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Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are funny. They’re black. They’re BFFs. And they host a a live comedy show in Brooklyn. Join the 2 Dope Queens, along with their favorite comedians, for stories about sex, romance, race, hair journeys, living in New York, and Billy Joel. Plus a whole bunch of ot… read more

87 Episodes | 2016 - 2019

Best of: Becoming Michelle Obama

March 12th, 2019


In honor of the new HBO specials, we've been revisiting our favorite 2 Dope Queens podcast episodes. Of course, we had to close this series with the …

Best of: Zoodles

March 5th, 2019


In honor of the latest 2 Dope Queens HBO specials, we are bringing back some of our favorite podcast episodes - including the time that Jessica got Goop-y with some zoodles. Featuring Hadiyah Robinson, Jordan Carlos, …

Best of: Permanent O-Face

February 26th, 2019


Congrats to our Queens on the new HBO specials! New to the podcast? Or do you just want to dwell in the past? Either way, we're revisiting our fav episodes, like this one featuring Billy Joel, John Mayer - and his …

Best of: Tig Notaro and Her Awful Advice

February 19th, 2019


Congratulations to our Queens on their latest HBO Specials! As a special thanks, we're bringing back our fave episodes, including this classic with …

Best of: That Time Jon Stewart Showed Up

February 15th, 2019


We're popping off to celebrate the latest 2 Dope Queens HBO Specials by revisiting our favorite episodes of all time. This show was an instant classic when Jon Stewart stopped by to celebrate Jessica's birthday. Plus, 

Karaoke with Michelle Obama

November 14th, 2018


In this very special surprise episode, Phoebe and Jessica cuddle up with the Queen of Queens Michelle Obama, talking to the former First Lady about her new memoir Becoming, her hair journey, her struggle with the “Angry …

Late Night Whenever For The D

May 9th, 2018


What will Michelle’s guests do for the D? Find out in this very special episode with Ben Sinclair (HBO’s High Maintenance) and Danielle Brooks (Netflix’s Orange is the New Black). Plus, Rob reminisces about a roommate …

Phoebe’s on Michelle’s Couch!

April 25th, 2018


Phoebe's in the hot seat (and hot tub) in the newest episode Late Night Whenever with Michelle Buteau. They are joined by Tony Rock (HBO's All Def Comedy) as he channels the ways of Buddha. Plus, Rob Lewis goes clear.  

We Interrupt This Program

March 30th, 2018


To give you a little teaser of Michelle Buteau’s new podcast, Late Night Whenever. She’s got Leslie Odom, Jr. and Jason Jones on her couch. Hot dad alert! Call 911, we need backup!

Sooo Many White Guys: Phoebe and Zoe Kravitz Are Witchy AF

February 27th, 2018

Hey 2 Dope Queen heads, Sooo Many White Guys Season 3 is back! Here's a taste of our first episode of the season, with special guest Zoe Kravitz! 

The fashion icon and actress joins Phoebe to talk about her experience …

Sooo Many White Guys: Here We Go Again!

February 22nd, 2018


Hey 2 Dope Queen lovers, Dope Queen Pheebs and Ilana Glazer are back! Season 3 of Sooo Many White Guys is coming at you -- and it's lit. Plus, hot-ass guests like: famous feminist Gloria Steinem, activist DeRay …

Sooo Many White Guys: Phoebe & Tom Hanks!

February 13th, 2018


Love 2 Dope Queens? Duh, we know you do. So you’re gonna loooooove Phoebe’s other podcast, Sooo Many White Guys!

She’s the host and Ilana Glazer (Broad City) is her sexy-ass executive producer.

Each week, Phoebe gets …

Get Ready for the Third Dope Queen!

February 2nd, 2018


Phoebe and Jessica's BFF Michelle Buteau is getting a show all to herself! Michelle's many appearances on 2 Dope Queens have made her an instant fan favorite, and we know you loved her set on the 2DQ HBO special. Now …

Labia Majora

December 12th, 2017


Phoebe and Jessica get ready for blast off in the season finale of 2 Dope Queens. They are joined by Star Trek’s Wilson Cruz for a beautiful …

Vanessa Bayer at Beyonce’s Baby Shower

December 5th, 2017


This week, SNL alum Vanessa Bayer joins the Queens to discuss a juicy rumor. Plus, Rebecca O'Neal (Netflix’s Easy) dresses like a sexy Ms. Frizzle and Eliza Skinner (TBS’ Drop the Mic) can’t escape bad Q&As. 

