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1 – Gravitational Waves


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Gravity waves are ripples in the atmosphere, whereas gravitational waves are ripples in the space-time fabric.


“Generic Blox” – Mathgrant
“Payload” – Metre

Gravity Waves
Gravity Wave Description: and
Air parcel definition:
Physical laws governing atmospheric motion:
Gravity wave study:

Gravitational Waves
Gravitational Wave Description: and
Electromagnetic theory:
Gravitational wave history: Interferometer description, Collaborations Between Observatories, and Behind LIGO
Canceled space interferometer: Burst wave description, and The New Era

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2 – Sunshine Mechanism

August 6th, 2018


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Kelvin-Helmholtz: Instability, Mechanism, and Timescale

“Generic Blox” – Mathgrant

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