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99 Problems (but a boss ain't one)

60 EpisodesProduced by Michelle Pratt + Katy CarlisleWebsite

The podcast that solves your freelance problems one at a time.Your hosts are:Katy Carlisle - Squarespace web designer at The Wheel Exists and founder of Freelance Folk popup coworking sessions.Twitter @thewheelexistsMichelle Pratt - owner of Dive Deeper Development, business trainer and personal dev… read more

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Episode 59 - Having to figure everything out yourself

September 11th, 2020


Just because you’ve set up business on your own doesn’t mean you have to set up business on your own doesn’t mean you have to figure out everything yourself. No matter how intelligent or experienced you are sometimes we …

Episode 58 - Safe problems

August 21st, 2020


During the pandemic many of us will have realised that ‘I haven’t got time’ was not the real reason we didn’t launch that new project or product! In this episode we talk more about these self-imposed barriers or "safe …

Episode 57 - How to make friends and influence people

August 14th, 2020


We’re not actually talking about Instagram influencers here (although they probably use a lot of the techniques we’ll be covering) but we are focusing on how to win people over. We discuss the different stages of …

Episode 56 - Slowing down

July 17th, 2020


Lockdown has forced us to work differently, but one positive consequence for some freelancers has been working at a slower pace and having time to spend on other projects. So how do we keep this up as we gradually …

Episode 55 - Courage

June 10th, 2020


One of the first things people say when you freelance is “oh you’re so brave” and often they mean “you’re so crazy”. But actually it does take courage to go - and stay - freelance. So let’s jump in with both feet.  

Episode 54 - Staying positive

May 29th, 2020


Sometimes it’s hard to keep a sunny disposition and we’ve all had our ups and downs as freelancers.  In this episode we discuss why there is actually a place for negative thinking,  consider whether Katy is a witch, and …

Episode 53 - Decisions

May 25th, 2020


You’ve probably heard that Steve Jobs always wore the same kind of clothes to give him one less decision to make. Should we humble freelancers be …

Episode 52 - Predicting the future

May 1st, 2020


Wouldn’t it be good if you predict what the future holds for your business? How can you predict what the future holds and make decisions now, that …

Episode 51 - Keeping the show on the road

March 18th, 2020


The world can be an unpredictable place. There are some things that even the best business planning can’t forsee as many people are probably finding out (at the time of recording, Coronavirus has been declared a …

Episode 50 - Dealing with tough conversations

March 9th, 2020


We're officially over half of the way to 99 and in this episode we're talking about how to manage tricky conversations, in particular with clients. …

Episode 49 - Making time for side projects

March 3rd, 2020


It's quite common for freelancers to have a bit on the side, but with our "day job" and life rudely getting in the way, how do we make time for other projects? In this episode we talk about the benefits of having a side …

Episode 48 - Not enough hours in the day

February 17th, 2020


We each get 86400 seconds a day, so how do we actually do what matters in this time? In this episode we look at why freelancers sometimes struggle more to manage their time, and why the phrase "time management" might …

Episode 47 - Should I stay or should I grow?

February 5th, 2020


The classic freelance conundrum: if your business is doing well, should you grow it? And if so, how? In this episode, we question the idea that …

Episode 46 - Managing your mental health

January 26th, 2020


In this episode we look at whether freelancers are more susceptible to mental health challenges, and chat about ways to manage time and clients if you're struggling. We share insights from our own experiences and …

Episode 45 - Setting effective goals

January 17th, 2020


Everyone wants to start the year with a bang, so how do you plan effectively? In this episode we talk about how to set goals in a way that works, and even question whether goals are always the right option to get you to …

Episode 44 - How am I doing?

December 11th, 2019


As freelancers we don't tend to get appraisals, so it can be hard to know how we're doing. In our final episode of 2019, we open up about how our year has gone and look back at the highs and lows, as well as discussing …

Episode 43 - Finding the right place to work as a freelancer

December 4th, 2019


The beauty of freelancing is that you can work from anywhere, but the challenge with freelancing is… you can work from anywhere! From the kitchen table to a dedicated office, how do you decide where is best?