I Don't Practice Santeria

November 21st, 2017


Phoebe gets schooled on Sublime, while Jessica waxes poetic on tiny houses. The Queens are joined by Aya Cash (You're the Worst), who reveals the …

Tig Notaro Gives the Best Advice

November 14th, 2017


The Queens are joined by the very wise Tig Notaro (One Mississippi) to answer listener questions! This episode covers everything from relationship woes to workplace revenge. Plus, Tig shares the worst advice she ever …

Marc Maron is Very Needy

October 31st, 2017


Marc Maron (WTF Podcast) joins Jessica and special guest co-host Naomi Ekperigin (Comedy Central's Broad City) to reveal some hard truths about being one of the only men on the set of Netflix's GLOW. Plus, comedy from

Tegan and Sara's Female Condoms

October 24th, 2017


This week, Phoebe and Jessica discover what Tegan and Sara’s mom thinks of safe sex. Plus, Jo Firestone (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon) just …

White Lesbian Urkel

October 17th, 2017


The birthday fun continues as Phoebe and Jessica talk about therapy and butt sex with musical icon JD Samson (Le Tigre). Plus, Roy Wood Jr. (The …

Black Women are for Grown Ups

October 10th, 2017


It’s Jessica’s Birthday and everyone’s invited! LeVar Burton joins the Queens for a VERY memorable toast. Plus, Nore Davis discusses the horrors of the MTA and Beth Stelling assumes her massage therapist is falling in …

A Ben Carson Roast

October 3rd, 2017


Phoebe and guest co-host W. Kamau Bell chat with Hasan Minhaj about what happened behind the scenes at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Hint: If you like making fun of Ben Carson, then you are going to love this …

Never Ghost Abbi Jacobson

September 26th, 2017


The Queens gab with Abbi Jacobson about online dating, summer camp, and the new season of Broad City. Plus, Dina Hashem tries to shop for wine, and Josh Rabinowitz gets awkwaaaaaaard.

Featured Performers:

Dina Hashem (

I Trimmed My Pubes for This?

September 19th, 2017


Phoebe and Jessica dissect the pitfalls of fresh bikini lines. They're joined by Mike Birbiglia, who’s back with a hot new look, AKA a blazer. Plus, Maeve Higgins hates swimsuit season, and Gina Brillon just wants to …

Sitting Too Close to Queen Latifah

September 12th, 2017


It’s the inaugural episode of season 4 and Jessica is starstruck when she meets her she-ro, Queen Latifah! The hip hop icon is joined by her Girls Trip castmates Regina Hall and Jada Pinkett Smith for some behind the …

Get Ready 2 Fall 4 Season 4

September 7th, 2017


2 Dope Queens is back with a brand new season of hot content for your listening pleasure! Phoebe and Jessica are joined by some very special guests …

Ezekiel Bread is for Lovers

August 22nd, 2017


Jessica and Phoebe dream up the details of Keri Russell's hot AF sex life. Plus, Caitlin Gill explains why big saus-siege isn't always best, and Danielle Radford isn't Beyonce. 

Featured Performers:

Caitlin Gill (

Shrimp Scampi with Michael B. Jordan

August 8th, 2017


Phoebe shares a juicy rumor about Michael B. Jordan and Jessica will do anything to get to the bottom of it. Plus, special guests Iliza Schlesinger and Jorma Taccone.

Featured Performers:

Iliza Shlesinger (@iliza)

Jorma …

Creed's Greatest Hits

July 25th, 2017


Phoebe and Jessica reflect on the greatest band that ever lived. Plus, Joe List has a forbidden secret that involves hot butter, and Clark Jones …

Vagina Dentata

July 11th, 2017


The Queens strategize with Michaela Watkins on how to use teethed vaginas for the greater good. Plus, Phoebe and Ilana Glazer unpack Gillian Jacobs's …

Which Nicolas Cage Would You Bone?

June 27th, 2017


Phoebe and Jessica explore Nicolas Cage’s oeuvre (and a whole lot more). Plus, Marcella Arguello dates her first white devil and Brooke Van Poppelen …

Who is Jeff Tweedy?

