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About A Girl is a scripted narrative anthology series about women whose stories have long been eclipsed by the legends of their famous partners. Bowie, Elvis, 2Pac, Prince, Miles, Biggie. Each of these icons created some of the most celebrated and enduring music of the modern age. But there's more t… read more

97 Episodes | 2020 - 2024


February 22nd, 2024


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February 23rd, 2024


Welcome to DISGRACELAND in 2024. Jake Brennan will continue to bring you the most insane stories about rock stars getting away with murder and behaving very badly ... and will also tell other stories about icons from …

ENCORE - Marjorie Guthrie: Woody Guthrie, Martha Graham, Loss and True Love

January 12th, 2024


Marjorie was the right hand of dance icon Martha Graham when she met Woody Guthrie. She took loving care of both as they each moved toward self-destruction, and especially of Woody, even after their divorce, while he …

ENCORE - Carolyn Dennis & Bob Dylan

December 29th, 2023


The gospel-fed daughter of one of Ray Charles’s Raelettes had no idea who this Bob Dylan character was when she was called to audition for his band. …

Suze Rotolo and Bob Dylan

December 22nd, 2023


The mysterious woman on the cover of the breakthrough album ‘The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan’ was a major influence on the legendary musician’s development, just as he was becoming “Bob Dylan.” He assimilated her art, …

ENCORE = Deborah Santana & Sly Stone & Carlos Santana

December 15th, 2023


The daughter of a blues pioneer falls in love with two brilliant musicians. Sly Stone takes her out of her quiet life, but almost drags her into the dark world of his own demons. Then she meets Carlos Santana, a long …

ENCORE: Linda Keith & Jimi Hendrix

December 8th, 2023


Linda Keith was so determined to make Jimi Hendrix a star that she dumped Keith Richards. She got Hendrix a manager and a record deal, but then felt compelled to let him go, even if he was never able to really let go of …

Jackie DeShannon, Jimmy Page, & Elvis Presley

December 1st, 2023


One of the most significant songwriters since the late 1950s, Jackie DeShannon was responsible for writing dozens of hit songs, but struggled to make her own mark as a performer. Her early singles attracted the …

ENCORE: Marianne Faithfull & Mick Jagger

November 17th, 2023


A beautiful English girl drifts into pop stardom and the inner circle of the Rolling Stones in 1960s London. As the girlfriend of Stones frontman …

ENCORE: Jenny Boyd & Mick Fleetwood

November 10th, 2023


One of the ‘IT’ girls of Swinging London reconnects with her high school classmate, a talented drummer, striving to succeed. But his all-consuming …

ENCORE: Linda & Paul McCartney

November 3rd, 2023


Linda Eastman was born a free spirit, but she was also the daughter of a strict and demanding father, a poor Jewish boy who became a wealthy lawyer and rebranded himself as a WASP. Linda fought her own nature to try and …

Pattie Boyd, George Harrison, & Eric Clapton

October 27th, 2023


Pattie Boyd is one of the best known rock star partners, having married both Beatle George Harrison and then Harrison’s close friend Eric Clapton. She famously inspired the Beatles’ “Something” and Clapton’s “Layla.”. …

Presenting About A Girl: Season 5

October 20th, 2023


Host Nikki Lynette returns with a new season of About A Girl, a show about women in music history. Stay tuned for a new episode on October 27, wherever you get your podcasts.

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ENCORE: Queen Latifah: From Princess of the Posse to Queen of the Rap Scene

September 26th, 2023


Before there was Queen Latifah the actress, there was Queen Latifah the hip-hop star. She ascended to royal status in rap at a time when the genre …

ENCORE - Eudoxie Mbouguiengue: Africa to Atlanta, Ludacris, and Advocating for the Abused

September 21st, 2023


Eudoxie thought she was escaping torment and horror when she emigrated from Gabon to the United States as a young girl. But even through her marriage …

ENCORE: Beyoncé: Destiny's Child, Jay-Z, Fidelity and Feminism

September 19th, 2023


Few musicians are as inescapable as the Beyoncé. But even if you’ve kept up with her immeasurable press coverage and airplay over the decades, this story reveals the things you don’t know about Beyoncé Giselle Knowles. …

ENCORE: Kelis: Musical Kaleidoscopes, Culinary Feasts, Nas, and Moving On

September 12th, 2023


Kelis’s musical light was undeniable from the start, but it was still a struggle to shine as brightly as knew she could. She did get there, but …

ENCORE: Tashera Simmons: DMX, 'X,' and the Battle for Earl Simmons

September 7th, 2023


Tashera loved Earl Simmons from the moment she first saw him when they were kids. They reconnected as adults, but Earl’s transformation into DMX and, …

ENCORE: Shante Broadus: Snoop, Reconciliation, and Becoming the Boss Lady

August 31st, 2023


Shante Broadus steered her husband Snoop Dogg from hapless criminal to cultural icon long before she established herself as his official manager. The …

ENCORE: Kidada Jones and Tupac Shakur — All About U

August 22nd, 2023


Los Angeles, the mid 1990s. Tupac Shakur is one of the biggest emcees in the world, a lyric poet of a rapper. Kidada Jones is the daughter of music legend Quincy Jones. With her mother acting again, her younger sister …

ENCORE: Faith Evans & The Notorious B.I.G.

