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Am I Allowed to Like Anything?

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I started ‘Am I Allowed to Like Anything’ because I wanted to create a space for people to feel good about shouting out the stuff in culture they’re into, during a time when it’s easier to riff about the things we hate. I talk to guests about their work, their lives, and how they maintain their opti… read more

70 Episodes | 2015 - 2019

Wellness Realness | Ep. 069 ft. Annya Santana

February 18th, 2019


Founder of the gender fluid skincare brand Menos Mas, Annya Santana, joins me to talk about her wellness journey; growing up as the middle child of a family who emigrated from the Dominican Republic to the Bronx, high …

Pushing Past The Internet's Expectations Of Us | Ep. 068 ft. Alex Wolf

January 29th, 2019


Writer and digital anthropologist Alex Wolf joins me for her second time on #AIATLA (she first came on three years ago!). Since then, she left the …

The (Ongoing) Process Of Becoming A Better Writer | Ep. 067 ft. Jasmine Sanders

January 14th, 2019


After a long break, #AIATLA is back — and writer Jasmine Sanders joins me. She writes for Jezebel and her work appears in the New York Times, …

Why Beauty Gets So Deep, So Quickly | Ep. 066 ft. Brooke DeVard

September 26th, 2018


Brooke DeVard, host of the Naked Beauty podcast, joins me! Brooke is a marketing and strategy specialist formerly of Viacom and now Instagram. She’s had an amazing career in media two far, including working in London, …

Fashioned Through The Fire And The Foolishness | Ep. 065 ft. Tre'vell Anderson

August 27th, 2018


On this episode, I sat down with Los Angeles Times reporter Tre’vell Anderson to talk about his work covering Black and LGBTQ Hollywood, growing up …

Be A Force | Ep. 064 ft. Natalie James / NJinLA

July 3rd, 2018


Natalie James (also known as NJinLA) is a Los Angeles native who I met when I moved to the city. She’s a creative producer & music, travel and food writer. She's a radio host on NTS, DJ and is just getting started …

The #1 Rule: Be Clear | Ep. 063 ft. Symone Sanders

June 19th, 2018


Political strategist Symone Sanders is optimistic because most of the time, she has no choice but to be. She’s the former National Press Secretary of …

Music Saved Her Life | Ep. 062 ft. Cherrie

May 7th, 2018


When I came across Somali-Swedish R&B singer Cherrie's breakout song 163 För Evigt, I needed to find a way to have her on my podcast. We talk about being a Black girl growing up in Finland and Sweden, how she and …

#AIATLA LIVE at SXSW: The Glory Of Velour Suits | 061 ft. Sama'an Ashrawi

March 30th, 2018


Live from SXSW in Austin, I interview film director and writer Sama'an Ashrawi about life growing up in Texas as a first generation Palestinian-American, working with some of Hip Hop’s legends, and the glory of velour …

We Are Figuring It All Out, HBU? | Ep. 060 ft. Lakin Starling

March 7th, 2018


Writer Lakin Starling joins me to talk about life growing in the neo-soul capital, some of her proudest work at The FADER and the sacred space she's …

Bully Me Off Twitter, I'm Begging You! | Ep 059 ft. Ira Madison III

December 26th, 2017


Culture writer Ira Madison III blesses the show. He's at the Daily Beasts and hosts his own podcast, Keep It. We talk about the soaps he grew up …

An Energy That's Difficult To Match | Ep. 058 ft. Briana Owens

November 27th, 2017


Founder of Spiked Spin and spin instructor Briana Owens graces the podcast to talk about how her mission goes beyond wanting to help people feel good or empower them, but creating a space for people who are left out of …

#AIATLA LIVE at Well-Read Black Girl Festival ft. Bernice McFadden + Numa Perrier | Ep. 057

October 16th, 2017


Author Bernice McFadden, whose novel "Book of Harlan" was recently optioned as a film and filmmaker Numa Perrier, who is working on a film and book based on her life titled "Jezebel" join me at Well-Read Black Girl's …

The Life of an Afro-Digital Immigrant | Episode 056 ft. André Singleton

October 3rd, 2017


Artist and teacher André Singleton is in the studio! He’s the co-founder of Very Black — a project founded in unapologetic Black love and solidarity …

#AIATLA LIVE: The Intersection Of Politics And Culture | Ep. 055 ft. Sopan Deb

August 9th, 2017


New York Times culture writer Sopan Deb joins me to talk about the intersection of politics and culture, covering Donald Trump on the campaign trial …

The Highs and Lows of Being a Black Creative | Episode 054 ft. Melissa Kimble

July 6th, 2017


Melissa Kimble is the founder of #blkcreatives, a platform known for their explosive Twitter chats that helps young, Black creatives work through their goals, insecurities and wins. I talk to Melissa about her …

