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What if Christianity isn't about blindly following rules? 200 proof, pure good news, God is pleased with you without your good works. Some Lutherans with microphones and 200 Proof Gospel will give you more answers than you have questions and they will have fun doing it.

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200 Proof Gospel #100! The one about Justification and stuff

December 18th, 2018


The Master Distillers, Mark, Troy and Craig party like it's episode 100... BECAUSE IT IS!   Lots of grace, justification, imputed righteousness in this episode as they discuss the article of faith on which the church …

200Proof Gospel #99 Gobble Gobble!

November 21st, 2018


The Master Distillers, Troy and Craig discuss the first Thanksgiving in some sort of loose fashion.  Along the way, the question is asked is …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 98 The Reformation Part 2

November 6th, 2018


Troy and Craig get to a couple of emails and discuss the joys of grace.  Then the Master Distillers get down to business and continue their history of the Lutheran Reformation.  What were these 95 Theses about?  What is …

200 Proof Gospel #97 The Reformation - Part 1

October 30th, 2018


Troy and Craig discuss Martin Luther's theology and bowels in this action-packed episode of 200 Proof Gospel.  Why did Luther post the 95 theses?Can …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 96 - Concretus Gospelus Number 2 - Howling at the moon!

October 16th, 2018


The Concrete Gospel Part 2.  Troy, Craig on Nebuchadnezzar the saga continues! Living in the tension of paradox and other topics will be spoken of.  Once again, the FOR YOUNESS that is all over the Bible is discussed.  

200 Proof Gospel #95 - Danny Boy and the Concrete Gospel

October 9th, 2018


In this freshly distilled edition of 200 Proof Gospel, Troy and Craig begin a discussion on the concrete nature of the Gospel. 

Many of your questions will be answered in this episode including, how many ways can the …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 94 - Pastors on Vacation, or was that Vocation?

September 27th, 2018


Understanding what your role is, as a Christian is a difficult thing.  Do Christians have to serve in the church in order to please God?  Do you need …

Episode 93 Grace in an Age of Terror, Remembering 9-11-2001. 200 Proof Gospel

September 11th, 2018


The Master Distillers, Mark and Craig remember the evils and blessings of the Attacks on America 17 years ago and answer the questions of the grace of God in the midst of evil things.  That day changed our lives and the …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 92 - I've Seen the Light! Understanding the Vocation of Pastors

September 6th, 2018


Understanding the Vocation of the pastor. 

Why is it that my pastor does things that I'm not supposed to do? Who should preach?  Who should proclaim …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 91 On A Mission From God - Preachers

August 21st, 2018


The Master Distillers, Mark, Troy and Craig pay homage to the late, great Aretha Franklin and then they talk about what makes for a good sermon and what makes for a bad sermon.  Are preachers supposed to give you a …

200 Proof Gospel #90 Lord's Supper Part 3 - Do you deserve it?

August 14th, 2018


Listen to Mark eat something and we congratulate Maddison on her acceptance into nursing school.  Along the way, the Master Distillers discuss a bit …

200 Proof Gospel #89 Lord's Supper Part 2 - The For You Part

August 7th, 2018


FOR YOU!   How often do you hear or receive the Gospel, but it isn't clear that it is FOR YOU?   When you receive the Gospel, sometimes we are not sure that it is really for you, maybe for the guy next to you, but how …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 88 Where is Jesus hiding? Communion part 1

July 31st, 2018


Holy Communion

Where is Jesus? What the heck does "in, with and under" mean?  What's going on in the Lord's Supper and why?  Does the bread and wine …

Episode 87 - Justification... the Gospely parts

July 12th, 2018


Justification, what does it mean to be justified?  What is objective Justification? What is subjective Justification?  Why does it matter?   Listen to the blowtorch of Christian "Gospelliness" as poured out liberally by …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 86 - How can water...?

July 7th, 2018


Baptism...  How can water do such great things?  The Master Distillers take up some questions from an email from a listener.  What about the person who is baptized as a baby and never comes back to church?  Or what if …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 85 - Baptism Part 2

June 25th, 2018


"Come on in boys, the water's fine!"   Some basic teachings on baptism.  Who does what and why?  Am I being baptized to show my obedience to God?  Is …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 84 - BAP... wait for it... TISM!