June 13th, 2017


It’s the finale of Season 3 babies! And when Portlandia star Fred Armisen name drops a very white musician, Phoebe and Jessica require some context clues. Plus, 2 Dope Queens crowd favorite Naomi Ekperigin returns to …

Mom Jokes with Kevin Bacon

June 6th, 2017


With a name like Kevin Bacon, Phoebe and Jessica just can't help themselves. Tune in for played-out puns, tacky innuendo and more! Plus, Maria Bamford checks out genocide documentaries on Netflix, and Ron Funches goes …

Sleepover Accidents

May 30th, 2017


Phoebe and Jessica recall the night a slumber party went horribly wrong. They are joined by Connie Britton for an intimate chat about everything from Tami Taylor to haunted houses. Plus, comedy from Gina Yashere and …

Hot Pickles

May 23rd, 2017


High Maintenance co-creator/star Ben Sinclair drops in on the Queens to talk about his stinky past, ayahuasca, and his Blue Man Group audition. Plus, Shalewa Sharpe has to work with a bunch white liberal women, and …

Clam Chowdah

May 16th, 2017


The Queens head to Boston with their best accents and have one of the most important debates of the century. They are joined by dad joke king Jonathan Katz, plus Nick Chambers and Emily Ruskowski.

Featured Performers:

Ass Wednesday

May 9th, 2017


Are you looking for some information about Cape Cod nightlife? We thought so! Tune in for Eugene Mirman’s spicy suggestions. Plus, the comedic stylings of Lamont Price and Bethany Van Delft.

Featured Performers:

Lamont …

White People Love Coyotes

May 2nd, 2017


Phoebe and her white friend Alison visit Joshua Tree and get an unexpected visitor. Plus, Jessica offers up some inspiration for the songstress inside all of us. The Queens are joined by Nick Thune, Josh Sharp, and Alex …

2 Derp Queens

April 25th, 2017


In this episode, Phoebe and Jessica explore their alter-egos - and it’s not pretty. They are joined by beloved Compton Clover Gabrielle Union for a couple of games of "Fuck, Marry, Kill" and some real talk about being …

A Sex Toy in Every Port

April 18th, 2017


In the newest episode of 2 Dope Queens, Jessica tries to keep her sexual satisfaction bicoastal - and narrowly avoids a complete disaster! Plus, John Hodgman shocks Phoebe with some serious Sex and the City knowledge, …

Carrie Brownstein's First Date

April 11th, 2017


Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein tells the tale of her first date (and how it turned her gay). Plus, Pete Holmes (Crashing) just can’t seem to lose …

Tig Notaro’s Skin Regimen

April 6th, 2017


This week, Broad City’s Ilana Glazer fills in for Jessica, and as a special treat, listeners get to find out what is going on inside her colon. They …

A Jon Hamm Sandwich

April 4th, 2017


2 Dope Queens is back for a third season! Phoebe and Jessica are kicking it off with a pants-dropping interview with Don Draper himself, Mr. Jon Hamm. Plus, comedian Chris Garcia won’t make fun of his immigrant parents, …

A Super Sexy Sneak Peek of Season 3!

March 30th, 2017


2 Dope Queens is back, babies!  Season 3 launches everywhere on April 4th. Get a sneak preview of our most exciting season yet. We’ve got stand up! We’ve got stars! We’ve got vibrators! And this is just a taste of …

I Hated It

March 14th, 2017


Phoebe and Jessica get deep about the power of cinema. They're joined by winner of RuPaul's Drag Race, Bob the Drag Queen. Plus, comedian Anthony …

Barbara Did My Cornrows

February 28th, 2017


Phoebe and Jessica call out Jon Glaser (Jon Glaser Loves Gear) for getting cornrows (he's white). Plus, Kevin Avery (Last Week Tonight with John …

Love Advice with Jessica's Mom <3

February 14th, 2017


Happy Valentine's Day! The 2 Dope Queens are here to solve all your boo boo love problems. They are joined by a very special guest/relationship …

The 2 Dope Queens Go Marching

January 31st, 2017


Trump was inaugurated a little over a week ago, and in the days since, there have already been multiple protests across the country (and around the …

Sooo Many White Guys is Back, Babies!

