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Banjolele or firewood? with Christopher Davis-Shannon

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Episode description

Banjolele or firewood?

😅 just a joke

This is the 2019 Allegheny Ukulele Soiree Special number 3.

Learn more about Chris and hear his music at

Some of the things he has coming up

Pennsylvania Folk College

NJ Uke Fest

LA Ukulele Festival

Some of the artists mentioned in our talk

Michael Daves

Chris Thile

Kate Rusby

Chris Eldridge

Julian Lage

Fats Waller

My music can be heard at

I remembered that the song It's Gonna Rain by Steve Reich is a little more complex than I made it sound. It's a minimalist composition for magnetic tape about the end of the world, particularly with regard to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Steve Reich took a recording of a pentecostal preacher and played it on two tape machines, editing it and looping certain parts to create cool effects like phasing.

I think this was my favorite episode to do.

Intro and outro music is by Blue Dot Sessions

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