June 13th, 2018


Baptism is so confusing to so many Christians.  Who is the one baptizing?  How must one be baptized for it to work?  What do we know about baptism …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 83 - Table of Duties... even more

June 5th, 2018


WE ARE FAMILY!  I GOT ALL MY BROTHERS AND ME... which has nothing to do with this podcast.  Instead, we are talking about why are the explanations of the Small Catechism on the 6th commandment so long?  We are also …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 82 - Jerusalem, Trump and the Rapture

May 30th, 2018


The US Embassy in Israel is moving to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.  Will this usher in the Kingdom of God?  Will this finally cause the rapture?  Is it a good idea?  Is there a Tiki Bar in Jerusalem?   

Listen to this …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 81 Table of Duties Husband and Wives

May 2nd, 2018


The Master Distillers Mark and Craig hold court on the magical subject of marriage.  What do you owe to God and your spouse?  Is there any Gospel in …

200 Proof Gospel #80 Duty Part Duce - The Government

April 25th, 2018


Today's Master Distillers of 200 Proof Gospel are Mark, Troy and Craig.  The Master Distillers dig deeper for part duce of the Table of Duties as they talk about what the government owes citizens and what citizens owe …

200 Proof Gospel #79 He said doodie - or was that duty?

April 19th, 2018


The Master Distillers Timothy Roth and Craig Donofrio partake in a good sip of 200 Proof Gospel as they discuss the most undiscussed part of the Small Catechism, that being, the Table of Duties.  What do you owe to your …

Crucified - Good Friday Special

March 30th, 2018


Crucified...  Music and prayers for your Good Friday devotions. 


200 Proof Gospel Episode 78 HOLY WHAT? HOLY WEEK!

March 27th, 2018


Master Distillers, Troy and Craig pour some serious 200 Proof Gospel in this episode.   What is Holy Week all about? 

What is Holy Week anyway?  What …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 77 What do I do to be saved?

March 20th, 2018


Master Distiller Troy joins Master Distiller Craig as they talk about the torment of decision theology and why it's TOTALLY messed up.   What part do …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 76 La La La Law

March 16th, 2018


The Law of God is perfect and you aren't... are you?   Join the Master Distillers, Mark, Timothy and Craig as they talk all things law.  Where does the law come from?  How do we know God's law?

Are we a bunch of …

200 Proof Gospel #75 How To Read A Bible

March 7th, 2018


Is a Bible a manual for life?   What does the Bible say about my marriage, business, life, finances...?  Why doesn't it make sense and how can I make sense of it?   Understanding Scriptures through a lens of Law and …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 74 Craig's Olympic Boycott and a wild potpourri of topics

February 27th, 2018


The Gold Medalist Master Distillers discuss a mess of topics in this episode.Craig refuses to compete in the Olympics because they are being held …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 73 The Problem of Evil and Shootings

February 21st, 2018


Why is there so much evil in the world and why would God allow it to happen?  Throughout history, there have been terrible atrocities committed …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 72 - Interview with Chad Bird

February 13th, 2018


Master Distiller, Craig Donofrio interviews Author and Lecturer Chad Bird about Chad's TWO new Books, "Night Driving - Notes From a Prodigal Soul" …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 71 Starvation or Fasting?

February 6th, 2018


What do you know about fasting?   Is it a good idea?  Is it crazy?

Lent is coming and some people are told to give up certain things, including …

200 Proof Gospel Short - The Little Gold Man

February 2nd, 2018


Craig Donofrio shares his latest article on www.1517; Link to the original article... 

200 Proof Gospel Episode 70 Extra Nostril?

January 31st, 2018



After a few months of moving from St Louis to California and then Cleveland, the studio is rebuilt and 200 Proof Gospel is back!  Troy Neujahr is the newest Master Distiller of The Gospel.  Craig and Troy …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 65 - Mary the Mother of God?

