill Press on Donald Trump’s mounting legal problems.


#533 : Millennial politics comes into its own.

May 24th, 2021


Millennial politics comes into its own. The untold history of citizenship stripping in America. Plus Bill Press on where the Republican Party goes …

#532 : Moving toward a racial justice agenda.

May 17th, 2021


Moving toward a racial justice agenda. Transforming policing from the ground up. Why history matters.  Plus Bill Press with journalist Ron Brownstein.

#531 : What we get wrong about saving the planet.

May 10th, 2021


What we get wrong about saving the planet. Why the Green New Deal needs to be a jobs program. Plus Bill Press on what drives Nancy Pelosi.


Author Jenny Price on getting environmentalism right before it’s too late. …

#530 : The fascism Trump left behind.

May 2nd, 2021


The fascism Trump left behind. Avoiding the next power grid disaster. Plus Bill Press on redefining infrastructure in the American Jobs Plan.


Jason …

#529 : The price we pay for corporate consolidation.

April 26th, 2021


The price we pay for corporate consolidation. How the rich hide their wealth. Plus Bill Press with a view from Congress of the chances of passing the …

#528 : The powerful influence of Lady Bird Johnson.

April 18th, 2021


The powerful influence of Lady Bird Johnson. Confronting the myths about poverty in America. Plus, Bill Press with a behind the scenes account of Joe …

#527 : Standing up in Congress for working people.

April 12th, 2021


Standing up in Congress for working people. Standing up in court to fight voter suppression. Plus, Bill Press with Congressman Julian Castro


#526 : How Joe Biden barely won the Presidency.

April 4th, 2021


How Joe Biden barely won the Presidency. The battle on Capitol Hill to win back our democracy.  Plus, Bill Press with Congressman Jamie Raskin.


#525 : The way we work isn’t working.

March 28th, 2021


The way we work isn’t working. How employers exploit our good will and how to fight back. Division and gridlock in American politics and how to fix …

#524 : The intersection of faith and politics

March 21st, 2021


Joe Biden as a Catholic president and what that means for a divided nation. How democratic renewal at home can redefine America’s role in the world. …

#523 : The fight to hold Donald Trump liable

March 15th, 2021


Inside the NAACP lawsuit against Trump for inciting the Capitol riot. How government segregated America and at what cost to Black Americans. Plus, …

#522 : Overcoming political division during the pandemic.

March 8th, 2021


A new era.  Overcoming political division during the pandemic. Bringing back government ethics and integrity after Trump.  Plus, Bill Press  with Dr. …

#521 : A progressive response to the COVID crisis.

March 1st, 2021


A progressive response to the COVID crisis.  A labor movement game plan for the Biden administration.  Plus, Bill Press on the GOP’s bleak future as the party of Trump.


Richard Eskow on what he sees missing in the …

#520 : The new climate war and how to fight it.

February 22nd, 2021


The new climate war and how to fight it. What we are learning about race, gender, and political representation. Plus, Bill Press with the latest on …

#519 : Progressive priorities for the Biden administration.

February 15th, 2021


Progressive priorities for the Biden administration. Making the case for immigration reform and raising the minimum wage. Plus Bill Press with …

#518 : What’s next in the battle for free and fair elections?

February 7th, 2021


What’s next in the battle for free and fair elections? What will it take to achieve equity in education? Plus Bill Press on the year in hate.

David Daley on how Republicans are trying to tighten their grip on minority …

#517 : The politics of geography.

February 1st, 2021


The politics of geography. Where Trump lost voters and why.  


How Nebraska became a Republican stronghold. Plus Bill Press with former Democratic …

#516 : Why it matters to have a Native American cabinet secretary.

January 25th, 2021


Why it matters to have a Native American cabinet secretary. The recurring crises of American democracy and why this time it’s different. Plus,  Bill Press on what President Biden can actually do in his first 100 days.


#515 : Political Reckonings.

January 18th, 2021


Political Reckonings. Confronting the threat of right wing extremism.  Plus. GOP loyalty put to the test. And Bill Press with Congressman David …

#514 : The Democrats' working class problem.

January 11th, 2021


The Democrats' working class problem. Plus, How corporate monopolies have changed our lives. And Bill Press on the right wing media Trump is watching …

#513 : Progressive politics at a turning point.

January 4th, 2021


Progressive politics at a turning point. Trump’s weaponization of the national security state. Plus Bill with Madeleine Albright.


Theda Skocpol on …

#512 : What we need to know about the threat of far right extremist violence.

December 28th, 2020


What we need to know about the threat of far right extremist violence. Plus Bill Press with Susan Rice, incoming Direction of the Domestic Policy …

#511 : The change we have to have.

December 21st, 2020


The change we have to have. How to make America work again for all Americans. Plus, Don Fowler, in his own words. 


Jim Hightower and Senator …

#510 : Moving ahead on a racial justice agenda in a Biden administration.

December 13th, 2020


Moving ahead on a racial justice agenda in a Biden administration. Plus Bill Press on America’s deepening political divide and the future of …

#509 : Tracking corporate ties in the Biden administration.

December 7th, 2020


Tracking corporate ties in the Biden administration. Keeping up the fight against voter suppression. Plus, the case for prosecuting Trump after he …

#508 : The evolving peril of Democratic centrism.

November 30th, 2020


The evolving peril of Democratic centrism. Plus, where voters said yes to progressive ballot measures. And Bill Press with Biden economic transition …

#507 : What we are learning about how Biden won...

November 23rd, 2020


What we are learning about how Biden won, and why Trump’s loss wasn’t worse. Plus, the central role of education in the American experiment.  And …

#506 : Republican redistricting and what that could mean in 2022.

November 16th, 2020


Republicans tighten their control of redistricting and what that could mean in 2022. The economic toll of  the coronavirus pandemic on people of …

#505 : Election 2020 and the future of Democratic party politics.

November 9th, 2020


Election 2020 and the future of Democratic party politics.  A post-vote deep dive with pollster Vic Fingerhut.


Veteran progressive pollster Vic …

#504 : A progressive Congressman’s plan to govern from the inside.

November 1st, 2020


A progressive Congressman’s plan to govern from the inside. Which party is better for the economy?  And Bill Press with the backstory on Trump’s  …

#503 : The progressive potential of a Biden presidency.

October 27th, 2020


The progressive potential of a Biden presidency. A solidarity agenda for a more just America.  And Bill Press on the home stretch to November 3.


#502 : Why we know he has to go.

October 19th, 2020


Why we know he has to go. What Trump’s taxes say about his presidency. Plus, how Trump has taken lying to a dangerous new level.  And Bill Press on …

#501 : What we need to know about the threat of far right extremist violence

October 12th, 2020


A perfect storm. What we need to know about the threat of far right extremist violence as election day draws near. Plus Bill Press on the latest …

#500 : The true meaning of populism in America’s history.

October 5th, 2020


The true meaning of populism in America’s history. A solidarity agenda for America’s future. Plus Bill Press on how Trump turned the presidency into …

#499 : No Turning Back.

September 28th, 2020


No Turning Back. Racial and economic justice for the coronavirus crisis and beyond.  Plus Bill Press on saving the Supreme Court from another Trump appointment.  


Gene Sperling on the economic dignity that all workers …

#498 : Better for All.

September 21st, 2020


Better for All. Rebuilding the middle class with shared prosperity.  Bringing racial and economic justice into the climate movement.  Plus Bill Press …

#497 : Reclaiming populism and rebuilding civic power in an era of crisis.

September 14th, 2020


Reclaiming populism and rebuilding civic power in an era of crisis. Plus, Bill Press on the casualty of truth in the era of Trump.


Rogers M. Smith …

#496 : The past, present and future of progressives in the Senate.

September 8th, 2020


The past, present and future of progressives in the Senate.  A leading political forecaster on who will win in November. Plus, Bill Press with a …

#495 : White rage and the political forces that drive it and benefit from it.

August 31st, 2020


White rage and the political forces that drive it and benefit from it. Plus, Bill Press continues his series on the growing threat of Donald Trump’s …

#494 : Economic Justice and the forgotten history of the March on Washington.

August 24th, 2020


Economic Justice and the forgotten history of the March on Washington. The origins of right wing populism and the future of the GOP. Plus, Bill Press …

#493 : At the crossroads of history.

August 18th, 2020


At the crossroads of history. The political state of play and what Democrats have to do to turn an advantage into victory. Plus, Bill Press continues …

3492 : A defining moment for progressive politics in America.

August 9th, 2020


A defining moment for progressive politics in America. Plus, another attempt to sabotage the census. And Bill Press on why Trump is more dangerous …

#491 : Words Matter.

August 2nd, 2020


Words Matter. President Donald Trump’s increasingly dangerous rhetoric.  Plus, trade wars as class wars. A new way of thinking about the global …

#490 : A racial reckoning for America.

July 27th, 2020


A racial reckoning for America. Will it be different this time? Plus, a new era of toxic politics and how it started.


An extended conversation with …

#489 : The political power of Black women.

July 20th, 2020


The political power of Black women. The deepening crisis of America’s middle class. And, a recap of the latest Supreme Court term.


Black women and …

#488 : A new social contract for the 21st century.

July 13th, 2020


A new social contract for the 21st century. Plus, how Trump could use political chaos to upset the election. And, what “reopen safely” really means …

#487 : Why “Made in America” matters for our nation's future.

July 6th, 2020


Why “Made in America” matters for our nation's future. Why hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients are still waiting to become citizens. Plus, why the world cannot survive another four years of Donald Trump.


How we …

#486 : A Democratic playbook for 2020

June 29th, 2020


A Democratic playbook for 2020, and the fight to win over traditional working class voters. Plus, the failures of Donald Trump’s foreign policy.


#485 : The post pandemic agenda.

June 22nd, 2020


The post pandemic agenda.  What will it take to save public schools? Why universal broadband access matters. Plus, putting a permanent end to police …

#484 : Making politics matter.

June 15th, 2020


Making politics matter.  Taking action for racial justice at the ballot box.  Fighting back against voter suppression.  Plus, why one conservative …

#483 : An economic recovery that works for all.

June 7th, 2020


An economic recovery that works for all. Why racial equity matters. How billionaires are getting richer in the middle of a pandemic. Plus, George Floyd’s death and the reckoning of America.


The economic fallout of the …

#482 : Making real change.

June 2nd, 2020


Making real change. The dangers of politics as a spectator sport. The political potential of nonviolent activism.  Plus Bill Press on the political …

#481 : COVID 19 and the billionaire bonanza.

May 25th, 2020


COVID 19 and the billionaire bonanza. An unauthorized history of the NRA.  Plus Bill Press on what Obamagate is really about.


How pandemic profiteers are deepening America’s wealth gap. Plus, the unauthorized history …

#480 : A better and bolder pandemic relief plan.

May 19th, 2020


A better and bolder pandemic relief plan. Is it time to abolish the electoral college?  Plus Bill Press on the rise of  democratic women in politics.

#479 : Pandemic politics.

May 11th, 2020


Pandemic politics. The state of play in Wisconsin. What Americans think about the rush to reopen. Plus Bill Press on the conservative crisis agenda.


#478 : On the front lines for Medicare for All.

May 5th, 2020


On the front lines for Medicare for All. Nurses take a stand for all Americans to have access to healthcare.  The labor campaign for health care justice. Plus, are we ready to reopen? Bill Press on where we stand now in …

#477 : Democracy fights back.

April 27th, 2020


Democracy fights back. The movement to restore voting rights and make elections fair and free.  Plus, Bill Press with Congressman Eric Swalwell on what it will really take to reopen America.

David Daley on his new book …

#476 : Power Shifts.

April 20th, 2020


Power Shifts. The dangerous rise of religious nationalism. What the future holds for America’s labor unions. Plus, Bill Press gets a behind the …

#475 : Coronavirus and the crisis of poverty.

April 13th, 2020


Coronavirus and the crisis of poverty.  How to put people over profits. Plus, Bill Press on what we owe our front line workers in the midst of a pandemic.


Building a moral response to COVID-19.  An extended …

#474 : Making history with the women of the 116th Congress.

April 6th, 2020


Making history with the women of the 116th Congress. Celebrating the history of Earth Day … online. Plus, how to cover a President who won’t tell the …

#473 : How conservatives hijacked democracy

March 30th, 2020


How conservatives hijacked democracy, and how progressives can win it back. Plus, Trump in a showdown with science. Bill Press with Axios reporter …

#472 : Protecting our vote.