Episode 42 - When disaster strikes

October 30th, 2019


After Michelle had what can only be described as "a bit of a day", we look at how to cope when everything goes wrong, and discuss ways to turn a negative mindset into a positive one. We also chat about how to cope with …

Episode 41 - Hitting Refresh

October 16th, 2019


Sometimes you will find yourself needing to change direction or make some changes. In this episode we’re going to talk about why we might want to hit refresh, and what to bear in mind when we do it. 

Episode 40 - Guilt

October 9th, 2019


The opportunities for freelance guilt are neverending, so how do you cope? You feel guilty for not working enough, you feel guilty for working too much. With so much to feel bad about, we chat about why we feel guilty …

Episode 39 - Could you just...?

October 2nd, 2019


You’re working on a client project and then you get the dreaded question. “Could you just…?” And inevitably what sounds like a five minute task ends …

Episode 38 - Competition

September 13th, 2019


As more people go freelance, how do you stand out against your competition? In this episode we look at what you can do to set yourself apart from the crowds, and why it can help to make friends with your "competitors". 

Episode 37 - Dealing with change

September 2nd, 2019


As freelancers we’re in a unique position to be able to “pivot” and make changes to our business. But how do we deal with the impacts of change or uncertainty, and what happens when the change isn’t our choice?

Episode 36 - Getting snowed under

August 28th, 2019


When we first started out we dreamed of being busy. Then, we finally get there and it’s harder than we thought. In this episode, we look at how to manage when work starts to pile up!

Episode 35 - Finding your purpose

July 28th, 2019


Do you ever feel like you haven't found your purpose? You aren't alone. Most of us haven't had that lightning bolt moment, so we take a closer look …

Episode 34 - Resilience

July 22nd, 2019


A couple of episodes ago we talked about what characteristics are helpful as a freelancer, and resilience came up. So we wanted to take a bit of a …

Episode 33 - I'm freelance, now what?

July 17th, 2019


We’re a third of the way through our 99 problems, so we thought this might be a good time to get all reflective. So we’re going to fire up the Delorian and take ourselves back to our first days of freelancing. Knowing …

Episode 32 - Am I cut out to be a freelancer?

July 2nd, 2019


Are freelancers born or made? In this episode we chat about whether freelancing is suitable for everyone, and the common characteristics that you often find amongst people who are self-employed or small business owners. 

Episode 31 - Getting friends and family on board

June 16th, 2019


Coming out as a freelancer and explaining your new job to friends and family can be a challenge. In this episode, we share some tips for helping to get people on board with your freelance life. Plus we chat about some …

Episode 30 - Big life events

June 7th, 2019


We're back after a short break whilst Katy moved to Anglesey, and so we thought it would be fitting to talk about how to juggle freelance life during …

Episode 29 - Getting in the zone

May 6th, 2019


You know that feeling when you're on fire and everything just seems to be working right? Chances are you're playing to your strengths. In this episode we look at why focusing on your strengths is better than thinking …

Episode 28 - Too many hats

April 29th, 2019


As a freelancer you're often juggling lots of different roles, which can be a challenge. In this episode, we talk about the three main areas of focus …

Episode 27 - Mixing business with pleasure

April 23rd, 2019


If it's good enough for James Bond, it's good enough for us. Or is it? In this episode we chat about the pros and cons of mixing business with …

Episode 26 - The Comparison Trap

April 15th, 2019


With everyone living their best #authentic Instaperfect lives, it's easier than ever to fall into the comparison trap. In this episode, we look at why we tend to compare ourselves and how to deal with it. 

Episode 25 - Digital Distractions

April 8th, 2019


As freelancers, are we especially susceptible to digital distractions during our working days? In this episode we discuss how notifications and …

Episode 24 - Finding ways to give back

April 1st, 2019


If you're a freelancer you probably don't have a CSR budget, so how do you give back? In this episode, we talk about the benefits of volunteering if …

Episode 23 - Daily routines of "top" freelancers 😉

March 25th, 2019


Forget your Fortune 500 top CEOs, as we talk about our daily schedules as freelancers. Do you have a daily routine? Do you need one? And what have …

Episode 22 - It's oh so quiet

March 19th, 2019


Sshh. Ssshh. Now we've successfully got Bjork in your heads, let's talk about what to do during those times when you don't have as much work coming …

Episode 21 - Celebrating Success

March 10th, 2019


Celebrate good times, come on! No seriously, come on. When we're freelance we don't always get the pat on the back or the employee of the week award, …

Episode 20 - Investing in Yourself

March 3rd, 2019


Because you're worth it. How much of your time do you spend on your personal development? Does it feel like an indulgence or luxury? We talk about …

Episode 19 - No Sick Days

February 24th, 2019


Who do you call in sick to if you're a freelancer? In this episode we look at how to keep the freelance show on the road if you're feeling under the …

Episode 18 - Beware the Pity Party

February 18th, 2019


The struggle is real. Or is it? Misery loves company but you don't have to attend every pity party you're invited to. In this episode we look at how best to balance the good times with the bad when sharing with others. 