August 18th, 2017


Hail Mary, full of grace?  Well, listen for yourself and find out.  The Master Distillers, Mark and Craig ask the questions that you probably never …

200 Proof Gospel #64 His Love Endures Forever

August 8th, 2017


Mark and Craig take a strange and different look at Psalm 136.

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200 Proof Gospel #63 FEED ME and my 5,000 friends

August 1st, 2017


A Farewell to some friends heading to Sri Lanka. ANDJesus freaks out the disciples and tells them to do the impossible, AND THEY DO!  Actually, He does it, but He uses them.   

What's up with the feeding of the 5,000 in …

200 Proof Gospel #62 MoTown and Vacation Bible Night School

July 28th, 2017


First, Mark Sell puts the Vacation back into Vacation Bible School.  Then we ask, is Vacation Bible School really a good idea?  Some people say no, …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 61 Teen Depression, Suicide and the 4th Commandment

July 21st, 2017


Suicide is the number two killer of teenagers today. Our young people are living a seemingly hopeless life.  Teen depression is a serious and ongoing problem.What is causing it?  How can we deal with it?  What does the …

200 Proof Gospel #60 Environmental Wackos

June 27th, 2017


With the United States pulling out of the Paris Accord, we ask the question, "do we have an obligation to taking care of the earth?   Should we …

200 Proof Gospel #59 Should Sinners Go To Church?

June 22nd, 2017


Should sinners come to church? Who belongs in church?  Alcoholics? Drug Addicts?  Porn Addicts? People who can't stop sinning?   

Should unworthy …

200 Proof Gospel #58 INCOMPREHENSIBLE!

June 13th, 2017


The Master Distillers take up the topic of the Trinity for Holy Trinity Sunday.  This is the big one when we confess the Athanasian Creed.  This is …


June 13th, 2017


The day of Pentecost, is it really about speaking in tongues and fire dancing? The Holy Spirit comes and what does He do?  What's the job of the Holy …

200 Proof Gospel #56 Himmelfahrt!

May 31st, 2017


Okay, better a week late than not at all.  What is Himmelfahrt?  Heavenly gas or Ascension?  The Master Distillers, Timothy, Mark and Craig dive into Himmelfahrt.  Experience the sights, the sounds and the smells of …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 55 Beat Good People With A Stick

May 25th, 2017


Maybe the "good people" need to be beat with a stick and the bad people need some grace!  Do you know that you do bad things and that you can't do enough to please God?  Maybe the problem isn't that you need to try …

200 Proof Gospel #54 National Holidays in Church?

May 17th, 2017


Is it ever appropriate to sing the National Anthem during worship?   What is and isn't good in the way of celebrating Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day and the like?   Pastors Sell, Roth and Donofrio take on …

200 Proof Gospel #53 The Good Shepherd of Vocation and Sanctification

May 11th, 2017


The Good Shepherd usually walks in sheep dung.  Mark and Craig talk about Jesus as the Good Shepherd and how He deals with all of our ugliness.  As usual, like drunken goats, the Master Distillers wander off into other …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 52 - 3rd Use of the Law? Live Streaming on Facebook, Why Are You A Lutheran?

May 2nd, 2017


A bold (or not so) experiment with Facebook Live Streaming and the Master Distillers Mark Sell and Craig Donofrio discuss why they are Lutheran …

200 Proof Gospel Episode 51 -The one about Opera, Old School Coach, Katie Luther an why we're Lutherans

April 25th, 2017


The Master Distillers are in a particularly silly mood this week.  Lori Lewis joins Craig and Mark as they talk about a new fitness app, the Santa Fe …

Why Holy Week?

April 11th, 2017


Pastor Roth tells us why we observe this practice of Lent and Holy Week. It's all about the cross and empty tomb of Jesus.

Texts for this sermon are:

200 Proof Gospel Episode 50! HOLY WEEEEEK!

April 11th, 2017


Holy Week Hosts Pr. Timothy Roth and Rev. Craig Donofrio What is Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday all about? …

200 Proof Gospel #49 Confession and Absolution part 3 ALSO Facebook Like Skip.

April 5th, 2017


Sage advice on how to Facebook like Skip.  The permission to forgive sins?  Who is that pastor to forgive me of my sins anyway?  Should you confess …

200 Proof Gospel #48 Office of the Keys and Confession and Absolution

March 28th, 2017


That's a lot of "ands!"  