March 23rd, 2020


Protecting our vote.  The battle against gerrymandering.  Standing up for the voting rights of young people. Plus, how not to manage a crisis. Bill …

#471 : Building the Progressive Movement.

March 16th, 2020


Building the Progressive Movement. Filling the slate with working class candidates. A grassroots strategy for democratic victories. Plus  Bill Press …

#470 : The Power to Protect.

March 9th, 2020


The Power to Protect. Fighting back against consumer fraud.  Standing up to end child poverty. Plus Bill Press on the costs of playing politics with …

#469 : Doctors take a stand for single payer health care.

March 2nd, 2020


Doctors take a stand for single payer health care. How Donald Trump is unmaking the presidency. Plus Bill Press on the state of America’s labor movement.


Why doctors are leading a movement to cover medical care for …

#468 : Why labor should support a Green New Deal.

February 24th, 2020


Why labor should support a Green New Deal. Inside the GOP plan to rig elections. Plus Bill Press with the authors of A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. …

#467 : How the Democratic Party can, and should, engage rural America.

February 17th, 2020


How the Democratic Party can, and should, engage rural America.  Why it’s time to abolish the electoral college. Plus Bill Press with GOP insider …

#466 : Black Voters Matter.

February 11th, 2020


Black Voters Matter.  Building the power of black communities at the ballot box. Plus Bill Press with Tom Daschle looking back and looking ahead.


#465 : Building progressive power at the state level.

February 3rd, 2020


Building progressive power at the state level.  Cutting through the fog of centrist corporate speak.   Plus Bill Press on President Trump’s impeachment trial.


How one organization is powering progressive change at the …

#464 : Can unions save democracy?

January 27th, 2020


Can unions save democracy?  And will millionaires help?


Author and organizer Jane McAlevey on her new book,  A Collective Bargain:Unions, …

#463 : Getting it right in 2020

January 19th, 2020


Getting it right in 2020. Making black communities powerful in politics. Turning out progressive voters one conversation at a time. Plus Bill Press …

#462 : A grassroots campaign to build the electoral power of Democrats.

January 13th, 2020


Donald Trump’s campaign to shred environmental protections.  A grassroots campaign to build the electoral power of Democrats. Plus Bill Press on the …

#461 : Listening to working class voters at the ballot box

January 6th, 2020


Listening to working class voters at the ballot box, and fighting for their future in the workplace.  Plus, Bill Press on the Supreme Court’s swing to the right.


What will it take to bring unions back and help workers …

#460 : The Best of 2019

December 30th, 2019


Our favorite interviews from 2019.  Fighting for the rights of felons to vote.  Why walls don’t work. Plus, why 2020 won’t be won by centrists  


The racist roots of denying felons the right to vote.  Everything Donald …

#459 : Framing the Debate for America’s Future.

December 23rd, 2019


Framing the Debate for America’s Future.  Building the case for a wealth tax. Why Democrats need to talk about race and class.  Plus, Bill Press with Tom Friedman on saving American democracy. 


Economist Emmanuael …

#458 : The past and future of race and democracy in America.

December 16th, 2019


The past and future of race and democracy in America. How Reconstruction remade the Constitution. The centrality of racial justice in progressive …

#457 : Democracy Fights Back.

December 8th, 2019


Democracy Fights Back. From outrage to activism, and why it’s not too late to take a stand for the America we want. Plus, Bill Press with Pulitzer …

#456 : Losing ground to corporate America.

December 2nd, 2019


Losing ground to corporate America. Expanding the space for reporting on poverty.  Plus Bill Press gives a failing grade to Republicans defending Donald Trump.


Thomas Philippon on his new book The Great Reversal: How …

#455 : Workers are taking a stand.

November 25th, 2019


Workers are taking a stand.  Are Democrats ready to listen?  Plus Bill Press interviews Norman Ornstein.


Sarah Jaffe on the return of the strike. Mark Dann asks if working class voters can trust the Democrats.  Plus …

#454 : A More Equal Union.

November 18th, 2019


A More Equal Union.  The political crisis of extreme inequality.  How the electoral college undermines democracy.  Plus Jerry Brown and Pete …

#453 : Democracy’s next test.

November 11th, 2019


Democracy’s next test. Why 2020 won’t be won by centrists. How foreign meddling undermines American voters. Plus, an election preview with former …

#452 : Economic Red Flags.

November 4th, 2019



Economic Red Flags. America’s middle class on the decline. The unsustainability of economic inequality. Plus, impeachment advice from a veteran of the Clinton war room.


Why America’s middle class is barely getting …

#451 : Dangers to Democracy.

October 28th, 2019


Dangers to Democracy. The changing politics of presidential power. The evolution of white nationalism. Plus, Bill Press takes a deep dive into the …

#450 : Talk Radio’s America.

October 21st, 2019


Talk Radio’s America. How an industry took over a political party that took over the White House. Plus, Donald Trump’s dangerous war on LBGTQ …

#449 : Fighting for the working class.

October 13th, 2019


Fighting for the working class.  A strategy to rebuild the power of labor unions.  Why Democrats need to take a stand for blue collar voters in 2020. …

#448 : The path to progressive change.

October 8th, 2019


The path to progressive change. The transformative potential of intersectional politics. Why progressives must fight for the states. Plus Bill Press …

#447 : The erosion of democracy under Donald Trump...

October 1st, 2019


The erosion of democracy under Donald Trump, and how to reclaim America with a progressive populist agenda.  Plus Bill Press on the Trump kleptocracy.

#446 : Wake Up Calls

September 23rd, 2019


Wake Up Calls. How right wing policies are killing the voters who support them.  Plus, the truth about the Koch Brothers and their powerful reach. …

#445 : The Future of Politics.

September 16th, 2019


The Future of Politics. Republicans in a battle with a new America, and what that means for progressive Democrats. Plus, is President Trump fit to …

#444 : Reframing white identity.

September 8th, 2019


Reframing white identity. Reforming elections. Plus Bill Press on the politics of how we talk about Israel.


Richard D. Kahlenberg on the limits of …

#443 : Taking a stand for workers.

September 2nd, 2019


Taking a stand for workers. How workers around the world are fighting for a living wage.  The labor campaign for health care justice. Plus Bill Press with former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci.


#442 : The populism we need now

August 25th, 2019


The populism we need now. Revisiting the fight against gerrymandering . Plus Bill Press on Donald Trump’s broken vision of immigration.


David Daley …

#441 : Standing up for Truth.

August 20th, 2019


Standing up for Truth. The evolution of Trump’s attack on the press.  A new commitment to covering climate change. Plus calling out the GOP effort to …

#440 : The Politics of Race: Past and Present

August 12th, 2019


The Politics of Race: Past and Present, plus a defining moment in the history of AIDS in the United States


The GOP’s Southern Strategy from Richard …

#439 : Building a Movement for Deep Change.

August 5th, 2019


Building a Movement for Deep Change.  Confronting the power of concentrated wealth. Overcoming the new Jim Crow. Plus, how to defeat the NRA.


The …

#438 : Delivering on the promise of economic security.

July 28th, 2019


Delivering on the promise of economic security. Why social security works, and NAFTA 2.0 doesn’t. Plus Bill Press with DNC Chair Tom Perez on why the …

#437 : Give voters a bigger voice.

July 22nd, 2019


Give voters a bigger voice. Building the movement for automatic voter registration. Making the case for ranked choice voting. Plus Bill Press with ex Fox news reporter Carl Cameron.


How a new organization is taking on …

#436 : Sounding the alarm.

July 15th, 2019


Sounding the alarm. Military spending nears historic highs, and climate change as a public health emergency.


This week, why 74 medical and health groups are calling climate change the   “greatest public health …

#435 : Building an economy that works for everyone, and how to pay for it.

July 8th, 2019


Building an economy that works for everyone, and how to pay for it. Plus, the decline of diplomacy under Donald Trump.


A moral budget to end poverty in America.  The massive failure of the GOP tax plan. And a …

#434 : America on Edge.

June 30th, 2019


America on Edge. The growing threat of an unnecessary war. Plus, undermining democracy tweet by tweet. And Bill Press’ take on the Democrats’ debate.

#433 : Expanding the reach of progressive populism.

June 24th, 2019


Expanding the reach of progressive populism.  How Democrats can win again in small towns and rural communities with a populist message. Reclaiming …

#432 : The front lines battles over America’s future.

June 17th, 2019


The front lines battles over America’s future.  The right wing’s online assault on American values. The conservative takeover of state politics. And …

#431 : People Powering Change.

June 10th, 2019


People Powering Change.  Teachers at the front line of progressive politics. Mothers leading the fight against gun violence. Plus Bill Press with …

#430 : Making the case for a national popular vote.

June 4th, 2019


Looking ahead to 2020. Winning over the white working class.  What will it take? Plus, making the case for a national popular vote.  And, Bill Press …

#429 : Rediscovering the Declaration of Independence.

May 27th, 2019


Rediscovering the Declaration of Independence. Turning the corner on the death penalty. Plus Bill Press with Mark Pocan, Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.


Democracy theorist Danielle Allen on why a …

#428 : Moving past stereotypes of Appalachia.

May 20th, 2019


The Bigger Story.  Moving past stereotypes of Appalachia. Correcting the history of FDR’s New Deal. And Rep. Al Green joins Bill Press for a rundown of the Presidents impeachable offences.


What Hillbilly Elegy got …

#427 : Standing for all Americans.

May 13th, 2019


Standing for all Americans.  Challenging the citizenship question and fighting for the rights of felons to vote.  And the Bill Press Show gets an update on the effort to arm teachers in Florida..


How a question about …

#426 : The Future of Voting.

May 6th, 2019

The Future of Voting.  Breaking the grip of partisan gerrymandering. Expanding the power of youth.  And Bill Press on “The Democracy Fix”


The unprecedented precision of modern day gerrymandering and how activists are …

#425 : Democracy in crisis and how to repair the damage.

April 29th, 2019


Democracy in crisis and how to repair the damage.  Plus, making the case for an impeachment investigation.  And Bill Press on America’s best and worst presidents.


Why over 100 organizations have signed on to a …

#424 : State of Resistance.

April 22nd, 2019


State of Resistance.  The transformation of California and a roadmap for America’s Future. Plus Bill Press  And Bill Press with a Mueller Report redaction reaction.


The rise, fall and resurgence of progressive …

#423 : Building the progressive vision.

April 14th, 2019


Building the progressive vision. Stopping the war on immigrants. Demanding the right to vote. Plus Bill Press on how to defeat the NRA.


Laying out …

#422 : Rethinking Capitalism.

April 7th, 2019


Rethinking Capitalism.  The limits of greed. How the American dream became temporary. Plus Bill Press with Congressman Ruben Gallego.


A history of the gig economy and the rise and fall of secure work. Plus, why …

#421 : Nurses take a stand for Medicare for All.

March 31st, 2019


Nurses take a stand for Medicare for All.  Plus, the return of socialist fear- mongering. And Bill Press gets a report card on the media’s coverage of the Mueller investigation.


Why the nation's largest union of …

#420 : Standing up for jobs and democracy

March 24th, 2019


Standing up for jobs and democracy. Preventing another Lordstown shutdown, and paving the way for a national popular vote. Plus Bill Press on rigging …

#419 : Fighting the good fight for health care justice.

March 17th, 2019


A new playing field. Fighting the good fight for health care justice. Closing the gap in company pay. Plus Bill Press on “Billionaire Boondoggle”.


The grassroots labor movement for Medicare-for-All. Plus, is it time …

#418 : Revitalizing the American Dream

March 11th, 2019


Revitalizing the American Dream. From America’s classrooms to the global economy. Plus Bill Press with Representative Dan Kildee ( D-MI).


How …

#417 : Defending Democracy in 2020

March 3rd, 2019


Defending Democracy in 2020. The fight against disinformation in elections, and restoring a commitment to global human rights.


What Democrats need to do to protect our elections from disinformation, bots and hacking. …

#416 : Rural America Fights Back.

February 26th, 2019


Rural America Fights Back.  Striking for the future of public education, and challenging the power of Big Ag. Plus, Bill Press with Sabina Singh, Deputy Communications Director for the Democratic National Committee on a …

#415 : Walls Don’t Work.

February 10th, 2019


Walls Don’t Work.  Social Security Does. Plus Bill Press with Congressman Earl Blumenauer.