Episode 17 - Saying No

February 11th, 2019


Do you ever find it hard to say no? We do. In this episode we talk about why we struggle with this little word, and look at how to say no without damaging a client or professional relationship. 

Episode 16 - Getting Your Tax Return Done On Time

February 4th, 2019


Oh blimey. Did you submit yours at the last minute? This week, we discuss how to avoid panicking at the eleventh hour when it comes to your taxes. …

Episode 15 - Advice Avalanche

January 21st, 2019


If you're already freelance - or even if you're just thinking of taking the plunge - chances are you've had well meaning friends, family and strangers offer up their opinion. So how do you deal with this advice …

Episode 14 - Working In Your Business, Not On Your Business

January 18th, 2019


In our first episode of 2019 it seems fitting that we're talking about looking ahead to the coming year, as well as celebrating successes. We also chat about the difference between working "in" the business (the day to …

Episode 13 - The Christmas Conundrum

December 17th, 2018


Christmas: time to crack(er) on or time to slow ho ho down? (I'm so so sorry for the puns). Being self-employed allows to you shun the 9-5 existence but sometimes it seems like the rest of the world didn't get the memo. …

Episode 12 - I Hate My Boss

December 10th, 2018


When you're freelance it can be very easy to go in with expectations that are too high or unrealistic, so then you put pressure on yourself and beat yourself up. In this episode, we look at how to be a better boss to …

Episode 11 - Networking

December 3rd, 2018


In this episode we look at ways to network effectively, how to avoid standing in the corner like a lemon, and why networking is like fishing for old …

Episode 10 - Lacking Creative Inspiration

November 26th, 2018


Is creativity something that you are born with or can you learn to be creative? In this episode we look at why all freelancers need creativity and share 10+ practical methods for being being more creative.

Episode 9 - "Bad" Clients

November 19th, 2018


In this episode we talk about whether there's such a thing as a "bad" client, how some people always seem to end up with nightmare clients, and why hiding in your email inbox isn't the answer.

Episode 8 - Motivation

November 12th, 2018


What is motivation? In this episode we look at why it can be hard to find if you're a freelancer, the counter-intuitive way to get it back, and the proper way to pronounce Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Episode 7 - Underselling yourself

November 5th, 2018


In this episode we chat about why you are doing customers a disservice when you undersell yourself, how to protect your value and why it's probably …

Episode 6 - Failure

October 29th, 2018


Is there such a thing as failure? In this episode we look at why we're so afraid to fail, why we should celebrate "failure" and why nobody cares …

Episode 5 - Isolation

October 22nd, 2018


Being freelance can be lonely, so how do you overcome that isolation? In this episode, we look at why we need a human connection and what actions can …

Episode 4 - Procrastination

August 1st, 2018


As freelancers we're obviously all sitting around watching Netflix in our pyjamas most of the time instead of doing work 😉 So what can we do about it? As always, we delve into both practical and mindset tips to help …

Episode 3: Deciding What to Charge

August 1st, 2018


In this episode we look at why it can be so scary to ask for money, and how to work out what to charge for your client services or products. We also include some tips on getting into the right mindset so you're charging …

Episode 2: Getting Clients

August 1st, 2018


Finding clients is obviously quite important for most freelance businesses, but it can be tricky if you're just starting out (or even if you're an experienced freelancer). We look at why it's hard and what you can do …

Episode 1: Imposter Sydrome

May 24th, 2018


Ever felt like a fraud? We have. In this episode we explore Imposter Syndrome, the impact it has and how to overcome it.

Introduction to 99 Problems (but a boss ain't one)

April 19th, 2018


The very first instalment of 99 Problems (but a boss ain't one). We introduce ourselves, explain why we created the podcast and let you know what to expect in upcoming episodes.

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