The Master Distillers Pr. Timothy Roth and Rev. Craig Donofrio continue with their discussion of the Office of the Keys …

200 Proof Gospel #47 - Office of the Keys, What is it?

March 23rd, 2017


The Master Distillers, Pr. Timothy Roth and Rev. Craig Donofrio begin discussing the "Office of the Keys" from Luther's Small Catechism.  How does it relate to forgiveness?   By whose authority does a pastor forgive? …

Lent 1

March 9th, 2017


Another contail for this journey through Lent by Master Distiller Roth.

Devotion for the Thursday after Ash Wednesday

March 3rd, 2017


Rev. Timothy Roth goes Rouge again for another late night beverage.

Ash Wednesday Devotional

March 2nd, 2017


Because the night is young and the Gospel is strong, here is an Ash Wednesday Devotional by our now rouge Master Distiller, Rev. Timothy Roth.

200 Proof Gospel #46 Lord's Supper Part 2

February 17th, 2017


The Master Distillers, Pr. Mark Sell and Pr. Craig Donofrio continue their discussion on the Lord's Supper.    

200 Proof Gospel #45 The Holy Supper of our Lord AKA Communion - Part 1

February 8th, 2017


The Master Distillers Pastor Mark Sell and the Rev. Craig Donofrio are giddily talking about the Lord's Supper, Communion, the Holy Supper... Jesus …

200 Proof Gospel #44 - Baptism Part Deux

January 31st, 2017


The Master Distillers, Pr. Mark Sell and Pr. Craig Donofrio complete a few thoughts on the doctrine of Baptism.  Who should be baptized?  What does …

200 Proof Gospel #43 The Baptism Show Part Uno

January 24th, 2017


The Master Distillers Pr. Mark Sell, Pr. Timothy Roth and Rev. Craig Donofrio are back together once again for another white hot exciting episode on the Doctrine of HOLY BAPTISM!   You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll fall …

200 Proof Gospel #42 Reading Romans with RJ and Luther

January 18th, 2017


The Master Distillers, Pr. Mark Sell and Rev. Craig Donofrio have a splendid discussion with Pr. RJ Grunewald on his new book, "Reading Romans With Luther." Check it out.  

Get your copy here Reading Romans With Luther

200 Proof Gospel #41 The Law Kills!

January 3rd, 2017


The Master Distillers, Pr. Mark Sell, Dr. Kevin Armbrust and the Rev. Craig Donofrio wrap up the 10 Commandments with a nice bow for Christmas.  The summation of the Law.  

200 Proof Gospel #40 9th and 10th Commandment IT'S NOT YOURS!

December 27th, 2016


The Master Distillers Pr. Mark Sell, Dr. Kevin Armbrust and Rev. Craig Donofrio - talk about what it means to covet and why it is a really bad idea. …

200 Proof Gospel #39 8th Commandment - Liar Liar!

December 23rd, 2016


The Master Distillers of the Gospel, Pastor Mark Sell, Dr. Kevin Armbrust and Rev. Craig Donofrio discuss the 8th commandment.  If you aren't speaking well of your neighbor, no matter what a jerk he or she is, you are a …

200 Proof Gospel #38 It Takes a Thief... or not

December 16th, 2016


The Master Distillers Pastor Mark Sell and the Reverend Craig Donofrio discuss the 7th commandment.  You are a thief, if you want to admit it or not.  

200 Proof Gospel #37 Advent and the 6th Commandment

December 7th, 2016


The Master Gospel Distillers, Pr. Mark Sell and Rev. Craig Donofrio discuss Advent and continue on in the Small Catechism with the 6th commandment. …

200 Proof Gospel #36 Advent, Giving Tuesday and Jesus

November 29th, 2016


The Master Distillers, Pr. Mark Sell and Rev. Craig Donofrio pontificate on the evils of Christmas Trees during Advent, what Advent is and how it is different from Christmas.   