Everything Donald Trump gets wrong about the Great Wall of China, plus everything Progressive Democrats get right about Social …

#414 : Holding Power Accountable.

February 3rd, 2019


Holding Power Accountable. Restoring the right to vote and curbing corporate greed. Plus Bill Press  on the 2020 contenders to retake the White House.

#413 : Returning Power to American People

January 27th, 2019


This week, nine years into Citizens United, how to turn it around. Plus, an update on the campaign to protect the census from a citizenship question.  And the Bill Press Show with a reality check on border security and …

#412 : The final hours of Martin Luther King Jr.

January 21st, 2019


The final hours of Martin Luther King Junior. The progressive promise of a People’s Budget. Plus a compelling call for Medicare for all.


An author explores the final hours of Martin Luther King, Jr. and what more we …

#411 : What to fight for and what to fight against.

January 13th, 2019


What to fight for and what to fight against. The Green New Deal, a new NAFTA deal, plus Bill Press with Jim Yarmuth on the politics of the government …

#410 : The science of electoral reform and what it matters for democracy and environmental justice.

January 6th, 2019


The science of electoral reform and what it matters for democracy and environmental justice. Plus Bill Press on  who can beat Donald Trump in 2020.


What science has to teach us about fair elections and expanded voting …

#409 : New Year. New Ideas. New America.

December 30th, 2018


New Year. New Ideas. New America.  Economic populism, a progressive foreign policy and the shape of America’s future. Plus what’s next for affordable …

#408 : Looking back to move forward.

December 23rd, 2018


Looking back to move forward.  The deep history of the radical right and its influence today.  Plus, the lessons learned from impeachments past. And …

#407 : Don’t forget the grassroots.

December 18th, 2018


Don’t forget the grassroots.  The activists behind the blue wave.  The connection between drivers licenses and economic justice. Plus Bill Press talks with US Congresswoman Jackie Speier.


We remember two Latino …

#406 : Reversing the damage of the Trump Administration.

December 9th, 2018


Reversing the damage of the Trump Administration. How to right the wrongs of Jeff Sessions’ drug policy. How the midterms delivered a call to action …

#405 : Putting an end to unfair Medicaid work requirements.

December 3rd, 2018


Getting it right this time. Putting an end to unfair Medicaid work requirements.  Fixing a corrupt campaign finance system. Plus, Bill Press on what it will take to confront climate change.


Why the Southern Poverty …

#404 : Looking ahead to 2020

November 25th, 2018


Looking ahead to 2020. Winning over the white working class.  What will it take? Plus, making the case for a national popular vote.  And, Bill Press …

#403 : Seizing the moment for change.

November 18th, 2018


How a new Congress can change the agenda on immigration. And Bill Press with Congressman Dan Kildee (MI) on the Democratic majority in the House and what to do with it.


How voters used ballot measures to mandate an …

#402 - November 11, 2018

November 11th, 2018


Election Results. The President under the microscope. A still divided Congress … and a labor wave.


With the midterms behind us, will the President …

#401 - November 4, 2018

November 4th, 2018


The movement for economic justice in America, and the fight for everyone to have a say.


This week, “good news”  from the frontlines in the battle for voting rights. Plus …  an agenda for change. Why progressive …

#400 - October 28 2018

October 28th, 2018


Voting for our Future.  Why climate change demands political change. plus how an education wave is fueling support for a blue wave. And Marc Morial …

#399 - October 21, 2018

October 21st, 2018


Money and Politics Gone Wrong.   Pulling back the curtain on the president’s tax fraud, and the destructive influence of “dark money” in campaign …

#398 - October 14, 2018

October 14th, 2018


One Party .. two futures?  Between centralism and progressive populism, this election season lays  bare a faultline in Democratic Party politics. …

#397 - October 7, 2018

October 7th, 2018


Julie Koehler examines the political realignment of white women voters.  Erik Loomis walks us through critical moments in our nation’s labor history …

#396 - September 9, 2018

September 9th, 2018


Our Watergate moment, and how we can survive it. Plus, inside the movement to elect the president by a national popular vote.  And Bill Press on why …

#395 - September 2, 2018

September 3rd, 2018


A life-long Republican offers a ruthless takedown of President Trump.  Our interview with GOP strategist Rick Wilson. Plus, Bill Press talks with NBC …

#394 - August 26, 2018

August 26th, 2018


The Fall of Wisconsin: How a once progressive state became a conservative stronghold, and what it means for progressive politics today. Plus, Evan …

#393 - August 19, 2018

August 19th, 2018


Building a progressive populist movement and what that means for rural and small town America.  Plus, Bill Press digs into last week’s primary races …

#392 - August 12, 2018

August 12th, 2018


The promise of The American Dream for everyone. The inclusive populism of Robert Kennedy,  and what leaders are doing today to make a better life …

#391 - August 5, 2018

August 5th, 2018


Bringing truth back to politics.  What the news media gets wrong about the labor movement.  What politicians get wrong about science.


Author …

#390 - July 29, 2018

July 29th, 2018


The war on poverty is far from over. So what should we do now?  The fallacy of “work requirements” for the poor. The possibility of a maximum wage …

#389 - July 22, 2018

July 22nd, 2018


The Supreme Court is challenging our democracy, and why we need to fight back.  How a recent decision undermines the right to vote. Plus, the potential impact of a Brett Kavanaugh confirmation. And, Bill Press with Dan …

#388 - July 15, 2018

July 15th, 2018


Taking a stand for workers rights. How workers around the world are fighting for a living wage.  Can America’s workers find justice under a renegotiated NAFTA? Plus, Bill Press on what Scott Pruitt left behind.


This …

#387 - July 8, 2018

July 8th, 2018


A Nation More Divided. How policing and prison is dividing cities. How the GOP tax plan is widening the gap between rich and poor. Plus, how …

#386 - July 1, 2018

July 1st, 2018


Returning to our American roots.  The egalitarian call of the Declaration of Independence.  The American vision defined by immigrants. Plus, after a …

#385 - June 24, 2018

June 24th, 2018


Economic Populism … from ideas to action.  How states are fighting for economic justice. How ballot measures affect everything progressives fight …

#384 - June 17, 2018

June 16th, 2018


Rights Matter.  A Supreme Court decision strikes a blow to workers rights.  Plus, how denying the right to vote to felons strikes a blow to democracy.  And Bill Press talks with Sam Baker from Axios about the GOP’s …

#383 - June 10, 2018

June 10th, 2018


Fighting for economic justice, from the bottom up and the top down.  A new report on the massive pay gap between CEOs and the average worker. Plus reviving Martin Luther King’s poverty campaign  fifty years later. And …

#382 - June 3, 2018

June 3rd, 2018


Why early childhood is a progressive economic issue and how voters can make an impact.  Plus, a life in politics fighting for progressive ideals. And …

#381 - May 27, 2018

May 27th, 2018


The inseparable tie between identity politics and economic justice.  The troubling tie between charter schools and segregation. And Bill Press talks …

#380 - May 20, 2018

May 19th, 2018



Progressive change is not a spectator sport.  How teachers are leading the way for a comeback of organized labor.  Plus, the art of powerful …

#379 - May 13, 2018

May 13th, 2018


What doesn’t work about work requirements for public assistance. What does work about teachers unions. Plus, Bill Press talks with former Ohio State Senator Capri Cafaro for primaries update.


Author William Ayers …

#378 - May 6, 2018

May 6th, 2018


Donald Trump is making millions as President, and Americans are footing the bill. Plus a report card on Jeff Sessions first year as Attorney General. And Peter Ogburn of the Bill Press Show talks with Alayna Treene of …

#377 - April 29, 2018

April 29th, 2018


The Power of Resistance. How movements for social and economic justice are flourishing, even under Donald Trump.


Support the Show

Had enough of Fox News, the House Freedom …

#376 - April 22, 2018

April 22nd, 2018


Author Annelise Orleck on how poverty wages have sparked a worldwide labor movement. Historian John Russo on the populist economic agenda that …

#375 - April 15, 2018

April 15th, 2018


Donald Trump’s War on Drugs.  How to make a bad idea even worse. And Bill Press on a life in the crosshairs of American politics.

#374 - April 8, 2018

April 8th, 2018


This week, author Amy Siskind on the profound political upheaval under Donald Trump.  Robert Borosage on the profound response only progressive …

#373 - April 1, 2018

March 31st, 2018


Separate and Still Unequal.  Fifty years after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., what more can we learn from his final hours and what …

#372 - March 25, 2018

March 25th, 2018


Why history matters.  A more honest telling over the right to bear arms in American History.  A more powerful understanding of the civil rights …

#371 - March 18, 2018

March 18th, 2018


More than 70 progressive leaders sign a pledge to work for jobs, prosperity and justice. It’s an 11 point plan.  We’ll hear what’s in it. And Peter Ogburn of the Bill Press show talks with Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal.

#370 - March 11, 2018

March 11th, 2018


Labor Advocate Celine McNicholas explains how an upcoming decision from the Supreme Court could undermine the power of public unions. Dan Mauer of …

#369 - March 4, 2018

March 4th, 2018


The disruptive power of social protest.   And Bill Press talks with Carolyn Fiddler about the political power of democrats in 2018.


Author and …

#368 - February 25, 2018

February 25th, 2018


How progressive millenials are changing the game at the ballot box.  And Bill Press talks with Adam Smith of Every Voice about getting big money out …

#367 - February 18, 2018

February 17th, 2018


This week,  Samuel Abrams of the National Center of Privatization in Education on why “public” matters when it comes to public education. And, on the day after tragedy in Florida,  Bill Press interviews Congressman John …

#366 - February 11, 2018

February 10th, 2018


This week, Nan Aron of the Alliance for Justice on how Donald Trump is reshaping the US Court system. Miles Rapoport of the Kennedy School at Harvard …

#365 - February 4, 2018

February 4th, 2018


Truth and Promises.  Can Donald Trump really take credit for lowering black unemployment?  Will his infrastructure plan really be a boost for American workers?   And Bill Press talks with Kyle Kondik about his roadmap …

#364 - January 28, 2018

January 28th, 2018


Across the country, minimum wage is going up.  But is that enough?   More and more journalists take on the challenge of covering Donald Trump.  But does more mean better? And Bill Press talks with Esther Lee of …

#363 - January 21, 2017

January 21st, 2018


This week, Matt Rozsa on why Democrats should take a stand on legalizing marijuana. Author David Cay Johnston on why a year of President Trump is …

#362 - January 14, 2017

January 14th, 2018


This week, Donald Kerwin of the Center for Migration Studies on why everyone loses as Donald Trump pulls the plug on Temporary Protected Status. …

#361 - January 7, 2017

January 6th, 2018


This week, Georgetown law professor Peter Edelman explains how the justice system punishes the poor and rewards the rich. Former FCC Commissioner Michael Copps says pending media mergers will give big business even more …

#360 - December 31, 2017

December 30th, 2017


Law professor James Forman Jr. puts truth to the lie that African Americans don’t care about crime.  Author Tim Snyder says Trump’s America is not a …

#359 - December 24, 2017

December 24th, 2017


What would it actually take to reverse inequality in our nation? Why young progressive democrats should run for office to make a real difference. …

#358 - December 17, 2017

December 18th, 2017


"Progressives turning the Tide" How voters in Maine turned a corner or Medicaid. How legislators in Kansas turned around a bad tax cut bill. And how democrats in Alabama turned red ... into blue.