January 24th, 2017


We know you miss 2 Dope Queens - we'll be back with some hot new episodes soon. In the meantime, check out Phoebe's side piece, Sooo Many White Guys! Here's a sneak preview of season 2 featuring guests St. Vincent

Boo-boo Ass Milk

January 10th, 2017


Phoebe and Jessica run into some Hollywood stars while flying the friendly skies. Plus, Nicole Byer (MTV's Loosely Exactly Nicole) offers up a heavy …

Flapping in the Wind

December 27th, 2016


Phoebe suffers a massive wardrobe malfunction that leaves her overexposed, while Jessica can't stop talking about the boy who lived. Plus, Kevin Yee graces listeners with the gift of song, and Kenny DeForest (MTV's …

VIDEO: The Queens Do The Holidays

December 22nd, 2016

Now playing: 2 Queens, live on Facebook, here to inspire some holiday-themed shenanigans. Phoebe and Jessica answer all kinds of questions, from how …

White People at The Color Purple

December 13th, 2016


Phoebe and Jessica see The Color Purple, and some white ladies get a little too excited about the show. Plus, stand-up from Sasheer Zamata (Saturday …

Get Outta My Window Seat!

November 29th, 2016


Phoebe and Jessica battle discrimination (and guys named Tyler) while traveling. Plus, Giulia Rozzi (Comedy Central's This is Not Happening) cries a …

Oh, Hello

November 24th, 2016


Surprise! It's a special Thanksgiving episode. The queens are joined by Gil Faizon (Nick Kroll) and George St. Geegland (John Mulaney) from the …

That Time I Had Sex With The Rock

November 22nd, 2016


Phoebe breaks her hip after a tryst with The Rock, while Jessica and Idris Elba share a quiet moment. Plus Dan Soder (Conan) dates a rich girl, Josh Johnson (The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon) can't twerk, and Sarah …

Trying to Work Through the Feels

November 15th, 2016


Donald Trump is President. The Queens are as shocked as you are. In this episode, Jessica and Phoebe process their emotions, and they are doubling down on the jokes. Plus Langston Kerman writes poetry, Emmy Blotnick has …

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the U2 Concert

November 8th, 2016


It's Phoebe's mother-freakin' birthday show (and she's holding real hard to her youth)! Plus, Joe Mande (The Kroll Show) finds god, Naomi Ekperigan (

Pussy Riot Drops by to Play Putin vs. Trump

November 7th, 2016


Just in time for the election, Nadya Tolokno of the Russian punk protest group Pussy Riot joins the Queens for a rocking round of "Who Said It: Trump …

Phoebe's Got The Gchats to Prove It

November 1st, 2016


Phoebe and guest host Baron Vaughn (Netflix's Grace and Frankie) are long-time friends who almost did the nasty -- and Phoebe has the gchats to prove it! Plus Kristin Rand gets real-real about softball, Ryan Schutt …

Things Remembered

October 25th, 2016


Phoebe and Jessica toast their two year anniversary with some festive stemware. Plus, Ayanna Dookie (Fox's Laughs) tries to adopt a worker cat, Damien Lemon (MTV2's GuyCode) quits being a creep, and Gabe Liedman (

Civil Rights Phoebe

October 18th, 2016


Travel back in time with the queens as Phoebe hits snooze on Dr. King and Jessica becomes a Black Pantheress. Plus Jackie Kashian (Conan) and Jacqueline Novak (The Late Late Show with James Corden). 

Featured Comedians:

Fifty Shades of Matthew McConaughey

October 11th, 2016


Alright, alright, alright, it's a time for a brand new show. Phoebe puts Matthew McConaughey into her spank bank and Jessica fights off some zombies. Ross Marquand (The Walking Dead) joins the queens for some butt …

Silk Pajamas

October 4th, 2016


Slip into something comfortable and dust off your Hitachi wand for this hot new episode. Phoebe and Jessica go on a magical journey to find a piece of Italy in Brooklyn, then special guest Hadiyah Robinson (BET's Comic …

Hamilton Adjacent

September 27th, 2016


Can’t afford to see Hamilton? We’ve got you covered. This episode has it all – except for the song and dance, and there are also no Founding Fathers. However, Phoebe and Jessica do discuss Broadway in detail, and Broad …


September 23rd, 2016


In this thrill-a-minute episode, Jessica survives a biopsy from Dr. Kevorkian and Phoebe braves the Girl Scouts. Plus, Jo Firestone (The Chris Gethard Show), Janine Brito (Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell) and Jen …

Make Man Buns Great Again

September 20th, 2016


We're back, babies! It's the debut of season 2 and we're kicking it off with Jessica's birthday show. Tune in as Phoebe confront a man bun and Jessica harnesses her female anger. Plus, Jon Stewart gets lost in Gowanus, 

The Second Coming of 2 Dope Queens

September 15th, 2016


You know you missed us. Here's a sneak peek of season 2, coming at you next week.