Episode #35 MURDER!

November 22nd, 2016


Dr. Kevin Armbrust joins Rev. Craig Donofrio for a happy jaunt through the topic of MURDER!  Open your catechism to the 5th commandment and buckle in.  

200 Proof Gospel #33 The First Table of the Law

November 17th, 2016


The Distillers, Pr. Mark Sell and The Rev. Craig Donofrio distill the basics of the "First Table of the Law" which is Commandments 1-3.  

200 Proof Gospel #34 Elections and the 4th Commandment

November 17th, 2016


Rev. Craig Donofrio and Dr. Kevin Arbrust anser the question - What does honoring your father and mother have to do with the latest US elections?   

200 Proof Gospel #32 The Catechism, The Law and The First Commandment

November 11th, 2016


The Master Distillers Pr. Mark Sell and Pr. Craig Donofrio discuss the Law of God and they get into the most important commandment that God has given us.  

200 Proof Gospel #31 Why a Catechism?

November 2nd, 2016

Master Distillers Pr. Mark Sell and Pr. Craig Donofrio discuss why Martin Luther wrote the Small Catechism and why we need it today.   

200 Proof Gospel #30 - Confirm the Babies!?!??

October 25th, 2016


The Master Distillers, Pastor Timothy Roth, Pastor Mark Sell and the Reverend, Craig Donofrio discuss what is the appropriate age to catechize and …

200 Proof Gospel #29 Confirmation good, bad or other?

October 4th, 2016


The Master Distillers, Pr. Timothy Roth, Pr. Park Mark Sell and Pr. Craig Donofrio talk about Lutheran Confirmation in the 21st Century.  

200 PROOF GOSPEL #28 The Most Difficult Parable

September 21st, 2016


The Master Distillers, Pr. Mark Sell and Pr. Craig Donofrio discuss the most difficult parable, Luke 17:1-17.

200 Proof Gospel #27 9/11 Part 2 Love and Hate

September 13th, 2016


The Master Distillers Pr, Timothy Roth, Pr. Mark Sell and Pr. Craig Donofrio continue their discussion on 9/11 and why we need to share the Gospel …

200 Proof Gospel #26 9-11 Where Were You?

September 7th, 2016


The Master Distillers welcome back the young MD - Pr. Timothy Roth as he, Pr. Mark Sell and Pr. Craig Donofrio discuss 9-11, 15 years later.  How has it effected the church and you?  
Email us at

200 Proof Gospel #25 Objective and Subjective Justification - WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN?

August 30th, 2016


Dr. Kevin Armbrust once again joins the Master Distillers Mark Sell and Craig Donofrio as they attempt to make sense out of understanding what …

200 Proof Gospel #24 Lord's Supper and Bad Math

August 23rd, 2016


Dr. Kevin Armbrust joins the Master Distillers - Craig Donofrio and Mark Sell as they talk about the grace of God in the Lord's Supper.  Are our sins infinite?  Is God's grace MORE infinite?   

200 PROOF GOSPEL #23 Even more forgiveness, Lord's Supper part 3

August 9th, 2016


More mercy, more grace, more Jesus in the Lord's Supper.   
The Master Distillers, Pastors Craig Donofrio, Mark Sell and Timothy Roth discuss more of God's promises in the Lord's Supper and in the mysteries of God. 

200 PROOF GOSPEL #22 More Lord's Supper - The Feast

August 2nd, 2016


The Master Distillers, Pastors Timothy Roth, Mark Sell and Craig Donofrio talk about the Lord's Supper as a feast.  They also talk about how God loves a good party with His family and the assurance of His grace through …

200 PROOF GOSPEL # 21 The Lord's Supper and Physicality

July 26th, 2016


Pastors Timothy Roth, Mark Sell and Craig Donofrio discuss the Lord's Supper and the physical ways that God likes to make promises to His physical creatures... and some other stuff.  

200 Proof Gospel #20 Absolution, Office of the Keys and the life of the baptized

July 21st, 2016


Pr. Mark Sell and Pr. Craig Donofrio talk about the Office of the Keys and Confession and Absolution as the life of the baptised.  