#356 - December 10, 2017

December 10th, 2017


This week, former FCC Commissioner Michael Copps on how losing net neutrality will be a loss for democracy. Nan Aron, founder and President of the Alliance for Justice on what she calls the “Corporate Court” under Chief …

#356 - November 26, 2017

December 3rd, 2017


This week, Georgetown law professor Peter Edelman on his new book about  the criminalization of poverty in America. Author and Harvard political …

#355 - November 26, 2017

November 27th, 2017


This week, Dan Mauer of the Communications Workers of America outlines a progressive agenda for renegotiating NAFTA. Kenneth Andrews of the …

#354 - November 12, 2017

November 12th, 2017


This week we have two Democrats, one a centrist, one more progressive, on the lessons of the smashing victory in the Virginia gubernatorial race. Jim Kessler of Third Way says Democrats found a candidate who fit his …

#353 - November 5, 2017

November 5th, 2017


A year ago, the progressive world was turned upside down. Today we hear from two critics about why Democrats never saw it coming. Professor Mark Lilla says liberals need to take a “big humility pill.” Longtime …

#352 - October 29, 2017

October 28th, 2017


Journalist and civil liberties watchdog Emily Bazelon says Trump’s war against the press is designed to undermine America’s faith in independent media. As I.R.A’s may come under attack in a new Republican tax bill, …

#351 - October 22, 2017

October 21st, 2017


Long-time CIA watcher John Prados answers the question of why so much information is classified, when everyone knows it already. Richard Clarke was the Bush administration official who foresaw 9-11 but was not heeded. …

#350 - October 15, 2017

October 14th, 2017


Columbia University Professor Mark Lilla has opened a wound among Democrats, arguing that the party must stop emphasizing identity politics. Religion …

#349 - October 8, 2017

October 7th, 2017


The Supreme Court takes up the outrageous gerrymandering of the Wisconsin legislature. Professor Emily Bazelon explains the issue for us. Political …

#348 - October 1, 2017

October 1st, 2017


How are the nation’s intelligence professionals going to react to Trump’s condemnation of them? CIA expert John Prados says the agency is headed for …

#347 - September 24, 2017

September 23rd, 2017


Journalism professor Brooke Kroeger reveals the role of prominent men in New York society who helped women get the vote almost a century ago. Law …

#346 - September 17, 2017

September 17th, 2017


Religion Professor Damon Berry examines the history of white nationalism and its relationship to Christianity. Author Richard Rothstein has written a highly acclaimed book on the history of housing segregation in …

#345 - September 10, 2017

September 10th, 2017


As the nation reflected on 9-11, Jim Zogby says the right wing, aided by the media, unjustly stigmatized fellow Arab Americans. Political scientist …

#344 - September 3, 2017

September 3rd, 2017


The state of Missouri recently took away the pay of workers in St. Louis who had been getting a higher minimum wage. Labor economist Sylvia Allegretto says that in Seattle, the higher minimum wage has worked well, …

#343 - August 27, 2017

August 27th, 2017


The Constitution doesn’t say anything about sex – though the Declaration of Independence promoted the pursuit of happiness – but for the past hundred years or so, courts have been in our bedrooms. Law Professor Geoffrey …

#342 - August 20, 2017

August 20th, 2017


The legacy of racism in America is our subject this week. Author Sheryll Cashin tells the story of the Supreme Court’s “Loving v. Virginia” case and how it was the first legal mention of “white supremacy.” Richard …

#341 - August 13, 2017

August 13th, 2017


Political science professor Nathan Kalmoe reveals that people vote based not on policy questions but on party, as if supporting their favorite sports …

#340 - August 6, 2017

August 5th, 2017


National security expert Richard Clarke explains why experts are so frequently ignored by policy makers on life-and-death issues. Political blogger …

#339 - July 30, 2017

July 30th, 2017


Professor Joan Williams explains the political chasm in America is about class. Author and journalist T.R. Reid has studied the history of tax …

#338 - July 23, 2017

July 23rd, 2017


Historian Tim Snyder says Trump is an aspiring tyrant. Sherryl Cashin, a constitutional lawyer and author on legal matters, reflects on 50 years of legalized racial intermarriage. And Bill Press interviews Connecticut …

#337 - July 16, 2017

July 16th, 2017


National security expert Richard Clarke says Trump has no interest in any investigation into Russia. Professor Ron Formisano says America has moved from a plutocracy to a kleptocracy. And Bill Press interviews …

#336 - July 9, 2017

July 8th, 2017


Law Professor James Forman Jr says it is important to remember that almost all criminal justice decisions are made at the local level – often by African American officials. CBS legal correspondent Jeff Pegues runs down …

#335 - July 2, 2017

July 1st, 2017


Tax reform is next on Mitch McConnell’s to-do list, and author T.R. Reid says Congress has an opportunity to make April 15 just another sunny spring day. Journalist David Callahan is an expert on the world of …

#334 - June 25, 2017

June 25th, 2017


Emily’s List is dedicated to electing women to public office, and communications director Vanessa Cardenas says the last election galvanized a wave …

#333 - June 18, 2017

June 17th, 2017


Yale historian Tim Snyder has a new book about tyranny, and unsurprisingly it is a best-seller. Feminist legal authority Joan Williams says the class …

#332 - June 11, 2017

June 10th, 2017


With former FBI director Jim Comey in the news, we have two interviews touching on his work. Best-selling author Jonathan Allen tells why Hillary Clinton lost the election, with the FBI investigation of her emails a …

#331 - June 4, 2017

June 4th, 2017


Labor economist Teresa Ghilarducci offers a plan for a secure retirement for all Americans and explains why raising the retirement age robs seniors of well-deserved benefits. Increasing the turnout is a huge concern for …

#330 - May 28, 2017

May 28th, 2017


Emily’s List is canvassing the country encouraging and training women to run for office. Communications Director Vanessa Cardenas tells us how. Labor …

#329 - May 21, 2017

May 20th, 2017


The rebirth of the Democratic Party depends on getting better candidates, says pollster John Anzalone. Harvard Professor Theda Skocpol says it …

#328 - May 14, 2017

May 13th, 2017


Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server remains at the center of the FBI mess, and best-selling campaign biographer Jonathan Allen says her decision to use it was the black cloud that hung over her campaign. Charlie Peters, the …

#327 - May 6, 2017

May 6th, 2017


Hillary Clinton has come out of her post-election shell as just an individual member of “the Resistance.” And feminist law professor Deborah Rhode describes what the last election means for women candidates, while …

#326 - April 30, 2017

April 29th, 2017


Centrist leader Jim Kessler says the rank and file have disappeared in both political parties. Philanthropy expert David Callahan explains who the …

#325 - April 23, 2017

April 22nd, 2017


Globalist Edward Goldberg warns that an America First agenda increases the chances of war because of economic disruption. Professor Todd Gitlin says …

#324 - April 16, 2017

April 15th, 2017


David Rolf, who led the fight for a 15-dollar-an-hour minimum wage, says traditional unions are dead, and workers have to invent the next labor …

#323 - April 9, 2017

April 8th, 2017


Charlie Peters remembers the New Deal. Things have gone off the rails since then, but he remains optimistic. Why? “We have no choice,” he says. Fred Rotondaro says he is NOT optimistic, but thinks Trump will be …

#322 - April 2, 2017

April 1st, 2017


The war of lies from the White House and the Kremlin, and the outbreak of fake news everywhere, makes one wonder why people just can’t handle the truth. Professor Arthur Lupia has written extensively about public …

#321 - March 26, 2017

March 25th, 2017


Political moderate Jim Kessler, who has worked for prominent Democrats, says the party went wrong when it assumed it could win by relying only on …

#320 - March 19, 2017

March 18th, 2017


Melvin Goodman spent 42 years in the U.S. intelligence community and says there is no doubt about Russian interference in the election. David Cay …

#319 - March 12, 2017

March 11th, 2017


Everyone says Democrats need to build from the ground up. And that, says feminist professor Deborah Rhode, means women running for office. But professor Shauna Shames has a study showing the best and the brightest want …

#318 - March 5, 2017

March 4th, 2017


With Russia this, and Russia that, Republican former Ambassador Mike Ussery says Europe should be getting more attention from foreign policy …

#317 - February 26, 2017

February 25th, 2017


With the big to-do over choosing a new Democratic National Committee chair, former DNC head and Senator Fred Harris, says the message has to be “we care about you, too.” Author Vinnie Rotondaro examines how Trump preyed …

#316 - February 19, 2017

February 18th, 2017


Todd Gitlin, a chronicler of the New Left and the progressive movement, says anti-Trump forces must keep up every day resistance and widen the circle of people who are committed to fighting. Author Gene Stone says …

#315 - February 12, 2017

February 11th, 2017


Eminent historian Dan Rodgers says it’s the job of Democrats to obstruct most of the Trump agenda and create a new coalition. Political science …

#314 - February 5, 2017

February 4th, 2017


Political scientist Arthur Lupia explains why most people are ignorant about political issues and why Democrats fail to provide quick and easy … Netcast - January 29th, 2017

January 28th, 2017


Melvin Goodman spent 42 years in government service as an intelligence analyst. He says Trump’s disparagement of the CIA is incredibly dangerous. Susie Linfield, a journalism professor at NYU, says progressives have to … Netcast - January 22nd, 2017

January 22nd, 2017


Fred Harris, once the chair of the Democratic National Committee and the leading populist in America, says the party must rebuild from the ground up. … Netcast - January 15th, 2017

January 15th, 2017


The book on Donald Trump is already out. Author Gene Stone has written “The Trump Survival Guide,” advice for living through what we never thought … Netcast - January 8th, 2017

January 8th, 2017


Professor Richard Conley, an expert on congressional and presidential relations, says Trump could be in for a rough honeymoon with Congress if he … Netcast - January 1st, 2017

December 31st, 2016


Regular commentator Fred Rotondaro says Americans were feeling neglected for 30 to 40 years and that’s why we have Trump. Professor Peter Marcuse … Netcast - December 25th, 2016

December 25th, 2016


Pulitzer Prize winning author Steven Coll, now the editor of the Columbia Journalism Review, delves into how the company run by Trump’s Secretary of … Netcast - December 18th, 2016

December 17th, 2016


Prominent historian Dan Rodgers has some good news among the election wreckage – the Republican Party is a fragile alliance and Democrats can exploit it. With a Cabinet of the stupendously rich, Patriotic Millionaire … Netcast - December 11th, 2016

December 11th, 2016


More election post-mortems: Professor Allan Lichtman explains how he predicted the Trump victory. Democratic strategist Celinda Lake says the party needs younger leadership and better voter turnout. And Congressman Dan … Netcast - December 3rd, 2016

December 4th, 2016


Harvard Law Professor Joseph William Singer says that without government regulation, there really is no freedom. Climate change expert Cathleen Kelly … Netcast - November 27th, 2016

November 26th, 2016


Political scientist Alan Abramowitz predicted the Trump victory and says it happened because Republicans did better than expected in places that were … Netcast - November 20th, 2016

November 19th, 2016


Professor Eddie Goldberg, an expert on globalism, says Trump will continue blowing smoke about China but nothing will happen because the two … Netcast - November 13th, 2016

November 12th, 2016


The demographics were all on Hillary Clinton’s side … but the polls missed how many Democrats would stay home. An election analysis from pollster … Netcast - November 6th, 2016

November 6th, 2016


What foreign policy issues will the next president face? Harvard Professor Joseph Nye says it could be danger from Russia, because the Putin regime … Netcast - October 30th, 2016

October 29th, 2016


Think the election is rigged? Author David Daley says elections have always been rigged – by Republicans. Professor Peter Marcuse calls our attention to the housing crisis – signified by increasing numbers of renters … Netcast - October 23rd, 2016

October 22nd, 2016


Journalist and author John Judis says populism, from left or right, can demonstrate something is wrong with the body politic, but it rarely succeeds … Netcast - October 16th, 2016

October 16th, 2016


Chuck Collins was born into the Oscar Mayer fortune, gave away his money, and tells us why the head of Wells Fargo belongs not just without a job but … Netcast - October 9th, 2016

October 9th, 2016


Kathleen Kennedy Townsend offers reflections about her father, Robert F. Kennedy, and why the senior George Bush is against Trump. Democratic analyst Vic Fingerhut wants the Clinton campaign not to dismiss independents. … Netcast - October 2nd, 2016

October 2nd, 2016


Two Democratic campaign pro’s handicap the presidential and congressional campaign. Pollster Celinda Lake says it’s a tight race that will depend on … Netcast - September 25th, 2016

September 25th, 2016


Something a little different this week – two Republicans weigh in on Trump’s foreign policy and the global issues facing whoever is elected president. Netcast - September 18th, 2016

September 18th, 2016


David Cay Johnston, a financial journalist, has covered Donald Trump for almost 30 years. He shares his shocking revelations with us. Journalist Larry Tye has written a biography of Robert F. Kennedy and he says this … Netcast - September 11th, 2016

September 11th, 2016


Vic Fingerhut is a Democratic strategist who is concerned that the Clinton campaign is not doing all it can to win a critical voting group. Author … Netcast - September 4th, 2016

September 4th, 2016


As we celebrate Labor Day, Service Employees International Union leader David Rolf takes us through the increasingly successful fight for a 15-dollar … Netcast - August 28th, 2016

August 28th, 2016


Congressional elections expert Mark Gersh predicts Democrats could win the Senate and should pick up double-digit gains in the House. Political … Netcast - August 21th, 2016

