600 Second Saga

Twisted Tales

December 5th, 2017

Episode description

Classic tales are retold for good reasons, they reach into us and expose things we didn’t even know about.

Sometimes they draw us into their stories with magic, power, love, and adventure as in The Witch in the Story by Fanni Sütő. Some long lost myths pull us toward them no matter how far away we seem to be, the Daughter of the Sea will go to greath lengths in this myth reimagined George Nikolopoulos. Sometimes the magical, the extraordinary, the devine becomes…ordinary, just another day, another job In the Ruins of Shambhala by Matthew Rettino. A legend can slip through your fingers like a blade through a heart in Basilisk on a Yellow Field by Jon Cronshaw. And in the end, everyone loves a Cinderella story right? It always turns out with a happily ever after doesn’t it? In Cinders to Cinders by Fanni Sütő.

Listen to your favorite myths, fairy tales, and fables reimagined on 600 Second Saga.

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