200 Proof Gospel #19 Baptism the Third Shot

July 8th, 2016


Pr Mark Sell and Pr.Craig Donofrio finish off the doctrine of Holy Baptism.  
Age of accountability, total depravity, Luther, Calvin, Rome, Wesley... …

200 Proof Gospel #18 Baptism Part Deux

June 30th, 2016


Pastors Mark Sell, Craig Donofrio and Timothy Roth discuss how the Lutheran understanding of Baptism as a gift differs from Roman Catholicism, …

200 Proof Gospel #17 Unsolicited Advice and Baptism

June 22nd, 2016


The Master Gospel Distillers, Pr. Mark Sell and Pr. Craig Donofrio, give soon to be ordained Apprentice Distiller, Rev. Pastoral Candidate Timothy …

200 Proof Gospel #16 Vote Like a Christian

June 16th, 2016


Episode 16.  
in this episode, The Master Distillers, Craig Donofrio and Mark Sell find themselves in a barrel of trouble as they discuss how …

200 Proof Gospel #15 From Czechia with Love.

June 10th, 2016


Pr. Craig Donofrio Speaks with Missionary Ben Helge, Tomas and Mirek about life as young Christians in the Czech Republic.

Episode 14 Two Kinds of Faith

June 7th, 2016


The Master Distillers - Pr. Mark Sell and Pr. Craig Donofrio discuss two kinds of faith.   

200 PROOF GOSPEL #13 Evangelicals, Christian Rock and other stuff

May 28th, 2016


Lori Lewis joins the Gospel Distillers Pr. Mark Sell and Pr. Craig Donofrio to discuss the confusing world of Christian Rock.   

200 Proof Gospel Episode 12 - Missionaries and other stuff

May 10th, 2016


Pr. Mark Sell and Pr Craig Donofrio talk about Christianity or the lack of it in Europe and what Craig and Paula Donofrio are doing about it.   

200 Proof Gospel Episode 10 Suicide

May 6th, 2016


Pr. Mark Sell and Pr. Craig Donofrio discuss suicide and the false notions that many Christians have regarding it. 

200 Proof Gospel Episode #9 The Ascension

May 3rd, 2016


Pr. Mark Sell and Pr. Craig Donofrio discuss the ascension of Christ and what it's all about.  

Murica the Christian Nation!?!?!

April 28th, 2016


Pr. Mark Sell, Pr. Craig Donofrio and soon to be Pr. Timothy Roth talk about poopie diapers and then ponder the question, "is America a Christian nation? "  

200 Proof Gospel #7 - Relevance and Syncretism

April 19th, 2016


Pr. Mark Sell, Pr. Craig Donofrio and The Rev. Seminarian Timothy Roth ask the question: Does the quest to be relevant in the church lead to a blending of beliefs?  
The boys discuss.  

200 Proof Gospel Podcast #6: The 10 Commandments on the wall

April 5th, 2016


Mark, Timothy and Craig discuss a Lutheran perspective on the 10 Commandments in the public / political arena.  

200 Proof Gospel Podcast #5 Lutherans:Evangelical, Protestant or Catholic?

March 30th, 2016


Introducing the podcast's new distiller, Timothy Roth.  
The boys discuss the question: "Are Lutherans, Evangelicals, Protestants or Catholic?  

200 Proof Gospel - Special Terrorist Edition

March 24th, 2016


What is the Christian response to terrorism?  Should we be afraid when faced with persecution?  
How has the church dealt with these issues for the …

200 Proof Gospel #4 Hot Sauce, Simul and the 3rd Use

March 21st, 2016


Pr. Mark Sell (Our Savior Lutheran Church - Fenton Mo.) and Pr. Craig Donofrio (Missionary to Eurasia) talk about the life of the Christian as a saint and a sinner and how this fits with a proper understanding of the …

200 Proof Gospel #3 Life Death and Life Again

March 13th, 2016


Pr. Sell and Pr. Donofrio discuss the cycles of life and death in the life of Christians.

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