August 21st, 2016


Professor Jennifer Lawless says Hillary Clinton’s status as a woman won’t make any difference in whether people vote for or against her. Climate … Netcast - August 14th, 2016

August 14th, 2016


Democratic polling expert Celinda Lake breaks down the demographics of the presidential campaign. The Washington Post just printed an exposé about … Netcast - August 7th, 2016

August 6th, 2016


With Donald Trump dominating the news, we have two experts who try to explain him. Tax expert and journalist David Cay Johnston says Trump is a tax cheat who has associated with the mob most of his career. And … Netcast - July 31st, 2016

July 31st, 2016


A special netcast today, following the Democratic National Convention. Former Maryland Governor and presidential contender Martin O’Malley and former … Netcast - July 24th, 2016

July 23rd, 2016


Princeton historian Sean Wilentz makes the case FOR partisanship in politics as a way to create effective change. Journalist James Fallows reflects … Netcast - July 17th, 2016

July 17th, 2016


Former Senator Larry Pressler was a Republican, now an independent, and he heartily supports Hillary Clinton for president. Kyle Kondik forecasts … Netcast - July 10th, 2016

July 10th, 2016


Regular commentator Fred Rotondaro says Hillary’s campaign is hampered by Bill’s and her tendency to say dumb things but Donald Trump’s campaign is a … Netcast - July 3rd, 2016

July 2nd, 2016


Republican trade expert Clyde Prestowitz says the winners in free trade are the 1 per cent and the losers are everyone else. Progressive author Thomas Frank asks “What the hell happened to Barack Obama?” The question is … Netcast - June 26th, 2016

June 25th, 2016


Salon editor David Daley has written a new book provocatively titled “Rat-Effed,” about how Republicans openly manipulated the political process to … Netcast - June 19th, 2016

June 18th, 2016


Todd Gitlin, a historian of the Sixties, compares Donald Trump to George Wallace, but this time the racism won’t help the Republicans win the White House as it did in 1968. In light of the Orlando massacre, we reprise … Netcast - June 12th, 2016

June 11th, 2016


As Hillary Clinton homes in on the Democratic presidential nomination, political science professor Jennifer Lawless says that voting for women is no … Netcast - June 5th, 2016

June 3rd, 2016


Harvard’s top foreign policy expert, Joseph Nye, looks at the global challenges facing the next president. Hillary Clinton biographer Jonathan Allen … Netcast - May 29th, 2016

May 28th, 2016


Political scientist Jacob Hacker says Americans are amnesiacs. Many have forgotten what already made it great. The answer, he says, is government. … Netcast - May 22nd, 2016

May 20th, 2016


This week we hear from a couple of prominent professors who have the guts to say what few people want to admit. Princeton historian Sean Wilentz says partisanship is actually good for democracy, and Harvard law … Netcast - May 15th, 2016

May 14th, 2016


Prominent author Thomas Frank, who wrote, “What’s the Matter With Kansas,” turns his fire on class-conscious Democrats – the upper class. D.C. … Netcast - May 8th, 2016

May 7th, 2016


Now that it looks like a Clinton-Trump presidential campaign, journalist Jonathan Allen, who wrote a book about Hillary, says the contest could be … Netcast - May 1st, 2016

May 1st, 2016


On May Day, union lawyer Tom Geoghegan says strengthening the labor movement is the key to rebuilding the middle class. Donald Trump boasts that he will defeat the Islamic State, but Middle East expert and … Netcast - April 24, 2016

April 24th, 2016


Union executive David Rolf celebrates “The Fight for Fifteen” … law professor Nancy Maveety talks about partisanship in the history of Supreme Court … Netcast - April 17, 2016

April 16th, 2016


This week, we talk about elections – turnout, dirty tricks, and voting from home. Journalist Andrew Gumbel, of The Guardian, says there is a … Netcast - April 10, 2016

April 9th, 2016


Professor Alan Abramowitz predicts the presidential election … Todd Gitlin compares Donald Trump to George Wallace … and Bill Press interviews Amanda … Netcast - April 3, 2016

April 2nd, 2016


Author Steven Hill explains how the new economy is reshaping what we think of as work. Former ambassador AND Republican Mike Ussery has some thoughts … Netcast - March 27, 2016

March 26th, 2016


The head of the Latino Victory Fund says the road to the White House will go through the Latino community. Pediatrician Nina Agrawal exposes the Republican Congress’s refusal to fund research on one major epidemic … Netcast - March 20, 2016

March 19th, 2016


Jere Glover has been studying national economic data for years, and, once again, the latest figures show that the economy thrives under Democrats and flops under Republicans. Robert Paarlberg is an expert on food, and … Netcast - March 13, 2016

March 12th, 2016


Former ambassador Peter Galbraith talks about Syria and how both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders measure up on foreign policy issues. Wendell … Netcast - March 6, 2016

March 6th, 2016


Political Science Professor Nancy Maveety is an expert on how presidents pick judicial nominees. Things are different this time around, she says, … Netcast - February 28, 2016

February 28th, 2016


What if you could vote by mail instead of trekking down to the your precinct’s polling place. Former Oregon Secretary of State Phil Keisling says it … Netcast - February 21, 2016

February 20th, 2016


Progressive author Steven Hill of the New America Foundation says the old New Deal economy and its safety net guarantees is crumbling for millions of … Netcast - February 14, 2016

February 13th, 2016


Richard Hasen on plutocrats in politics … Chuck McCutcheon on what the politicians really mean … and Bill Press interviews Charles Lechner, of … Netcast - February 7, 2016

February 7th, 2016


Sheila Simon on the corporate takeover of the Illinois governor’s mansion … former ambassador Michael Ussery on Republicans and foreign policy … and … Netcast - January 31 2016

January 30th, 2016


Former Carter aide Richard Moe on the former president’s legacy, political scholar Elaine Kamarck on the changing news media, and Bill Press … Netcast - January 24, 2016

January 23rd, 2016


Jere Glover proves that Democrats are better for the economy … immigration expert Maria Cristina Garcia says Americans have always been wary about … Netcast - January 17, 2016

January 16th, 2016


Cristobal Alex says Hillary Clinton pretty much has the Latino vote locked up … Why are so many poor people obese? Robert Paarlberg explains.… and Bill Press interviews Ben Wikler of Move-On.


Hispanic leader Cristobal … Netcast - January 10, 2016

January 10th, 2016


Gun safety is at the top of the national agenda, and ours, too. Pediatrician Nina Agrawals says cars are regulated but no one wants to take your car … Netcast - January 3, 2016

January 3rd, 2016


Labor expert Tom Geoghegan calls GOP interest in working people “baloney.” Progressive political analyst Ed Kilgore assesses Hillary Clinton’s … Netcast - December 27, 2015

December 27th, 2015


Fred Rotondaro assesses Pope Francis and Paul Ryan … Lee Drutman answers the question of what kind of person runs for president … and Bill Press … Netcast - December 20, 2015

December 20th, 2015


Elaine Kamarck on those wacky Republicans … Richard Moe on refugees … and Bill Press with Morris Pearl, a patriotic millionaire.


Republican debate … Netcast - December 13, 2015

December 12th, 2015


Immigration historian Maria Cristina Garcia says the current uproar over refugees is not new … Harvard Professor Danielle Allen reflects on the … Netcast - December 6, 2015

December 6th, 2015


Baltimore law professor Michael Higginbotham and political columnist Ed Kilgore analyze the Black Lives Matter movement … and Bill Press interviews … Netcast - November 29, 2015

November 29th, 2015


Melanne Verveer on women’s economic power. Fred Harris tells the truth about immigration. and, on the Bill Press Show, Jimmy Williams interviews Jackie Kucinich.


Melanne Verveer was the first U.S. ambassador for … Netcast - November 22, 2015

November 22nd, 2015


Thanksgiving reflection – America’s income inequality is worse than Pakistan’s says Ron Formisano. Voters often don’t bother to consider reality, says Arthur Lupia. And Bill Press interviews Cameron Joseph about the NRA … Netcast - November 15, 2015

November 15th, 2015


Civil rights historian Michael Higginbotham says black lives have always mattered. Housing expert Andre Shashaty says minorities are now afflicted by “zombie foreclosures.” And Bill Press interviews CNN’s Tom LoBianco … Netcast - November 8, 2015

November 6th, 2015


Lee Drutman says Paul Ryan may be in for a surprise … Fred Rotondaro says the Republican presidential candidates are looking for answers too … Netcast - November 1, 2015

November 1st, 2015


Fred Harris on the fruits of the Kerner Commission … Ari Berman on Republican attempts to keep Democrats from voting … and a Bill Press Show interview with about Bernie Sanders and pot.


Fred Harris is the last … Netcast - October 25, 2015

October 25th, 2015


David Grusky tells how inequality is passed down from generation to generation … Aaron Schutz talks about the father of community organizing, Saul … Netcast - October 18, 2015

October 18th, 2015



Historian Ron Formisano describes plutocracy … legal expert Garrett Epps explains the loss of voting rights … and Bill Press interviews Senator Sherrod Brown on the T-P-P.



Historian Ronald Formisano explains what … Netcast - October 11, 2015

October 11th, 2015


Historian David Kennedy on military-civilian relations … professor Jennifer Lawless on why young people hate politics … and Bill Press interviews … Netcast - October 4, 2015

October 4th, 2015


Historian Julian Zelizar on the legacy of Jimmy Carter … energy expert Michael Levi on the Keystone pipeline and fracking … and Bill Press interviews … Netcast - September 27, 2015

September 27th, 2015


Arthur Lupia on the pull of political ignorance … David Rolf on workers’ rights in the new economy … and Bill Press interviews journalist Alex … Netcast - September 20, 2015

September 20th, 2015


Historian Michael Genovese bemoans the lack of strong leaders … sociologist David Grusky says America is not as upwardly mobile as we think … and … Netcast - September 13, 2015

September 13th, 2015


Garrett Epps on Republican attempts to repeal the 14th Amendment; Andre Shashaty reflects on the 50 years since the Watts riot. And Bill Press interviews disarmament expert Joe Cirincione.


A Constitution Week … Netcast - September 6, 2015

September 6th, 2015


A former aide, James Fallows, reminisces about Jimmy Carter … Professor Jennifer Lawless examines why young people turn away from politics … and Bill … Netcast - August 30, 2015

August 30th, 2015


With Labor Day coming up, union president David Rolf and economic analyst David Madland explain how a strong economy relies on the middle class. And … Netcast - August 23, 2015

August 22nd, 2015


Prominent historian Michael Genovese on why Trump would be a terrible president … voting expert Daniel McGraw says Republican voters are dying faster … Netcast - August 16, 2015

August 16th, 2015


Fifty years after the Watts riot, we talk about race and power, with anthropologist Richard Perry and community organizing expert Aaron Schutz. In … Netcast - August 9, 2015

August 9th, 2015


Climate change -- historian David Kennedy says it is is the biggest national security threat, and energy guru Michael Levi says it could be eased by … Netcast - August 2, 2015

August 2nd, 2015


Isaac Martin on rich peoples’ movements, Caroline Lee on “do-it-yourself democracy” and Bill Press with Congressman Jim Clyburn.


With Hillary … Netcast - July 26, 2015

July 26th, 2015


Fred Rotondaro talks about urban policing … author Richard Heinberg says fracking may be doomed by economics alone. And Bill Press chats with Peter … Netcast - July 19, 2015

July 19th, 2015


Stephen Miles says Republicans want war with Iran … voting analyst Daniel McGraw says Republicans are dying off faster than they are being replaced … and Bill Press talks with Congressman Dan Kildee of Michigan. Netcast - July 12, 2015

July 12th, 2015


Ira Shapiro in favor of the Trans-Pacific Partnership … Richard Perry on racism as a social disease … and Bill Press with humorist Stephanie Miller.


With President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement still … Netcast - July 5, 2015

July 2nd, 2015


David Madland says America was founded as a middle-class country. John Halpin says Hillary looks pretty solid … and Bill Press celebrates 10 years on … Netcast - June 28, 2015

June 28th, 2015


David Shipler on the state of the First Amendment, Lee Drutman on corporate influence peddling, and Bill Press interviews New York Congressman Paul … Netcast - June 21, 2015

June 20th, 2015


Maryland attorney general Frosh on fracking … peace advocate Stephen Miles on U.S. policy toward Iran … and Bill Press interviews Congressman John … Netcast - June 14, 2015

June 13th, 2015


Barney Frank with a message for progressives … Fred Rotondaro on TPP and the 2016 campaign … and Bill Press with Sister Simone Campbell, of Nuns on the Bus.