August 16th, 2023


Faith Evans met and married Christopher Wallace in 1994. Within a year, they both became stars. The new marriage suffered under their grueling work …

Badlands Season 8: Hollywoodland (Trailer)

August 3rd, 2023


Homemade bombs, bricks of weed, deranged stalkers, an old family curse, an attempted presidential assassination, and one of the most violent murder …

Presenting Badlands - Anna Nicole Smith: Methadone, a Murder Plot, and a Fate Like Marilyn’s

June 14th, 2023


Anna Nicole Smith transcended the laws of celebrity. She was a blond sexpot who was famous for being famous, and that was reason enough for pop …

Shirley Collie Nelson: In and Out of Harmony with Willie Nelson

January 17th, 2023


Shirley Collie helped launch Willie Nelson’s solo career back before the name “Willie Nelson” meant anything to anyone. As a guitarist and singer who …

Victoria Mary Clarke: Shane MacGowan, Kurt and Courtney, and the Angels in Disguise

December 21st, 2022


Victoria Mary Clarke was shocked to find herself in love with legendary Pogues singer Shane MacGowan, incurring the sprawling wrath of the Cobains, …

Kim Gordon: Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore, and New York Kool

December 14th, 2022


Kim Gordon, the soft-spoken, hard-edged heroine of the 1980s New York City underground became a beloved icon of the 1990s alternative rock boom. Her …

Sharon Osbourne: Ozzy, Sabbath, and the Al Capone of Pop

November 23rd, 2022


Before she was a lightning rod television personality, Sharon Osbourne was a savvy music business operator under the tutelage of her maniacal father, the “Al Capone of Pop,” Don Arden. Together, Sharon and Ozzy just …

Claudia Lennear: Bowie, "Brown Sugar," and Black Womanhood in Rock and Roll

November 16th, 2022


Claudia Lennear’s affair with Mick Jagger led to her dubious distinction as an inspiration for the Rolling Stones’ classic “Brown Sugar,” but her …

Introducing About A Girl Season 4 (Trailer)

November 9th, 2022


About A Girl returns November 16th for a fourth season! Host Nikki Lynette brings to life 12 new stories of heartbreak and hope, detailing the lives …

Mary Ford and Les Paul

August 1st, 2022


​​Mary Ford did more for Les Paul’s career than most people know or care to admit. Before she met Les for a radio audition, Mary already had …

Britt Ekland and Rod Stewart

July 18th, 2022


Britt Eckland became famous first as the wife of comic genius Peter Sellers, whose troubled and unstable inner life eventually drove her away. Then …

Gail Zappa & Frank Zappa

July 11th, 2022


Frank Zappa ruled his kingdom of freaks, a prolific and obsessed man with many plans. But Gail was undeniably the woman behind the man, a role to …

Teena Marie & Rick James

July 4th, 2022


With a guitar slung over her shoulder, Teena Marie walked into downtown LA and came out with a contract with Motown, where funk master Rick James was …

Lisa Bonet & Lenny Kravitz

June 27th, 2022


A simple story about two people falling in love and then growing apart, except one of them was trying to navigate being extremely famous and under the oppressive thumb of Bill Cosby, while the other was on the verge of …

Rita Coolidge & Kris Kristofferson

June 20th, 2022


Rita Coolidge soared as a singer and songwriter, working with Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton, Leon Russell, Bobby Womack, and Booker T. Jones. She was …

Valerie Bertinelli & Eddie Van Halen

June 13th, 2022


America’s girl next door meets the leader of America’s wildest rock band. As Valerie Bertinelli struggles with her career as an actress, Eddie Van Halen and his band skyrocket to success, and he faces his own challenges …

Anita Pallenberg & Keith Richards

May 23rd, 2022


A heat-seeking young beauty rockets through Europe, ricocheting off Fellini, Warhol, & Nico, before landing with Brian Jones of the Rolling …

Carrie Snodgress & Neil Young

May 16th, 2022


Carrie Snodgress turned her back on Hollywood so fast that she didn't even attend the Academy Awards when she was nominated for Best Actress. Her …

Introducing About A Girl Season 3

May 9th, 2022


Host Nikki Lynette returns on May 16th to bring you 12 fascinating and dramatic stories of women whose pivotal roles in music history and pop culture …

Rachel Humphreys & Lou Reed

August 16th, 2021


Lou Reed was fascinated and inspired by all kinds of real people who existed on the edges of society — junkies, street hustlers, gender non-conformists — but he fell in love with trans woman Rachel Humphreys, a …