Featured Comedians:

Jo Firestone (@kingfirestorm)

Jon Stewart

Jen Kirkman (@JenKirkman)

Hadiyah Robinson (@hadiyah)

Ilana Glazer (@ilazer)

Bloop Bloop

September 6th, 2016


In this brand new bonus epi, Phoebe bloop bloops the very first time she has sex. Plus, a love story from comedian Ted Alexandro, who just finished a tour with Jim Gaffigan. 

Hey, get your life together and subscribe to …

Boob Sweat

August 23rd, 2016


In this bonus epi, Phoebe and Jessica confess that they didn't like Beyonce's "Formation." Plus comedian/cat lady Martha Kelly (FX's Baskets) talks pet ownership.  

Hey, get your life together and subscribe to Phoebe's …

Cream Girls

August 9th, 2016


In this bonus episode, Phoebe and Jessica have a totally trife bbq. Plus, comedian Matteo Lane (MTV’s GirlCode & MTV2's GuyCode) gives …

That New Haircut Smell

July 26th, 2016


The 2 Dope Queens know you must be going through withdrawal as we put Season 2 together. This bonus epi should get you through. Phoebe and Jessica …

Phoebe Interrupts This Program

July 13th, 2016


We told you we wouldn't leave you hanging this summer. Here's a taste of Phoebe's new side project, Sooo Many White Guys, a podcast where she gets …

The Advice You've Been Waiting For

June 28th, 2016


You asked, and they answered. Phoebe and Jessica got sooo many questions from sooo many lovely listeners for this very special advice episode that …

A Lenny Kravitz Smackdown

June 14th, 2016


The good news is, we've finally answered the greatest mystery of our generation: Is Lenny Kravitz hot, or what? (Hint: It's all in the scarf.) The bad news is, this is our last show of the season! We will miss every …

Wade in the Water

June 7th, 2016


Saturday night takes an unexpected turn when Phoebe goes down a Richard Gere rabbit hole. Can Jessica save her BFF?

Plus: Dulce Sloan searches for a …

We Got Some Feedback

May 31st, 2016


We love all our listeners, including the ones who troll us! Come on, troll us. We dare you. Love, Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams.

Plus: Pat …


May 24th, 2016


Beatboxing, SoulCycling, Colin Firth, sausages. We've got it all in this clench-worthy episode. Plus, comedian Neel Nanda feeds a woman, Alex Edelman

Dude For a Day

May 17th, 2016


Things get dark when Phoebe Robinson goes wild on Tinder and Jessica Williams gets a penis for a day. Plus: Ashley Brooke Roberts makes a Waffle House faux pas, Kevin Allison (Risk! Podcast) discovers dominance and 


May 10th, 2016


This one's dedicated to all the casting directors out there. Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are not your black BFFs, nor do they eat chicken in …

You Can't Touch My Fanny Pack

May 3rd, 2016


What's in Phoebe's fanny pack? Who hacked Jessica's mom's AOL account? How many times have you seen Purple Rain? These questions and many more on this historic episode, featuring an ode to Prince, plus comedians Shane …

Thank You, Harriet Tubman

April 26th, 2016


Phoebe and Jessica make a jaw-dropping case for reparations, then go trolling for peen. Plus, comedians Joe Zimmerman (Comedy Central) and Ophira …

How to Channel Your Inner White Lady

April 19th, 2016


Phoebe considers calling Al Sharpton and Jessica nearly loses her purity ring! Plus: Josh Gondelman (Last Week Tonight With John Oliver) has a penis mishap, Myka Fox barely escapes with her life and Jean Grae talks to …


April 12th, 2016


Phoebe takes Jessica on a death-defying journey. Plus: Special guest Nore Davis tells the spooky story of a gay ghost, Chris Thayer reveals his favorite sex tip, and Rae Sanni loves Monica Lewinsky.

Get tickets to our …

Billy Joel Has the Softest Hands

April 7th, 2016


We couldn't wait another week to give you more of us. So here's an early release of our new episode. This time, we go where two black women have …

Dad Bods

April 5th, 2016


It's just another day in the 2 Dope Queens universe, with one philosophical trip to a strip club and two bizarre run-ins with racist cab drivers. Plus, the beauty of the dad bod. Phoebe and Jessica's guests on this …

Who Dis?

March 28th, 2016

It's Phoebe Robinson! And Jessica Williams! Here to give you a sneak peek of our brand new podcast, 2 Dope Queens. This week: Gary GulmanNaomi …

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