Some tough words for progressives from former Congressman … Netcast - June 7, 2015

June 7th, 2015


Former trade negotiator Ira Shapiro says fears about the TPP are exaggerated … Judicial analyst Ian Millhiser indicts the Supreme Court. And Bill Press interviews TPP opponent Congresswoman Jackie Speier.


A former … Netcast - May 31, 2015

May 31st, 2015


Author Robert Putnam on the rich world and the poor world … Latina activist Eileen Truax on immigration … and Bill Press interviews USA Today’s Susan Page


“Bowling Alone” author Robert Putnam has a new book out in … Netcast - May 24, 2015

May 24th, 2015


First amendment expert David Shipler says covering Washington is like covering Cold War Russia … sociology professor Andrew Cherlin ties a drop in … Netcast - May 17, 2015

May 17th, 2015


Barney Frank says his Wall Street reforms are working … Lee Drutman says Congress is a farm league for K Street. And Bill Press gets Congressman Xavier Becerra to consider a Senate run.


Barney Frank says that a repeal … Netcast - May 10, 2015

May 9th, 2015


Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh on the troubles in Baltimore … former Ambassador Peter Galbraith on trusting Iran – or not … and Bill Press … Netcast - May 3, 2015

May 3rd, 2015


Ian Millhiser explains what’s wrong – or far right – with the Supreme Court. Jared Bernstein says politics got in the way of a fuller economic … Netcast - April 26, 2015

April 26th, 2015


John Halpin on Hillary Clinton and income inequality … Thomas Geoghegan on the Democratic Party’s need to revive organized labor … and Bill Press interviews Congresswoman Barbara Lee.



Democratic analyst John Halpin … Netcast - April 19, 2015

April 19th, 2015


Robert Putnam on the growing opportunity gap, Barry Eichengreen on watching out for the banking industry … and Bill Press with Congresswoman Cheri Bustos.


Harvard professor Robert Putnam, of “Bowling Alone” fame, … Netcast - April 12, 2015

April 12th, 2015


Former diplomat Peter Galbraith asks what’s the alternative to a deal with Iran. Environmental author Richard Heinberg says we may be facing the end of civilization. And Bill Press interviews church & state expert … Netcast - April 4, 2015

April 4th, 2015


Hillary Clinton biographer Jonathan Allen on her campaign prospects … professor Thomas Schaller on problems facing House Republicans … and Bill Press … Netcast - March 29, 2014

March 29th, 2015


Historians Julian Zelizer and David Chappell reflect on the civil rights movement after Martin Luther King … and Latina activist Eileen Truax looks … Netcast - March 22, 2014

March 21st, 2015


Lani Guinier on merit in college admissions, Caroline Lee on the public engagement industry, and Bill Press with Congressman John Larson on Social … Netcast - March 15, 2014

March 15th, 2015


Joe Califano remembers the Great Society … sociologist Chad Broughton remembers NAFTA … and Bill Press interviews municipal employees’ union … Netcast - March 8, 2014

March 7th, 2015


Jon Allen on Hillary Clinton’s blind spots … Jared Bernstein on economic recovery … and Bill Press with guest April Ryan on the Ferguson report.


Author Jonathan Allen says the Hillary Clinton organization has a number … Netcast - March 1, 2014

March 1st, 2015


Obama gets a B-plus on recovery efforts … the radical rich borrow tactics the radical poor … and Bill Press interviews House Democratic whip Steny Hoyer.



Economist Barry Eichengreen says Obama deserves a B-plus in … Netcast - February 22, 2014

February 21st, 2015


The buzz about the movie “Selma” from historian Julian Zelizer. Mike Barnes on Putin, the thug … and Bill Press interviews Elizabeth Warren backer … Netcast - February 15, 2014

February 14th, 2015


Califano on the movie “Selma,” author Darman on how LBJ and Reagan were alike, and Bill Press interviews Hillary biographer Jonathan Allen.


With the Oscars coming up, former Lyndon Johnson aide Joe Califano unloads on … Netcast - February 8, 2014

February 7th, 2015


Re-inventing the labor movement with Thomas Geoghan… moving toward third-world status with Thomas Schaller … and Bill Press interviews Congresswoman Donna Edwards.


Thomas Geoghegan has written a book called “Only One … Netcast - February1, 2014

January 31st, 2015


Lani Guinier on what’s wrong with the college “testocracy”. Chad Broughton on how NAFTA killed a major manufacturer. And Bill Press interviews … Netcast - January 25, 2014

January 24th, 2015


Russia expert Mark Katz says Putin is in trouble. Professor Carey Nelson opposes boycotting Israeli universities. And Bill Press interviews Congressman John Sarbanes.


President Obama tweaked Russia in his State of the … Netcast - January 18, 2014

January 17th, 2015


Barnes says Obama’s moves will hasten democracy in Cuba … human rights expert Eric Posner names free speech as the number one right … and Bill Press talks with LBJ archivist Kent Germany.


With President Obama easing … Netcast - January 11, 2014

January 11th, 2015


Fred Rotonadaro on the Cuomo legacy … historian David Chapell on the MLK-LBJ legacy … and Bill press interviews Poltico’s Burgess Everett on the new … Netcast - January 4, 2014

January 3rd, 2015


Stephanie Rawlings-Blake on Democratic strategy … Gary Donaldson on LBJ and Ike … and Nancy Altman on the future of Social Security.


Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the secretary of the Democratic National … Netcast - December 28, 2014

December 28th, 2014


Food exert Courtney Thomas on GMOs … academic freedom expert Cary Nelson on the BDS movement … and Bill Press with Politico’s Steven Shepard.


A … Netcast - December 21, 2014

December 20th, 2014


Posner on human rights … Lake on the midterm elections… and Bill Press with former Congressman Dennis Kucinich.


A human rights expert talks about … Netcast - December 14, 2014

December 13th, 2014


Joel Kotkin on the issue of class in America … Chad Broughton  on the loss of middle class jobs … and Bill Press with political strategist Brad … Netcast - December 7, 2014

December 7th, 2014


Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake on police-community relations… Fred Rotondaro on Democrats needing a new brand … and Bill Press with Congressman … Netcast - November 30, 2014

November 29th, 2014


Altman says Social Security should be expanded, Skillen reflects on faith and politics, and Forbath talks about the liberal foundations of … Netcast - November 23, 2014

November 23rd, 2014


Thanksgiving – a time for eating and drinking. But professor Courtney Thomas says our food is not safe enough and professor Karen Piper says we are facing a water shortage. And Bill Press interviews Senator Patrick … Netcast - November 16th, 2014

November 16th, 2014


Kotkin on the liberal elites that run America but lose elections, Wedel on the unseen institutional elites that run America. And Bill Press talks with climate expert Joe Romm.


Who runs America? This week’s guests – … Netcast - November 9th, 2014

November 8th, 2014


Celinda Lake on the Democrats’ drubbing, former diplomat Robert Hormats on bipartisanship in foreign policy, and Bill Press interviews Zeke Miller of … Netcast - November 2nd, 2014

November 2nd, 2014


O’Connell on presidents and religion, Vaheesan on how corporations play monopoly with our money, and Bill Press interviews Congressman Keith Ellison. Netcast - October 26th, 2014

October 26th, 2014


Darman on the similarities between LBJ and Reagan … Rhode on what women want … and Bill Press talks ebola with Congressman Peter Welch.


What did … Netcast - October 19th, 2014

October 18th, 2014


Thomas Frank reminds us what’s still the matter with Kansas. Professor William Forbath says the Constitution belongs to progressives. And Bill Press … Netcast - October 12th, 2014

October 12th, 2014


Hormats says ebola is a foreign policy challenge. Teixeira says 2016 looks good for Democrats, as do next month’s gubernatorial elections, says Danny … Netcast - October 5th, 2014

October 4th, 2014


Gary Donaldson on the LBJ alliance with Eisenhower. Karen Piper on how corporations control the world’s water. And Bill Press interviews Maryland … Netcast - September 28th, 2014

September 28th, 2014


Last term’s Supreme Court decisions on women’s rights should make Democrats happy this fall, says commentator Fred Rotondaro. Former ambassador Mike … Netcast - September 21st, 2014

September 21st, 2014


Author Thomas Frank tells Democratic candidates what to run on … Feminist law professor Deborah Rhode tells us what women want. And Bill Press interviews California Congressman John Garamendi.


Essayist Thomas Frank … Netcast - September 14th, 2014

September 14th, 2014


Is Chief Justice John Roberts crazy? Why can’t we take corporations to court? The answers to these dilemmas come from constitutional scholar Jack … Netcast - September 7th, 2014

September 7th, 2014


Journalist Chuck McCutcheon decodes Washington-speak … anthropologist Janine Wedel decodes the world of shadow lobbyists. And Bill Press interviews … Netcast - August 31st, 2014

August 30th, 2014


Professor Gordon Lafer reviews the corporate war against labor. Antitrust expert Sandeep Vaheesan reveals a corporate conspiracy to repeal the laws … Netcast - August 17th, 2014

August 24th, 2014


David Chappell reflects on the legacy of Martin Luther King. David O’Connell has surprising conclusions about presidents and religion. And Bill Press interviews Jillien Meier about hunger in America.


Another … Netcast - August 17th, 2014

August 17th, 2014


Law professor Jack Balkin says we have to reclaim the Constitution,  historian Harvey Kaye says we have to reclaim the Four Freedoms ,and Madison … Netcast - August 10th, 2014

August 9th, 2014


Fred Rotondaro says the border crisis is a pro-life issue. Journalist Chuck McCutcheon decodes Beltway blather. And Bill Press interviews Ohio … Netcast - August 3rd, 2014

August 3rd, 2014


Ruy Teixeira on white working class voters … Mike Konczal on protecting the social safety net … and Bill Press interviews retiring Senator Tom Harkin, founder of 21st Century Democrats.


With just three months left … Netcast - July 27th, 2014

July 27th, 2014


Mike Barnes on trouble in Ukraine … Tom Malleson on trouble in the economy and Bill Press with Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro on trouble at the border. Netcast - July 20th, 2014

July 20th, 2014


GOP sues Obama but can YOU sue anyone anymore? Lina Khan says no. Tech innovator Aneesh Chopra offers lessons on government data collection. And Bill … Netcast - July 13th, 2014

July 12th, 2014


Religion is on the menu today with theologian James Skillen, activist nun Simone Campbell and a Bill Press interview with Debbie Wasserman Schultz on … Netcast - July 6th, 2014

July 4th, 2014


Economist Gordon Lafer on the GOP and the Supreme Court’s war on workers …  author Harvey Kaye on the legacy of FDR’s “Four Freedoms” and Bill Press with steelworkers president Leo Gerard


The Supreme Court has just … Netcast - June 29th, 2014

June 29th, 2014


Diplomat Peter Galbraith says Obama is on the right course in Iraq. Professor Danielle Allen explains the meaning of the Declaration of Independence. And Bill Press interviews author Jonathan Allen about Hillary … Netcast - June 22th, 2014

June 22nd, 2014


Sandra Hanson on the American Dream … Mike Konczal on the fallacy of voluntarism …and Bill Press with his guest, Congressman Mark Pocan.



How has … Netcast - June 14th, 2014

June 14th, 2014


Cashin on  replacing affirmative action … Hibbing on the genetic basis of politics … and Bill Press with his guest, Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth. Netcast - June 8th, 2014

June 8th, 2014


Peter Galbraith on Obama’s foreign policy; Jan Leighley on why rich people vote. And Bill Press interviews Senator Bernie Sanders..


President Obama … Netcast - June 1st, 2014

June 1st, 2014


Economist James K. Galbraith talks about trade policy … researcher Tom Malleson talks about the remarkable new book by Thomas Piketty … and Harvard’s … Netcast - May 18th, 2014

May 25th, 2014


A holiday treatise on the Declaration of Independence by Princeton Professor Danielle Allen … regular commentator Fred Rotondaro’s assessment of … Netcast - May 18th, 2014

May 18th, 2014


Sister Simone Campbell says GOP budget proposals fail the moral test, former Congressman Mike Barnes says Republicans would have us in a war every … Netcast - May 11th, 2014

May 10th, 2014


College admissions should about place, not race, says professor Sheryll Cashin. Government must work with business to create innovative ways of … Netcast - May 4th, 2014

May 4th, 2014


Privacy expert Peter Singer on Internet security, Democratic strategist Ed Kilgore on progressive values messaging, and Bill Press interviews Congresswoman Gwen Moore.