2 Sagittarius's Walk Into A Bar | Ep. 053 ft. Yaya Mazurkevich Nuñez

June 20th, 2017


This week, Yaya Mazurkevich Nuñez joins me. We talk about the drastic life changes that came with moving to the Bronx after a life in the Dominican Republic, her days in NYC’s nightlife and working the door at clubs …

Having Plenty | Ep. 052 ft. Chenoa Maxwell

May 29th, 2017


This week Transformation Expert and Self Love Specialist Chenoa Maxwell joins me. Chenoa discusses her transition from both acting (she's well know …

TFW The Internet Revives A Good Moment | Ep. 051 ft. Yohana Desta

May 17th, 2017


Vanity Fair Hollywood Writer Yohana Desta joins me! I reached out to Yohana after wanting to know more about her work as a writer in NYC covering …

Where Curiosity Will Lead You | Ep. 050 ft. Nicole Blades

May 9th, 2017


Novelist, journalist and co-host of the podcast “Hey, Sis” Nicole Blades is here with me! Nicole and I talk about some of the cultural moments she …

Not The Bubbly Capitalist You Were Hoping For | Ep. 049 ft. Myles Johnson

April 24th, 2017


Writer, editor, author and critic Myles Johnson joins me to talk about his work, his recent move to NYC + why it was time, Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN’ and what winning looks like, for him.

Myles: Seamless
Darian: …

A Tribute to Patron Saint Maxine Waters | Ep. 048 ft. Hunter Harris

April 10th, 2017


This week, writer and Associate Editor at Vulture/NYMag Hunter Harris joins me! If that names sound familiar, it's because Hunter was the first …

Booked, Busy, #Blessed | Ep. 047 ft. Kéla Walker

April 4th, 2017


6 x Emmy nominated TV host & producer, and style authority Kéla Walker joins me. I’ve known Kéla since I was in college, and on this episode, we …

Making Her Ancestors (And Beyoncé) Proud | Ep. 046 ft. Yvette Noel-Schure

March 27th, 2017


So. About two years ago I interviewed Yvette Noel-Schure who is Beyoncé’s publicist (and has formerly repped Destiny’s Child, Mariah Carey, and Prince) for a project I never released. This week, I decided to release the …

On The Right Side of History | Ep. 045 ft. Lisa Lucas

March 12th, 2017


Executive Director of the National Book Foundation Lisa Lucas stops by the show to talk about life growing up and the sort of work she was doing that …

LEMONADE Gave Us More Than Any Grammy Could | Ep. 044 ft. Jasmyn Lawson

February 28th, 2017


Culture Editor at GIPHY Jasmyn Lawson joins me to talk about some of the history making projects she's working on for Black History Month (and …

Editor-in-Cool | Ep. 043 ft. Dodai Stewart

February 10th, 2017


Dodai Stewart joins me! She's the Editor-In-Chief of and formerly of Jezebel, where she served as Deputy Editor — and was also one of the first hires at the publication. Dodai talks to me about growing up in …

Skincare Status | Ep. 042 ft. Ashley Weatherford

January 24th, 2017


Ashley Weatherford is the Associate Beauty Editor over at NY Mag's The Cut, and if you’ve been following her work you know she expertly writes about …

Who Are You Performing For? | Ep. 041 ft. Brittany Luse

January 16th, 2017


Brittany Luse is the co-host and co-producer of the For Colored Nerds podcast with Eric Eddings and a host and producer at Gimlet Media, a podcast …

If I Ruled The World (2016 Edition) | Ep. 040 ft. Darian

December 29th, 2016


What sense does it make to have a podcast about liking things and not do a year-end wrap up?! I talk about all of my favorite + most meaningful …

Our Time, Our Values, Our World | Ep. 039 ft Gia Peppers

November 23rd, 2016


Entertainment journalist and on-air host Gia Peppers joins me. We're kind of on this career journey/figuring life out journey together. We talk about her work so far (NBA, Complex, Essence and lots of red carpet work), …

Tanzina Vega's New York City | Ep. 036

November 23rd, 2016


I head over to CNN's NYC newsroom to meet up with CNNMoney Digital Correspondent Tanzina Vega. We talk about Netflix's 'The Get Down,' Tanzina's upbringing and life in NYC, and all of the feelings about diversity in …

"I'll Tell You How Free I Am" | Ep. 037 ft Carri Twigg

November 23rd, 2016


Carri Twigg is a public engagement strategist. Lately she’s been working with media companies to show them how to engage with young people in ways …

Context Is King, and So Is Ms. Tina | Ep. 036 ft Jason Parham

November 23rd, 2016


Writer and editor Jason Parham joins me. He's currently a Senior Editor at THE FADER and formerly of Gawker. We discover his Wikipedia page, talk about existing on the Internet, his literary magazine SPOOK and the times …

The Insane, Motivating Life of Elise Peterson | Ft. 035

November 23rd, 2016


I stop by artist, teacher, writer Elise Peterson's crib in Brooklyn to talk about growing up in the suburbs (for better or worse), her days at Howard University, sex work, and of course, her writing and art.