Tammy Wynette & George Jones

August 9th, 2021


When Tammy Wynette was a young girl, she dreamed of singing with George Jones at the Grand Ole Opry. Her single-minded drive to be a star brought her to the top and to George Jones, and these two great voices of country …

Vivian & Johnny Cash

August 2nd, 2021


Long before June Carter came along, there was Vivian. Johnny Cash and Viv were deeply in love, and had four daughters together, before... well, you probably know the rest. But you might not know the heartbreaking story …

Betty & Miles Davis

July 26th, 2021


A songwriter and singer so erotic, raw, and ahead of her time that no one was ready for her. An earthquaking icon of feminism and Black power during a time when it was unheard of for a woman, let alone a Black woman, to …

Norma Tanega & Dusty Springfield

July 19th, 2021


Norma Tanega was a soulful American Latina artist, a one-hit wonder who never wanted stardom, but who fell in love with Dusty Springfield, the Queen …

Janis & Marvin Gaye

July 12th, 2021


Behind Marvin Gaye's incredibly smooth, affable exterior was a soul tortured by the abuse he suffered as a child, insecurity, and paranoia. Like many …

Meg & Jack White

July 5th, 2021


The White Stripes. Jack and his sister Meg. His wife Meg. His ex-wife Meg. The non-musician who became a rock star. The unassuming, pretty, porcelain-complexioned woman who evoked thunder from behind the drum kit. Her …

Mayte Garcia & Prince

June 7th, 2021


Mayte Garcia, a young dancer from Puerto Rico, meets Prince and slowly becomes immersed in his extraordinary world. Their collaboration becomes a …

About A Girl Season 2 Preview With Nikki Lynette

June 4th, 2021


About A Girl returns on June 7th with twelve new episodes about women who have played crucial roles in music history, but whose fascinating personal …

Introducing About A Girl Season 2

May 31st, 2021


About A Girl is back with 12 new stories about women who have played crucial roles in music history, but whose fascinating personal stories have been …

Introducing 27 Club Season 3

April 15th, 2021


Listen to Season 3 of the 27 Club to hear the insane details behind the life of one of rock's greatest icons — Janis Joplin. From her roots as a …

Brooke Shields & Michael Jackson — Girlfriend

February 8th, 2021


Brooke Shields was a young star who had her first taste of massive fame — and controversy — with the film Pretty Baby, in which she’d played a child prostitute. Michael Jackson, youngest of the Jackson Five, was …

Robyn Crawford & Whitney Houston — Didn’t We Almost Have It All

January 25th, 2021


Robyn Crawford met Whitney Houston when they were both just teenagers. From the moment their eyes met, Robyn was drawn in by Whitney’s warmth and beauty — and when she heard her sing, Robyn knew she wanted to be in …

Donna Ludwig & Ritchie Valens — Donna

January 18th, 2021


Los Angeles, 1957. In the time of drive-in movies and sock hops, high school student Donna Ludwig liked to sneak out of the house to have fun with …

Audrey & Hank Williams — Lovesick Blues

January 11th, 2021


In rural Alabama circa World War II, a farm girl named Audrey Mae Sheppard was at the tail end of a series of bad decisions. An ill-fated marriage and a pregnancy made her a single mother at the age of 18, and she’d had …

Priscilla & Elvis Presley — It’s Now Or Never

January 4th, 2021


In 1959, an American teenager named Priscilla Beaulieu, daughter of an Air Force officer, was living in West Germany. Lonely and bored, she was …

Rita & Bob Marley — Is This Love

December 28th, 2020


In 1962, the Caribbean island of Jamaica gained independence from Great Britain, and the fledgling nation yearned to establish an identity of its own. Two years later, Rita Anderson was a teenage single mother living in …

Jane Asher & Paul McCartney — Yesterday

December 21st, 2020


By the time she was seventeen, London actress Jane Asher had already made a name for herself, onstage, in films, and in 1963 as a panelist on the …

Peggy Lipton & Quincy Jones — In The Heat of the Night

December 14th, 2020


In the early 1970s, actress Peggy Lipton was at a crossroads. She was the beautiful star of The Mod Squad, admired by girls and desired by men. And …

Mary Austin & Freddie Mercury — Love Of My Life

December 7th, 2020


Mary Austin, shopgirl. Farrokh Bulsara, art student. They formed a bond that didn’t have a name and couldn’t be defined. Even as he metamorphosed …

Pamela Courson & Jim Morrison — Love Street

November 30th, 2020


In the mid-1960s, Los Angeles was a mecca of American music, and it was where Pamela Courson decided she wanted to be, escaping her suffocating conservative community in nearby Orange County. Pam was an intelligent but …

Angie & David Bowie — The Prettiest Star

November 30th, 2020


In the summer of 1969, people all over the world were gripped by space fever in the wake of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission, which would successfully land …

Introducing About A Girl

November 23rd, 2020


About A Girl is a new podcast about the influential women behind the musical legends - women who inspired, supported, and challenged icons like David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, and Bob Marley on their way to greatness.

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