Internet Explorer and AOL are the latest … Netcast - April 20th, 2014

April 27th, 2014


Peter Galbraith speculates on Putin’s role on the world stage. Professor Sandra Hanson re-examines the American Dream. And Bill Press interviews … Netcast - April 20th, 2014

April 20th, 2014



Political scientist John Hibbing says political beliefs are part of our DNA from an evolutionary point of view. Professor Edward Caudill says a … Netcast - April 13th, 2014

April 12th, 2014


Income inequality: It destabilizes the economy, says James K. Galbraith, and it affects election outcomes, says political scientist Jan Leighley. And … Netcast - April 6th, 2014

April 6th, 2014


Activist Madison Paige says fighting big money in politics requires micropolitics.  Former Ambassador Michael Ussery says things could get nasty in … Netcast - March 30th, 2014

March 30th, 2014


Ed Kilgore on the Ryan budget … Phil Longman on the challenges facing Obamacare … and Stephen Griffin on the role of Congress in deciding when to go … Netcast - March 23rd, 2014

March 23rd, 2014


Provocative ideas about the growing income gap from journalist David Cay Johnston and social justice activist, and former officeholder, Valerie … Netcast - March 16th, 2014

March 16th, 2014


How would Hillary Clinton run the White House? Author Jonathan Allen says clues can be found in her Secretary of Stateship. Professor Dante Chinni … Netcast - March 9th, 2014

March 9th, 2014


Terry Golway reconsiders Tammany Hall … Fred Rotondaro says Obama’s foreign policy is strong … and Bill Press interviews Congressman John Sarbanes. Netcast - March 2nd, 2014

March 2nd, 2014


Professor Ed Caudill on creationism … professor Stephen Griffin on war powers … and Bill Press interviews Thomas Reese about Pope Francis.


The controversy over Arizona’s anti-gay legislation and an HBO documentary on … Netcast - February 23rd, 2014

February 23rd, 2014


Internet expert Peter Singer talks about internet security – and cute cats. Poverty researcher Chris Wimer calls for a “trickle UP” economy. And Bill Press talks climate change with Zoe Carpenter of  “The Nation” Netcast - February 9th, 2014

February 16th, 2014


Jonathan Allen talks about his blockbuster book about Hillary Clinton … Professor Alan Abramowitz maintains that Tea Party influence may be waning … and Bill Press talks with The Nation’s George Zornick about … Netcast - February 9th, 2014

February 9th, 2014


David Cay Johnston on corporate socialism, Professor Dan Zuberi on the shocking cost of outsourcing hospital support staff, and Bill press with liberal lion Congressman George Miller.

Journalist and commentator David … Netcast - February 2nd, 2014

February 2nd, 2014


Political science week with Professor Dante Chinni explaining the new geographical divide in politics and Professor Jonathan Zimmerman arguing … Netcast - January 25th, 2014

January 26th, 2014


Ever hear of Tammany Hall? Author Terry Golway tells us it was one machine that worked. So was the Chicago machine, and former Democratic Senator … Netcast - January 19th, 2014

January 19th, 2014


Health expert Phil Longman says while Obama wants to reduce health care costs, he is not cracking down on hospital monopolies. Tea Party expert Theda … Netcast - January 12th, 2014

January 12th, 2014


Republicans say the war on poverty has been a failure. Are they right? We have an expert who says no. Did the Tea Party weaken itself with the budget shutdown? We have an expert who says, “maybe.” And Bill Press … Netcast - January 5th, 2014

January 5th, 2014


Political analysis galore this first week of 2014. Authors Geoffrey Kabaservice and Erica Seifert pronounce the GOP in trouble, and commentator Fred … Netcast - December 29th, 2013

December 29th, 2013


The NSA’s wide surveillance net is just part of America’s permanent state of war. The social safety net is being shredded by Republican cuts in food stamps. And medical safety is being compromised by hospitals … Netcast - December 22nd, 2013

December 22nd, 2013


Economist John Schmitt on the minimum wage … Professor Jonathan Zimmerman on the 22nd Amendment … and Politico’s Ginger Gibson on the budget deal. Netcast - December 15th, 2013

December 15th, 2013


Music historian Sheryl Kaskowitz on “God Bless America,” Fred Rotondaro on the corporate war on working people and Congressman Chris Van Hollen on … Netcast - December 8th, 2013

December 8th, 2013


Wasserman Schultz’s prescription for America, Feminist Marianne Schnall on chances for a female president, and Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer. Netcast - December 1st, 2013

December 1st, 2013


Politics this week -- former Senator Alan Dixon on Obamacare; Professor Fabio Rojas on Twitter as a predictor of elections; and education expert … Netcast - November 24th, 2013

November 24th, 2013


Thanksgiving reflections on America’s food supply and the theocracy that one author says governs the “land of our pilgrims’ pride.”

As the nation celebrates Thanksgiving, professor Robert Paarlberg summarizes the … Netcast - November 17th, 2013

November 17th, 2013


As a political animal, the Republican Party’s moderate wing is extinct. Interviews with political experts Geoffrey Kabaservice and Erica Seifert … Netcast - November 10th, 2013

November 10th, 2013


Democratic Party Chair on Obamacare and the Virginia election. A Veterans Week reflection on the state of warfare, and a peace activist says U.S. … Netcast - November 3rd, 2013

November 3rd, 2013


Is it time for a woman president? Feminist author Marianne Schnall thinks so. How permanent is the House GOP majority? Not very, says Democratic strategist Elaine Kamarck. And Ellie Smeal talks about women’s issues at … Netcast - October 27th, 2013

October 27th, 2013


The rise of a theocratic America … the decline of the American economy … and a preview of the 2014 gubernatorial races.

Sean Faircloth is a former state legislator and now an advocate for separation of church and … Netcast - October 20th, 2013

October 20th, 2013


Food expert Robert Paarlberg says the biggest danger from contaminated food comes from your own kitchen. Historian Richard Moe says Obama can take lessons from FDR. And Larry Sabato talks with Bill Press about the JFK … Netcast - October 13th, 2013

October 12th, 2013


Music historian Sheryl Kaskowitz explains why we are singing “God Bless America” so much. Economist James K. Galbraith assesses the country’s economic mess. Bill Press interviews Congressman Bruce Braley.

With the … Netcast - October 6th, 2013

October 6th, 2013


Budget expert Michael Linden asks whether Congress can walk and chew gum at the same time? Analyst Elaine Kamarack on the Democrats lock on the … Netcast - September 29th, 2013

September 29th, 2013


Public opinion analyst Erica Seifert proposes a new economic agenda for women, and author Eric Liu proposes building the economy from the middle class out. And some union history from Jim Hoffa.

Erica Seifert is a … Netcast - September 22nd, 2013

September 22nd, 2013


Pollster Celinda Lake says Democrats need to be more aggressive in their messaging. Economist George Tyler says corporate greed crashed the American … Netcast - September 15th, 2013

September 14th, 2013


Five years after Lehman Brothers, economist James Galbraith says the financial sector is dysfunctional. And a demographer says your zip code … Netcast - September 8th, 2013

September 8th, 2013


Chemical and biological weapons, along with cyberwarfare, are the new national security threats. Also, a new semester and still no help for students … Netcast - September 1st, 2013

September 1st, 2013


Reflections on the plight of organized labor, with union leader Paul Booth and economist John Schmitt on how to fight the Republican assault on … Netcast - August 25th, 2013

August 25th, 2013


Labor Day is approaching, and guests George Packer, Andrew Levison, and David Bonior analyze how things have gotten so tough for working men and women.

Labor Day is coming up, and this week we hear from three … Netcast - August 18th, 2013

August 18th, 2013


“The Ghosts of Jim Crow” still roam says black historian … Don’t like the president? A political scientist says we need two of them!

As we approach … Netcast - August 11th, 2013

August 11th, 2013


One historian examines the political skills of Franklin D. Roosevelt … another tells us who the worst president in history was.

Today we go back … Netcast - August 4th, 2013

August 3rd, 2013


Hear the creators of two new progressive ideas -- Eric Liu on “middle-out” economics and Erica Seifert on a women’s economic agenda.

President Obama has renewed his campaign to fix the American economy by by … Netcast - July 28th, 2013

July 28th, 2013


Race and the economy. It’s the white working class Democrats need to win over, says one expert. Another says the economy is coming around, but slowly. Netcast - July 21st, 2013

July 21st, 2013


When the dust settles in Syria, will the result be good for America? Will President Obama dare Republicans to vote down a jobs bill?

An expert on … Netcast - July 14th, 2013

July 13th, 2013


What’s wrong with our society? “Organized Money!” Geoge Packer explains the “Unwinding” of America. Pollster Celinda Lake tells what Democrats need … Netcast - July 7th, 2013

July 5th, 2013


Surprising answers on who is really blocking entitlement reform … and on whether President Obama’s foreign policy  is really different than that of … Netcast - June 30th, 2013

June 30th, 2013


On America’s 237th birthday, what is the state of our freedoms? Two law professors reflect on the controversies over privacy rights and voting rights.

As we celebrate another year of Independence, Americans are asking … Netcast - June 23rd, 2013

June 23rd, 2013


The Fed is 100 years old. Does it still have a future? The Obama political coalition is going on six years old. Does it have a future?

This year is … Netcast - June 16th, 2013

June 15th, 2013


The perils of compromise, al a FDR  … Chris Christie finds out that government works … Congressman outraged at NSA.

At a time when many progressives are quarreling with President Obama’s penchant for compromise, a … Netcast - June 9th, 2013

June 9th, 2013


Bill de Blasio says it takes a progressive to run New York City. Professor Mark Katz looks to Russia to help stop the slaughter in Syria.

It’s time for a true progressive to run the nation’s largest city, and New York … Netcast - June 2nd, 2013

June 2nd, 2013


Former diplomat warns against being over-reactive in Syria; nuclear expert says North Korea’s missiles don’t work. Nuns on the bus rolling again. Netcast - May 26th, 2013

May 25th, 2013


Military historian says salute troops by holding policymakers accountable. Economist says banks are not casinos. Hoyer says sequester is stupid.

As … Netcast - May 19th, 2013

May 19th, 2013


Adam Posen compares the economy to RG-3. Remember Millard Fillmore? Professor Michael Gerhardt does. Congresswoman Speier says get sex cases out of the military chain of command.

One of the world’s leading … Netcast - May 12th, 2013

May 12th, 2013


Professor Ryan Enos says watch out for voter backlash … David Bonior bemoans lagging social justice … DeLauro on dinner with the president

Harvard Professor Ryan Enos has studied what happens when racial or ethnic … Netcast - May 5th, 2013

May 5th, 2013


Former ambassador Mike Ussery on the Boston bombing and Islam; Fred Rotondaro calls the NRA a paper tiger.

A former Republican ambassador warns that anti-Americanism and fundamentalism is growing in the Muslim world. … Netcast - April 28th, 2013

April 28th, 2013


Former Fed executive Alan Blinder says watch out for attempts to gut Dodd-Frank … Union leader Paul Booth says progressives must pay attention to … Netcast - April 21st, 2013

April 21st, 2013


Economist Mark Blyth explains the economy in terms of men’s clothing. Journalist  Michael Grunwald says the Keystone pipeline isn’t that bad. And “What’s the Matter with Kansas” author says “Kansas is still messed up.” Netcast - April 14th, 2013

April 14th, 2013


Don’t worry about Kim Jong Un, says nuke expert … Catholic theologian puts Boehner and Ryan on the spot about what pro-life really means. And … Netcast - April 7th, 2013

April 7th, 2013


Rendering unto Caesar – conversations this week about income taxes and about the new Pope’s commitment to the poor.

With the deadline for filing your returns just days away, a historian of the income tax says you … Netcast - March 24th, 2013

March 23rd, 2013


This week is the best of Toms! Author Thomas Frank .. former Congressman Tom Perriello … and  Senator Tom Harkin.