Food Over Everything | Ep. 034 ft Mayukh Sen

November 23rd, 2016


Mayukh Sen writes about the intersection of food culture, race and heritage for Food52. He joins me to talk about his writing, his old gig at This, …

This is How You Invest in Yourself | Ep. 033 ft Devi Dev

November 23rd, 2016


I give Devi Dev a call at 93.7 The Beat, where she's Music Director and a host at the Houston station. We talk about the biz, her new business, Karma Bliss, and how everything she's doing right now, for her, is about …

Brittany Sky Is In Her Lane | Ep. 032

November 23rd, 2016


Brittany Sky joins me! Brittany is a DJ, influencer and creative who went from wanting to be a lawyer to launching a career that lets her travel the …

The Life Of a Local News Reporter | Ep. 031 ft Megan Mitchell

November 23rd, 2016


Recording from Cincinnati, Ohio I meet up with journalist and TV reporter Megan Mitchell. We talk about her current gig as morning anchor at Cinci’s WLWT, storytelling, and some of the people and communities she’s …

From The Medical Field to Beyoncé's Dressing Room | Ep. 030 ft. Raquel Smith

August 1st, 2016


Celebrity stylist Raquel Smith has been working with Beyoncé for the past 10 years. We talk about growing up in Georgia, tour life, making jewelry inspired by her father and motivational speaking.

- Her …

Sold On the Vision | Ep. 029 ft. Terron Moore

July 13th, 2016


Teen Vogue's Social Media Director Terron Moore joins me! We talk about what it takes to run a social platform for young women and men (aka THE TEENS), representation, growing up black in white spaces, and Harry Potter.

The Risks Angela Flournoy Took | Ep. 028

June 19th, 2016


I talk to novelist Angela Flournoy about her debut book, The Turner House, which has received wide recognition and accolades. Angela herself was …

Blac Chyna's Revenge | Ep. 027 ft. Sylvia Obell

May 31st, 2016


I talk to BuzzFeed's pop culture writer Sylvia Obell about her career so far in journalism, her upbringing, and her recent, explosive piece on Blac …

The Cultural Tax | Ep. 026 ft. Eve Ewing

May 23rd, 2016


Scholar, writer, artist and teacher Dr. Eve Ewing joins me to talk about her hometown of Chicago, growing up around art, the significance of nick …

Drinking Beyoncé's Lemonade | Ep. 025 ft. Taj Rani Chrisp, Bené Viera, Clover Hope

May 2nd, 2016


Three guests join me to talk about their experiences with Beyoncé's latest project, the visual album LEMONADE.

Bené Viera - @beneviera - is a …

We Can't Short Change People | Ep. 024 ft. Brandon "Jinx" Jenkins

April 15th, 2016


On this week's episode, I have Brandon "Jinx" Jenkins of Complex News on the show with me. We take stock of self, and everything we have been loving — The FADER's artists features, Blink 182, Grime in the UK, and …

Reminder: There's Power In Vulnerability | Ep. 023 ft. Ericka Pittman

April 4th, 2016


I talk to Ericka Pittman, who is currently serving as the VP of Combs Enterprises Chairman's Office. We talk about her early days working on …

Food Is The New Hip-Hop! Everyone Has An Opinion. | Ep. 022 ft. Nicole Taylor

March 29th, 2016


Southern food and Soul food continue to evolve though the hands of Black cooks, chefs and those a part of food culture. I talk to Nicole Taylor, …

Rethinking New York Fashion Week | Ep. 021 ft. JJ Maxwell

March 22nd, 2016


JJ Maxwell is an accomplished creative and art director who has worked on both the agency and media side of the crazy fashion world. We talk about what he's working on now, and this week, we've got high- and low-brow …

Saada Ahmed Wants You To Focus On Her Heart | Ep. 020

March 15th, 2016


For the 20th episode of #AIATLA, I talk to Saada Ahmed who is the Co-Founder of one of NYC’s biggest Everyday People. We talk about how the party …

The Black Millennial Impact | Ep. 019 ft. Donovan Ramsey

March 7th, 2016


Donovan Ramsey is a writer and journalist from Columbus, Ohio. His work has appeared in the New York Times, The Atlantic, BuzzFeed and Gawker. He is …