Progressive author Thomas Frank takes on the sacred cow of bipartisanship. He says that all … Netcast - March 31st, 2013

March 23rd, 2013


The flip side of technology – killing jobs and elevating Republicans. This week -- economist Simon Johnson and political scientist Ian Millhiser … Netcast - March 17th, 2013

March 16th, 2013


How should bankers responsible for the financial crisis be handled? A former Fed official says throw ‘em in jail!  And … Marco Rubio … just a Romney … Netcast - March 10th, 2013

March 10th, 2013


A Bank of England advisor sneers at economic austerity … and a historian invokes Donald Duck to explain how Americans got to love the income tax.

Is austerity the way to go to get us out of the fiscal crisis? One of the … Netcast - March 3rd, 2013

March 3rd, 2013


Wisdom from congressional alumni on domestic and foreign policy … and a new senator urges common sense on sequestration.
Today, some straight talk … Netcast - February 24th, 2013

February 24th, 2013


Will a 12 dollar an hour minimum wage  work?  Five dollar a gallon of gas  certainly does NOT. Nor does Chinese computer theft of America’s secrets. Netcast - February 17th, 2013

February 17th, 2013


Which House of Congress better represents the people? And how does winning an Oscar affect your health? Some surprising answers today.

Why is there so … Netcast - February 10th, 2013

February 10th, 2013


Is 2016 Hillary’s “moment?” Will Republicans use the debt ceiling to inflict a catastrophe on the world economy? Who needs immigration reform the most?

She’s got money, organization, tenacity and discipline on her side. … Netcast - February 3rd, 2013

February 3rd, 2013


Movement on immigration reform. Why? Look at the election results!
Elections have consequences … and the proof is the sudden impetus for a … Netcast - January 27th, 2013

January 27th, 2013


Optimism abounds … on the president’s toughness… on the American people’s commitment to progressive ideals… and on the Senate’s ability to get anything done.

Optimism abounds for a progressive agenda after President … Netcast - January 20th, 2013

January 20th, 2013


Visitors from another planet inhabit Congress … and in the real world, a pressing issue for Congress is how to deal with visitors from other … Netcast - January 13th, 2013

January 13th, 2013


A good use for the 14th Amendment …and a terrible use for assault rifles.

Should President Obama change his mind and invoke the 14th Amendment to rid … Netcast - January 6th, 2013

January 6th, 2013


Did that really happen? Two authors provide historical secrets from the New Deal and from the Cold War.

American University Professor Peter Kuznick, … Netcast - December 30th, 2012

December 30th, 2012


TEASE: Challenges in the second term … the early years of Thurgood Marshall … and the Republican states’ rights fetish.

Progressive icon Fred Harris talks about challenges facing the second Obama Administration, … Netcast - December 23rd, 2012

December 23rd, 2012


This Christmas week -- Prospects for meaningful gun control … and prospects for Middle East peace

The Newtown shootings have once again focused the … Netcast - December 16th, 2012

December 16th, 2012


The Rising American Electorate comes through for Obama, but will they be there in two years? In four years?

The 2012 election is still being digested, and the aftertaste is good for progressives. The Obama campaign got … Netcast - December 9th, 2012

December 9th, 2012


A provocative take on untold stories of American history ,and provocative ideas from the GOP on immigration and from progressives on taxes and … Netcast - December 2nd, 2012

December 2nd, 2012


Domestic and foreign policy outlooks in the second term, and a backlash looms against the discredited ideology of Reaganism.

Former Senate Majority … Netcast - November 25th, 2012

November 25th, 2012


The Middle East is in turmoil and the middle class is in danger. And in middle America, a visit to the Lincoln presidential library.

A Columbia … Netcast - November 18th, 2012

November 18th, 2012


Will Obama become more progressive in a second term? Does the election strengthen his hand against Iran? Hint … our guests think so!

Fred Harris, who served in the Senate with the late George McGovern, has a surprising … Netcast - November 11th, 2012

November 11th, 2012


The word of the day? Demographics. Tom Daschle says they define the future of the Democratic Party, and elections expert John Halpin says they can beat Republican money any day. And Bill Press talks with re-elected … Netcast - November 4th, 2012

November 4th, 2012


The Republican plot to destroy the Obama presidency four years ago and the Republican plot to keep Democrats from the polls this year. And how one … Netcast - October 28th, 2012

October 28th, 2012

With the 2012 election looming, a couple of long-time political operatives assess the Democrats’ chances next week, and George Mitchell calls the … Netcast - October 21st, 2012

October 21st, 2012


Democrats run the economy better but Republicans are better at binding … and binders.

Jere Glover

Did you know that nine out of the last 10 recessions began under Republican administrations? Did you know that the stock … Netcast - October 14th, 2012

October 14th, 2012

Steven Conn

History professor Steven Conn’s new book,“To Promote the General Welfare, the Case for Big Government,” takes apart the myth of a free … Netcast - October 7th, 2012

October 7th, 2012


Today’s topics are about different gospels – the good news about the Obama stimulus, the social gospel of progressive Catholics and the Republican … Netcast - September 30th, 2012

September 30th, 2012


What happened to the American Dream? Will a Republican White House blow up the entire trade relationship with China? And Romney pooh-poohs the polls. Netcast - September 23rd, 2012

September 23rd, 2012


Romney’s foreign policy blunders … Obama’s secret weapons … and who the 47 percent really are.

Peter Galbraith

Former ambassador Peter Galbraith …

America's Democrats Netcast - September 16th, 2012

September 16th, 2012


Democrats run the economy better, Republicans run as Ayn (Ain) Rand, and a DNC spokesman says, “I’d rather be us than them.”

Jere Glover

Jere Glover is a Washington attorney and a small business expert. He also has … - September 9th, 2012

September 9th, 2012


Winning the independents … stimulating the economy … and taking back the House.

Linda Killian

There is some question as to whether there really are a …


September 2nd, 2012


Vice presidential candidates – from the most honorable to the least. Plus, a Reagan-Bush economist says the rich should pay more taxes.

Mark Shriver–August 26th, 2012

August 26th, 2012


Democrats and religion … middle class and downward mobility … and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, …–August 19th, 2012

August 19th, 2012

Ira Shapiro

From the early 1960s through the 1970s, the United States Senate lived up to its historic grandeur, says former Senate staffer Ira Shapiro, the author of a new book called “The Last Great Senate.” What went …–August 12th, 2012

August 12th, 2012


Ohio looks good for Obama, income looks bad under Republicans, the House GOP looks like “monstrous” cynics.

Eric Kearney

Eric Kearney is the minority leader in Ohio’s state Senate, and he is very optimistic that once …–August 5th, 2012

August 6th, 2012


Tax deductions for Stand Your Ground laws. Tax credits for prancing horses. Romney praises national health system -- if its Israeli.

Bob Edgar

Bob Edgar is a former congressman who knows how lobbying works. In fact, he …–July 29th, 2012

July 29th, 2012


What role will Latinos play in 2012? Why can't we all get along? How did Senate Democrats put Republicans on the spot?

Raul Grijalva

Congressman Raul …–July 22nd, 2012

July 22nd, 2012


The role of corporations is looming large in the presidential campaign. Today, we learn about the history of corporations from author and media …–July 15th, 2012

July 15th, 2012


Who cares about swing voters? Why should taxes go up? Why did Barney Frank choose to get married now?

Alan Abramowitz

Alan Abramowitz is a professor …–July 8th, 2012

July 8th, 2012

Pete Seeger

Our first guest today is a truly great American, perhaps the leading progressive icon of our times. In honor of the centennial of the …–July 1st, 2012

July 1st, 2012


Immigration ruling an opportunity for Democrats. Jeffersonians and Hamiltonians still arguing. And things are worse than they look.

Raul Grijalva–June 24th, 2012

June 24th, 2012


Making the world safe for Exxon, shining light on hidden government benefits, explaining the President's immigration policy shift, and Jim Hightower …–June 17th, 2012

June 17th, 2012


Why oil speculation raises the price of gasoline, why belt tightening is the wrong answer to the economy and what House Republicans are up to this …–June 10th, 2012

June 10th, 2012

Mark Shriver

Many Americans fondly remember the late R. Sargent Shriver, who founded the Peace Corps and accomplished so much else in improving the lot of people in this country and around the world. His son, Mark …

Wisconsin Aftermath - Representative Peter Barca

June 6th, 2012

Peter Barca

Wisconsin Representative Peter Barca of Kenosha is the Democratic Leader of the Wisconsin Assembly. Clearly a battleground state in …–June 3rd, 2012

June 3rd, 2012

Tamara Draut

The quality of jobs for non-college graduates is as low as ever, but young people feel they must go to college just to stay even. Then …–May 27th, 2012

May 27th, 2012

Eric Kearney

Ohio State Senate Democratic Leader Eric Kearney talks about the importance of his state to President Obama in November and how Republicans are trying to suppress voting rights and women’s rights.

Website–May 20th, 2012

May 20th, 2012

Bruce Bartlett

Bruce Bartlett was an early “supply-side” economist who worked for President Reagan and President George H.W. Bush. He explains for us why the tax cuts of George W. Bush have not worked and why we need …–May 13th, 2012

May 14th, 2012

Fred Rotondaro

Vice President Joe Biden talks the language of a lot of Americans, and regular contributor Fred Rotondaro says President Obama would …–April 6th, 2012

May 6th, 2012


Kasim Reed

Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta is passionate about the need for progressives to throw out their complacency about rights they have already …–April 29th, 2012

April 29th, 2012


Dean Lacy

How is it that the very states that keep voting for Republicans get the most money, per capita, in federal social programs that the voters say they despise? Dartmouth Professor Dean Lacy explains … and he has …–April 22nd, 2012

April 22nd, 2012


Leon Billings

Leon Billings was Senator Ed Muskie’s administrative assistant and helped write the nation’s environmental laws. As America celebrates another Earth Day, we ask him if the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts …–April 15th, 2012

April 15th, 2012


Douglas Amy

Douglas Amy is a professor at Mt. Holyoke College and an unabashed believer that “government is good.” As the IRS reviews America’s tax …–April 8th, 2012

April 9th, 2012


Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

Author and Democratic activist Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is concerned about the injection of religious belief into …–April 1st, 2012

April 1st, 2012


Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank, who several years ago wrote the best-seller “What’s the Matter with Kansas,” turns his attention to Wall Street in a book called “Pity the Billionaire.” Frank says that the right-wing money …–March 25th, 2012

March 25th, 2012


Teresa Ghilarducci

Teresa Ghilarducci is an expert on retirement security, and while Republicans continue their assault on Social Security, she has a …–March 18th, 2012

March 18th, 2012


James K. Galbraith

Regular commentator James K. Galbraith, author of a new book on inequality and economic instability, says it isn’t that we need …–March 11th, 2012

March 11th, 2012


Richard Bulliet

Columbia University Professor Richard Bulliet is an expert on Islam and Iran, and he says there is respect for American institutions …–March 4th, 2012

March 4th, 2012


Andrew Baumann

Andrew Baumann is a pollster with the firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and has studied the electorate carefully. He believes that while …–February 26, 2012

February 26th, 2012


John Halpin

John Halpin of the Center for American Progress coauthored a study on how President Obama can put together enough electoral votes to win a second term. It won’t be easy, and victory will depend on turnout of …–February 19, 2012

February 19th, 2012


Charles Postel

Historian Charles Postel has studied the value and successes of various political pledges throughout history – against slavery, for …–February 12, 2012

February 12th, 2012


Andrew Baumann

Andrew Baumann, a Democratic pollster, says more Democratic candidates are embracing the president’s new populism theme, but are not …–February 5, 2012

February 5th, 2012


Maria Teresa Kumar

Voter ID laws, foreclosures in poorer neighborhoods and increasing immigration enforcement are among the factors that could make …–January 29, 2012

January 29th, 2012


Ralph Becker

The mayor of Salt Lake City, deep in red-state Utah, is a Democrat. He has worked with the Mormon Church and state leaders to come …–January 22, 2012

January 22nd, 2012

Fred Harris

Fred Harris is now a political science professor, but he was once a U.S. senator, chairman of the DNC and a candidate for president. He …–January 15, 2012

January 17th, 2012


Ralph Becker

Ralph Becker is Mayor of Salt Lake City, a Democratic island in a “red sea.” His advice to other Democrats? Develop our message on social justice and never stray from it.


Dal LaMagna

Businessman Dal … - January 8th, 2012

January 9th, 2012

Kirsten Downey

A one-time reporter who signed on to write the final chapter of a government report on the financial crisis says if it weren’t for …

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