What It's Like to Follow Your Own Advice | Ep. 018 ft. Alex Wolf

February 9th, 2016


Alex Wolf is the founder of #BOSSBABE, "a lifestyle brand teach ambitious millennial business-minded women how to take full personal responsibility …

We Have No Chill, and That's OK! | Ep. 017 ft. Ella Cerón

January 31st, 2016


For today’s episode, I brought on Ella Céron, one of the funniest people I follow on Twitter. Ella is the Digital Entertainment Editor at Teen Vogue. …

Buffalo Is Still Home | Ep. 016 ft. Simone Webb

December 29th, 2015


This week I'm in Buffalo, NY, my hometown, for the holidays. I interview entrepreneur and stylist Simone Webb who I've known since I was …

A Concept: Using Fashion To Empower Women | Ep. 015 ft. Tai Beauchamp

December 23rd, 2015


Tai Beauchamp is a former Beauty Editor at Seventeen, O Magazine and media veteran who is now running The Tai Life. She uses fashion to empower women. We talk about working in media, interviewing Oprah, freezing your …

In Education? The Stakes Have Always Been High. | Ep. 014 ft. Nadia Lopez

December 13th, 2015


I took the train to Brownsville, Brooklyn to visit Mott Hall Bridges Academy and interview Founder and Principle Nadia Lopez. Many became familiar …

Yung Media, New Rules | Ep. 013 ft. Tasbeeh Herwees

November 11th, 2015


Recording from Los Angeles, I stop by the GOOD Magazine office to talk with staff writer Tasbeeh Herwees about the highs and lows of being a …

It's Time To Call Ann Friedman | Ep. 012

November 1st, 2015


Recording from Los Angeles, I talk to journalist Ann Friedman. We discuss Mike Erskine's "The Middle Ages Millennials, you literally cannot call …

A Real Branding Muse | Ep. 011 ft. Emmelie De La Cruz

October 19th, 2015


Emmelie De La Cruz is a social media strategist and founder of The Branding Muse. She's is someone who has found cool ways to teach people how to …

The Process Of Self Selection | Ep. 010 ft. Danyel Smith

October 5th, 2015


Danyel Smith is a journalist, music critic, novelist and editor from California. She’s interviewed music's most influential artists and covered Hip Hop before it was an acceptable, mainstream genre of music. She’s …

Remove Yourself, and Remove Your Ego | Ep. 009 ft. Casey Gerald

September 21st, 2015


Casey Gerald is the co-founder and CEO of MBA’s Across America — an organization that gets MBA candidates out of the classroom and working with entrepreneurs in cities and towns across the country. You’ll quickly learn …

This Is How To Be Happy. | Ep. 008 ft. Maritza Alarcón

September 16th, 2015


Maritza Alarcón has been a Dream Director at The Future Project and is the Co-Creator of M.O.V.E., a youth organization that worked to increase …

HIPHOP101: Patience & Realness | Ep 007 ft. Soleil

September 7th, 2015


Soleil Grant joins me! Soleil is a Hip-hop DJ and visual artist who works with artists to develop their brand and image. We talk about growth as a …

Voice Your Opinion — But You Better Be Clear. | Ep. 006 ft. Michael Arceneaux

August 31st, 2015


This week's guest is Michael Arceneaux. Michael is a culture writer whose contributed to the New York Times Magazine, BuzzFeed, Gawker, VH1 and …

PEAK Teenage-ness! | Ep. 005 ft. James Harness

August 24th, 2015


This week's guest is James Harness. He’s a Social Media Editor over at BuzzFeed - we met in college and became fast friends. I consider him a student …

Print Isn't Dead for Us Yet. | Ep. 04 ft. Danielle Howe

August 13th, 2015


This episode, I talk to my good friend, Danielle Howe, a staff writer at and Editor-in-Chief of The Library. We talk about STASHED, …

Black + Gravity = BLAVITY | Ep. 002 ft. Morgan DeBaun

August 6th, 2015


I speak to Entrepreneur and Founder of Blavity, Morgan DeBaun, about the making of Blavity, living in San Francisco, loving our 20's, and all the parts of the internet we are actually enjoying.


Who's Going to Archive "The Culture"? Syreeta Gates. | Ep. 003

August 6th, 2015


Culture Curator and founder of the Gates Preserve, Syreeta Gates, and I talk about how much we love exploiting the internet, who really won Drake vs …

This Deserves a Hennessy Moment. | Ep. 001 ft. Hunter Harris

July 14th, 2015


Writer, college friend, and magical Black girl Hunter Harris joins me for the first ever episode of #AIATLA. We talk about the BET Awards, LA Times …

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